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All the people in the house understood from the unintentional present situation to the fact that the ice was about to become a general of the Song army.

All the people in the house understood from the unintentional present situation to the fact that the ice was about to become a general of the Song army. Their husband is no longer willing to tie them down and wants to use his sacrifice to fight for a bright future for them. They are no longer the beggars who only thought about where the next meal would be a few years ago. They all understand the situation of their husband. He has sacrificed his future for his mother, and now he has to sacrifice again for his students. This is really a pity. How many people in the world can make such a sacrifice?! They had nothing to say, just doing what they should do on weekdays. In less than ten days, Peicheng and Dingcheng brothers, who had never left Wang Jinghui's side, came to Guwuyan City. The two brothers knelt down and begged for a long time, but Wang Jinghui drove them out with an iron face. However, Yansheng, who was still beside his son-in-law, had been entrusted by them to take good care of his son-in-law. To this, Yansheng could only nod his head and agree. He knew that Wang Jinghui had gone to see the emperor. Things had come to this point. It was only a matter of time before Wang Jinghui "expelled" all his brothers. He Yansheng just fell behind the Peicheng brothers. Maybe he would leave his son-in-law's mansion that day. Although some people feel sad, but fortunately with Wang Jinghui around the guard force, even without the close guard of Peicheng brothers, no one in Biandu can hurt a hair of the emperor's son-in-law, which makes people feel relieved. So far Wang Jinghui has carefully cultivated twelve disciples, has been divided into two groups, one part in Hebei to help Han Qi, the other part to the northwest to Pingxia, only a counsellor Yansheng is still in Wang Jinghui's side,DIN screw plug, but it seems that independence is sooner or later, as for the red moon is the mother's personal maid, is also the mother's personal guard, According to Wang Jinghui's character, the red moon should not be released, at least not before the mother gave birth to a child. The war is imminent, inadvertently they all understand that Wang Jinghui put them out completely for the sake of their own future,Investment casting parts, if not in the flat summer war to make their own career, I'm afraid the most sorry person is his husband, so they don't have much time to think about it, just try to help the ice to reorganize the Po Xi army, Restore the combat effectiveness of the Poxi Army as soon as possible, and of course, completely erase the mark of Li Qing, the founder of the army. The newly formed Poxi Army no longer uses the old name of "Poxi Army". Instead, it was the "Dingxi Army", which was granted by Emperor Zhao Xu. The whole army had a total of 100,000 men. After adding 10,000 men, it was the largest single army in the Song Dynasty. In terms of numbers, even the Xiongwu Army, titanium machining parts ,deep draw stamping, which was newly reinforced in the northwest, was only more than one third of it. What was more commendable was that there were 60,000 cavalry in this army. This was another record in the Song Dynasty army. The proportion of this branch of the Dingxi Army determines that it is a high-speed mobile army. It undertakes the task of breaking through difficulties and blocking in the open grassland. In addition to the old weapons and equipment, the Dingxi Army, with the unremitting efforts of the craftsmen of Tianji, was equipped with nearly 400 small ballista and small bed crossbows that could be dragged by horses. Want to know that these small ballista and bed crossbow above can be installed with Jing wheel mechanism, which shows the performance is very terrible, as long as there are enough arrows, firearms, stones and even clods, so many small short-range weapons used to defend the city, is enough to be the nightmare of the party. As for Li Qing's previous efforts to make a large number of large trebuchets, it was really unable to enter the eyes of the secret, so they were all handed over to Zhong E and Yang Chongyue to deal with, scattered to Baichi City, Yanzhou, Yancheng Jianing Junsi, Guwuyan City and other important cities as guarding equipment. Considering the important role of small and medium-sized trebuchets that can be disassembled and assembled in the extermination of Li Qing's troops. The Dingxi Army, on the other hand, was equipped with forty or fifty units, which were responsible for the installation, maintenance, and launching of the Han Chinese craftsmen that Li Qing had painstakingly collected everywhere before, all of which were inherited by the ice. Equipped in this way, even Zhong E felt that the Dingxi Army was a monster, and the Khitan army had not fought between Song and Liao for decades. Zhong E did not know the results of the battle, but Zhong E knew that if any of the armies of Song and Xia with equal numbers confronted him head-on, the result would be nothing but ashes. With the excellent weapons and equipment of the Song Dynasty, as well as the traditional cavalry of the nomadic people of Dangxiang, Dingxi Army perfectly took into account the strengths of both civilizations. I can't think of a more powerful army than this one. Ariti's journey home was through the Jianing Military Department, his route was specially arranged by the Imperial City Department, and Fu Bi ended his business in Biandu. Returning to the northwest of Yan'an Prefecture, he knew that although the two countries had reached a peace agreement, the agreement was entirely a trap set by the young man for the Dangxiang people. He was afraid that as soon as the war reparations of the Dangxiang people were in hand, it would be time for the collapse of the Western Xia Dynasty. Ariti did not see Dingxi Army, Dingxi Army had gone to Xiazhou to do integration training before his arrival, which was also to avoid the eyes of Dangxiang envoys to see the Song Dynasty was about to launch a war to destroy Xia. However, Ariti still saw that the entire Jianing Military Department had completely turned into a military fortress. The large trebuchet made by Li Qing could not be hidden by the Chengtou of the Jianing Military Department. With such a large number of trebuchets, Ariti had no hope of recovering the Jianning Military Department, which was regarded as an important pastoral area and a major grain producing area by the Western Xia Dynasty. He only hoped that the Song Dynasty would abide by the agreement and let the Western Xia Dynasty catch its breath. He believed that with the fertile land around the Hexi Corridor, Hetao Plain and Xingqing Prefecture, he would have the ability to protect himself in less than ten years. Of course, on the one hand,alloy die casting, he hoped that the Song Dynasty would not attack him in these ten years, on the other hand, he hoped that the internal strife within the Western Xia Dynasty would end as soon as possible.


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