The speed of light leader

What are you looking at? Zhao Zhiyun's voice really startled the man in black. He turned around and looked at Zhao Zhiyun in surprise.

What are you looking at? Zhao Zhiyun's voice really startled the man in black. He turned around and looked at Zhao Zhiyun in surprise. "You." You What are you doing here? Just now, he very attentively looked at the image, at the moment there is still Zhao Zhiyun's shadow in the air, did not expect his entity has reached behind him, what kind of kungfu is this? The magical man in black with such flying skills was also surprised by Zhao Zhiyun's performance at the moment. Stabilizing his mind, the man in black asked slowly, "How did you come up?"? Why didn't I see your figure clearly? After all, he had seen a similar magical scene, and his tone had regained its composure, and there was a kind of atmosphere and indifference between his words. It's nothing. I ran straight up. Zhao Zhiyun answered very simply, and the expression on his face was very relaxed. At the moment, he is not flustered, no matter who the opponent is, he is sure to be able to escape easily. Furthermore, he wanted to know the identity of the man in black is a very easy thing, just enter his field,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, you can easily take off the veil of the man in black. My guess is right, your speed has reached the realm that ordinary people can't imagine, and you have indeed been promoted to the realm of a master. The man in black said as he removed the mask from his head. Is he afraid that I will do it myself and he will take off his mask? Zhao Zhiyun looked curiously at the movements of the man in black and thought in a bad way. But when he saw the face of the man in black, Zhao Zhiyun almost fell down. "How could it be you?" Zhao Zhiyun said in surprise. Not surprisingly, I came here to say something to you, and now I have confirmed a question in my mind. So the man in black is Chen Jinyu! Chen Jinyu's appearance is very kind,lutein eye complex, so that people can not see any other evil thoughts. Any sneak attack for the alert Zhao Zhiyun is useless, he is not afraid, let Chen Jinyu walked toward him. Chapter 72 the purpose of Chen Jinyu. Zhao Zhiyun, right? Hello, my name is Chen Jinyu, and we will have more contacts in the future. Chen Jinyu stopped about one meter away from Zhao Zhiyun and politely introduced himself. I know. You're the school's deadpan warrior. Invincible Chen Tianwang, this is the honorific title of your classmates. Zhao Zhiyun also said in a relaxed tone. Strange to say, this Chen Jinyu did not give him a feeling of arrogance and domineering like Shangguanhua, Dai Lei and Li Changzhi before, but made him feel a sense of intimacy from his heart. This legendary school's first strong man, did not put on any airs at all, fenugreek saponins ,jujube seed powder, his face was full of kind smiles, the whole person gave people a feeling of spring breeze. At the moment, as if he was chatting with his classmates, he was very easy-going and easy to approach. First of all, I'd like to thank you for Mr. Li. Chen Jinyu also made an astonishing remark, and all of a sudden Zhao Zhiyun was tested. What, thank me for him? Thank me for what? I have no friendship with him. !” Zhao Zhiyun asked strangely. Thank you for being fair and impartial when you play. I have also observed the fight between you and Dai Lei before. With your strength, it is very easy to defeat Li Changzhi. There is no need to hurt yourself all over the body. I think you have left a lot of face for Changzhi. As for Dai Lei, I have comforted him for you. After all, he is an outstanding talent who has emerged in China in recent years and has the strength to win the world lightweight championship. You can't let him be destroyed. In that game, you taught him a lesson, let him know how high the sky is, how wide the earth is, and let him learn to see himself clearly. Chen Jinyu said earnestly. Fair game!? The word turned around in Zhao Zhiyun's mind and finally got the answer. The so-called fairness originally meant that he did not use his ability of speed, but simply relied on his own strength to compete with Li Changzhi. Zhao Zhiyun laughed, "it's nothing, it's not worth your special trip to thank you.". I don't rely on "it" to fight, but the last generation of thunder made me angry, so I will make a tough move. Zhao Zhiyun now speaks more and more with the breath of a strong man, which is totally unimaginable before he has the ability. Now he's a real man to him. By the way, I want to ask you a question: Will you continue to challenge? Chen Jinyu's words also reveal the real purpose of his coming here today, because the next one may only be him on the altar. Forget it. I don't have time for that. You see, I was beaten like that, and I was dead. Now I stand here full of vigor and vitality, but I recover faster than ordinary people, otherwise, I am still lying in bed, the feeling of helplessness, presumably people do not want to experience it again. Furthermore, in this match with Li Changzhi, I was forced to fight. As for the match with Dai Lei, it was purely an accident, and he was put together in a muddle. Well, I don't want to accept any more challenges. My parents have told me that they won't recognize me if I fight again. Zhao Zhiyun patted his head and said with chagrin. Do you really think so? Don't you really want to be a strong person admired by the public? Like taking my mythical place in school. Chen Jinyu asked with some surprise, his face full of confusion. It seemed that he could not understand the boy's psychology at all. The strong!? I don't think the real strong person needs to be proved by others at all. The person who hides behind the scenes is not necessarily the real superior. Besides, being famous for fighting is not what I think. Just these games have a great impact on my daily life. Even the basic freedom seems to have been lost. In a word,naringenin price, I don't want to be bothered by the school reporters all day long. In the first few days of hospitalization, there were even reporters from all over the country coming to interview me. I was so unlucky. If there are some real news media reporters in the school's followers in the future, I will have to jump off the building. Zhao Zhiyun shook his head and said with a smile.


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