Seeing her son, Guan's mother raised her pride unconsciously in her eyes.

Seeing her son, Guan's mother raised her pride unconsciously in her eyes. Her son, even in ordinary casual clothes, is so handsome. Where's Dad? Guan Qixun sat on the other side of his mother. He's busy. He may have to work the night shift at the office again tonight. Guan's mother is accustomed to saying. Millet bit his chopsticks and suddenly remembered the vermilion door with red walls and glazed tiles. It is a boundary marker representing the absolute rights and dignity of this country. Mom, I live at home recently. Guan Qixun picked up his favorite shrimp balls and ate them with a satisfied face. I told you to move back home long ago. How inconvenient it is to live outside, and no one takes care of you, and every time you lose weight. Guan's mother took the opportunity to complain that she did not forget millet while picking up food for her son. You eat, too. Look how thin you are. It makes me upset. "I was involved." Millet stuck out her tongue and tried to eat the food in the bowl. Does Xiaomi have a boyfriend? Guan's mother thought she asked quietly. Unexpectedly, the topic suddenly came to him, and Xiaomi froze for a moment. Ah, yes. "Ah.." Guan's mother glared at her son discontentedly, and Guan Qixun shrugged his shoulders innocently. How long have you been together? "The third year in England." Millet answered honestly. British, Shaomao is not good. You are a descendant of the old Red Army. Do you know that you like to use domestic products? As soon as Guan's mother heard what she had handed in in England,smart boards for conference rooms, her eyes, which had just dimmed, lit up again. And long-distance love is easy to go wrong. You'd better listen to your mother's words and break up early. The phrase "love to use domestic products" not only stunned Xiaomi, but also almost choked Guan Qixun. It's really not shocking. Guan Qixun raised his thumb to his mother in admiration and drank water smoothly. Take it easy, too. I tell you, I have a high standard for choosing a wife. I don't accept all cats and dogs. Guan's mother once again took the opportunity to mention her son's dissatisfaction with his current girlfriend. Yes,touch screen whiteboard, yes! I know Guan Qixun shrugged his shoulders clearly. The people in the courtyard did not know that there was only one daughter-in-law that Mrs. Guan was satisfied with, and that no other woman could get into her old man's eyes except Xiao Qi of the Mo family. Millet ate dinner, drank tea, and accompanied her mother for a long time before she was allowed to leave. In the evening, the courtyard was surprisingly quiet. No wonder Grandpa was always lamenting that these bastards had moved out one by one when they grew up. Now the courtyard is not as noisy as the children in the courtyard more than ten years ago. The wind was so clear that the leaves rustled. Guan Qixun was ordered to send Xiaomi home. They crossed the long path as they did when they were young. They still remember the road. When they were young, they did not know how many times they had to run back and forth every day, but the last time they walked was several years ago. Millet wore a black and white thick wool casual hooded jacket, two lovely pompoms hanging mischievously on the waist and abdomen, and slender hands in the pockets of the jacket. Inside the jacket is a simple T-shirt, 65 inch touch screen ,75 inch smart board, wearing wide-legged trousers and cloth shoes. Cloth shoes are covered by wide trousers, revealing a full and white toe cap. Millet a dress of youth infinite, look at Guan Qixun also instantly feel young up. He felt a little dizzy. Left it in the yard today? Guan Qixun had his hands in his pockets. He promised Grandpa to accompany him to climb the mountain tomorrow, and it was too troublesome to go back and forth. Millet looked at the bright moon in the sky, and suddenly even his breathing became cautious. The big tree in front, the swing under the big tree. The night before she left China five years ago, she expressed her love to brother Xunzi there. In fact, it was not a confession. That day she just told him that she liked him, but she would try not to like him any more. Seeing the tree and the swing, Guan Qixun thought of the same thing as Xiaomi. Suddenly he wanted to ask her if she really didn't like him anymore. Can think and suddenly throat acerbity, self-mockery to find that she already has a boyfriend, such as millet personality of the girl, if not really like her will not wronged themselves and people. She really doesn't like him anymore. Sometimes it's terrible to find that time has changed so many important people and things in your life before you have time to react. Suddenly some frustration, some helplessness, and some heaviness. Millet He spoke cautiously. "Hm?" She answered softly. Are you happy now? "Happiness." Her voice is light. Especially after returning home, I feel happier when I see Grandpa and my brother. Standing on the elevator in the corridor, Xiaomi was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, which was in sharp contrast to Lu Shumo's suit and leather shoes beside her. Facing the elevator door, he pulled his white T-shirt, matched his neck with a hand-made scarf, and tidied up all his long hair, and Xiaomi stepped down his shoulders in frustration. Mr. Lu, you said you wanted pizza. In fact, Xiaomi's dress is very youthful and fashionable, but it is not officially linked. She angrily took off her black-framed glasses. Fortunately, she didn't wear cloth shoes directly today. After careful consideration, she finally chose stiletto heels, otherwise it would be too incompatible. It's my problem. I just got out of an important meeting. The gentle and refined Lu Shumo raised his hands to admit defeat. In order to show Xiaomi that he really wanted to go to pizza with her, he took off his suit and let Xiaomi hold it for him first, then took off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and rolled up his sleeves. Is that all right? "That's more like it." Seeing that he dressed up a lot casually, Xiaomi smiled again. In fact,touch screen interactive whiteboard, you don't have to worry that we don't match. Look at your bag. No wonder some people say that a sloppy woman will be elegant and fashionable as long as she has a BIRKIN in her hand. Pink ostrich skin BIRKIN made her original street dress fashionable immediately. I've seen the article about this bag in the magazine. It's limited. This little girl buys things more ruthlessly than when she was in England. Are you saying I'm a mess now? Millet squints and looks sideways. How could she not know the meaning of Lu Shumo's words? She likes BIRKIN, but all her bags are sent by her brothers. According to her own economic ability, she can't afford them at this stage.


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