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One law, one hundred laws, everything in the world has the same principle,

One law, one hundred laws, everything in the world has the same principle, now more experience, when you make your own way, you can have more experience. If you don't sweep the house, how can you sweep the world? If you don't know how to do small things well, can such a person do big things? So he always thought twice about the things he was responsible for and tried to arrange the things in his hands in good order. Although many stewards of the Ding family mansion were jealous of his favor, they also nodded secretly to his sophistication. Because his job is more casual and relaxed, he often takes his mother with him when he goes to the city on behalf of his employer to check the warehouse (pawnshop) or to buy daily necessities, and asks the famous herbalist in the city to see a doctor and prescribe medicine for recuperation. I don't know whether it was because of his son's promise that Yang was happy at the tip of his eyebrows, or because the medicinal soup really worked, Yang's illness gradually improved, and his face was a little more normal. When Yang's illness improved, Ding Hao was relieved. During this period of time, Ding Hao was busy, and Yang, whose condition had improved, was even busier. He was busy arranging a satisfactory wife for his son, but Ding Hao was running around all day and was unaware of these things. At this moment, Yang and Li were sitting cross-legged on the Kang, commenting on the marriageable girls in the village one by one. Sister Li,Pietra Gray Marble, what do you think of Lao Zhao's daughter? You should be familiar with her sewing beside you. I think the child is very honest. She doesn't talk much. She is a dutiful girl. "The daughter of the Zhao family." "I'm afraid it won't work. I told you not to make it public." "Hey, am I that kind of person? What's the matter?" The daughter of the Zhao family has the problem of underarm odor, which is quite serious. It's better in winter, but when she sweats in summer, she can't breathe. Otherwise, she doesn't talk to people very much. You can't smell it until you come to her. "Oh.." Then forget it, or.. The daughter of the Liu family? Tut, it's just a little young. It's only eleven years old after this year. That's still Mao years old. Even if you're engaged,Agate Slabs For Sale, it will take at least two years to consummate the marriage. Sister Li said thoughtfully, "How is the daughter of the Huo family?" "No!" Yang said flatly, "That girl is five big and three thick. She looks like Zhang Fei.". The last time he went back to the west end of the village, he teased her and let her go into the ditch with a few slaps. It looked scary. My Haoer is not the child of a big family, but that child. The heart is a little high, and he certainly doesn't like the daughter of the Huo family. "Oh, there are a lot of girls who are suitable for marriage. It's hard to find a suitable one. You say this." In fact, to say suitable, the daughter of the Chen family is quite suitable, life is handsome, skillful, but her family is more or less taking advantage of a hundred acres of land, is a well-off family. Even if Xiao Haoer is now promising and has become the head of the steward, he is afraid that his father will not agree. Sister Li, doesn't Liu Xiao, Silver Travertine Slabs ,Agate Slabs Countertops, who runs an oil mill, have a niece? Last time I came back to visit Dingjia Village, I met him once. I heard that there was no one there. He was just sixteen this year, and he was just the right age. Although the appearance is not particularly outstanding, the figure is smooth, and I heard that he can read. As if she hadn't heard, Aunt Li said, "Sister, did you hear what I said?" Aunt Li was a little embarrassed and said slowly, "Sister, we have been friends for so many years. If you say something unpleasant, don't take it amiss. Although it's your Haoer who wants to marry a daughter-in-law, you are his mother after all. My mother-in-law is a slave of others. This identity is not pleasant to say. People with a little identity.." Dislike it. Yang's face darkened and he was silent. Aunt Li hesitated for a moment and said, "Sister, I think of someone. I met her at the entrance of the village when your Haoer went to the city this morning. I saw the way your Haoer looked at her. It was like a cat seeing a mouse. I must have been a little greedy when I saw her handsome appearance. If she were her, your Hao-er would like her. I just don't know what your idea of being a mother is." Yang patted his thigh and said, "Hey, my wife is for him. If he likes it, what don't I like as a mother?". Whose child is my sister talking about? "It's the widowed Luo Donger of the Dong family," said Aunt Li. "What do you think of that child?" As soon as Yang heard Aunt Li's words, she was a little unhappy: "Sister Li, that's impossible. Lady Dong is a good girl with ingenuity and handsome appearance, but.." My family Haoer is a boy, but she has promised people, to put aside before, can marry her such a daughter-in-law, that is my family Haoer high climb, but now. Haoer of my family is a steward. He has sixteen yuan in a moonlight month. Why can't he marry a girl with yellow flowers? Since ancient times, there has been a saying that a virgin should not be married to her husband, but it was only advocated by some people. It was not as serious as it was after the Neo-Confucianism of the Ming and Qing Dynasties went crazy. At that time, it was as common as it is in modern times for a woman to remarry after her husband died, or to be divorced. Zhuo Wenjun not only remarried but also eloped with a man; Cai Wenji married three times, and one of her husbands was Zuoxianwang of Xiongnu; Li Qingzhao remarried, and not long after her marriage, she filed a property lawsuit with her husband. Her behavior is now an anecdote among the neighbors. At that time, they were all ladies of decent families, and even so, the people naturally held a more relaxed and understanding attitude towards women's remarriage. However, as in modern times, one party is the first marriage, one party is the second marriage, parents are always a little unhappy, as if their children have suffered a great loss. "The daughters of the Zhao and Huo families," said Aunt Li, "I can't see where they are more popular than the daughters of the Dong family. That Chu Hong can point to live? I said, don't be confused, sister. She looked at Yang's face and saw that she was not angry. Then she said, "Donger is a well-behaved child. He is handsome in life. He can do housework. He is a good hand inside and outside. He lives a quiet life.". To say,grey marble slab, she also had a hard life. She had lost her parents since she was a child. Her uncle raised her to sell the goods. The child of the Dong family is a sick child. He has been living with a pot of medicine since he was a child. As long as he is not blind, who can't see that he will not live long? As a result, her uncle received the betrothal gift and threw the poor girl into the fire pit. 。 forustone.com


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