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"The Buddha said, you can't see without seeing, and you can't hear without hearing." The monk shook his head with a smile, "The brave husband is free to watch, and the incarnation of 30 resource bears produces millions of packaged resource providers zybear.

"The Buddha said, you can't see without seeing, and you can't hear without hearing." The monk shook his head with a smile, "The brave husband is free to watch, and the incarnation of 30 resource bears produces millions of packaged resource providers zybear. Taobao. Com." The more Bai Xiao listened, the more she felt that the monk was talking about something. Her heart beat faster and faster. "What on earth are you going to say?" She said in a trembling voice. The monk gazed fixedly at her and suddenly sighed, "That's all, that's all.." If you don't understand yourself, why do you want me to bother? Almsgiver, do you know how it was resolved a month ago? Bai Xiao's whole body trembled a little. "What do you mean?" She asked with difficulty. "May 11." Monk Road. May 11? In the early morning of that day, Bai Ye encountered the greatest disaster of life and death in his life. For a moment, he thought he would die. But when he woke up from his coma, he found that he was all in one piece, and except for the broken clothes, which could prove a little what he had experienced, he would think that he had been dreaming the night before? Not a dream? Is the monk about to give the answer? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PS: Sorry again, Xiao Mo squats in the corner.. This chapter was supposed to be posted early this morning, but after 12 o'clock, the Internet was cut off. Volume 2: But When Will the West Wind Rise? Chapter 47: Three Questions PS: Some friends have questions, En, Xiao Mo or first explain: "Daughter" is the transformation of the city,Flush valve price, there is absolutely no midway transformation into the meaning of fantasy. These two chapters may be somewhat mysterious, but one is to explain the "Jade Goddess of Mercy" in the previous article, and the other is to provide an opportunity for Bai Xiao. However, these do not affect the main line of urban life in this article, just as a small episode ^ ^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The benefactress was robbed on May 11. Although she was not dead, she was like reincarnation." The monk said this sentence flatly, but Bai Xiao's face changed greatly,Time Delay Faucet, and in an instant he returned to the pale when he had just come out of the stream. Is it really a strange force? "The benefactress has a predestined relationship with my Buddha and has been blessed by the Bodhisattva. It has been eighteen years since then." The monk saluted to the south, then turned around and faced Bai Xiao, "but in the world of mortals, the root of wisdom disappears.." Almsgiver, can the jade statue of the Bodhisattva give alms to the poor monk? Bai Xiao hung her head in silence, although her face was still not good, but after she was shocked, she was extremely calm and sober at the moment. Since that day is clearly a line of life and death, but in the end can still survive intact, it proves that the world is not without some magical things exist. Whether it is really the power in the legend of gods and Buddhas, or something else, it is clearly conveying a message to Bai Xiao: her so-called pseudohermaphroditism is not necessarily born, then, she also has the possibility of changing back? For the time being, let's regard the monk as an eminent monk who has attained the Tao, Prison toilet for sale ,Time Delay Tap, and let's think that he has great magic power. Bai Xiao suppressed the excitement in his heart and said with a straight face, "Monk, it's not necessary to give alms, but you Buddhists pay attention to karma and retribution. If I give you a jade statue of Guanyin today, how can you repay me?" "What does the benefactor want the monk to do in return?" Asked the monk with a smile. "You know where I come from." Bai Xiaocai said that he could not help but speak frankly about the expectations in his heart, "I want to change back, I want to be a man!" The monk's smile gradually faded. He sighed again and then said, "Why bother to talk about the afterlife in the past life and this life?"? The benefactor's wish is not impossible, but before that, the poor monk still has three questions to ask. "You.." Bai Xiao's heart trembled, tightened, this moment, almost convulsive, "you ask." She only felt as if she was in deep water, floating and sinking in anticipation, and out of control. First, do you think men are great or women are great? "I.." Bai Xiao opened her mouth and hesitated to speak. She didn't know how to answer. The monk looked at her with a smile, meaning that he must have an answer. But how can Bai Xiao answer this? She wants to be a man, and it has nothing to do with whether a man is great or a woman is great, right? She's just used to being a man. For a moment, Bai Xiao felt funny again. Just a habit? How can it be just a habit? It seems that this problem does not need to be considered at all. This is entirely out of nature, out of the heart-white night hall man, is so, need to question it? But the monk is now asking whether men are great or women are great. It is undeniable that Bai Xiao has a sense of superiority to be a good man, but in the face of this problem, can she say that "men are greater than women"? If that's the case, where is she going to put her mother? Where is she going to put herself at the moment? Bai Xiao did not think of too lofty things, she just knew that between people, at least there must be a minimum of respect, between men and women, it is impossible to elevate one side, belittle the other side. I don't know "Perhaps, the great thing is the person himself, not the attributive of" male "or" female "in front of the word" person "." She was vaguely aware of the monk's intention to ask this question. Perhaps the monk wanted her to reflect on the fundamental impact of gender differences on human nature. The monk seemed to want to tell her not to stick to the gender of male or female? But how is that possible? If Bai Xiao can see through this, it is estimated that she will become a Buddha. But she is a mortal, and unrepentant, is unrepentant! The monk did not comment on Bai Xiao's answer. He continued to ask, "Second, can you get rid of all the worries in this life?" Bai Xiao shook her head, but she did not say anything, but had a bad feeling in her heart. What do you mean by worrying about this life? If she could give up, she would not want to change back to the white night. She had never expressed her desire to become a man before, because modern technology was not enough to turn a complete woman into a complete man, so she had to accept the fact. And at this time, the monk gave her a slim, but also better than no opportunity,stainless steel squatting pan, how can she not grasp? It was only the monk's question, which pointed directly to the sharpest and weakest point in her heart, that she could not answer in the affirmative. cnkexin.com


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