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Not to mention today's incident, even the cases committed by Jiang Lin before will definitely be uncovered.

Not to mention today's incident, even the cases committed by Jiang Lin before will definitely be uncovered. At that time, even if Jiang Lin is not sentenced to death, she will have to stay in prison for decades. Then Jiang Lin is really ruined! Wu Dong has such a baby pimple as Jiang Lin's mother all his life, and Jiang Lin's father and mother only have such a son as Jiang Lin. So he was spoiled from childhood. It was like giving him whatever he wanted, except for the stars in the sky, sister Chang'e. If Jiang Lin was really arrested and sentenced, wouldn't it kill Wu Dong?! In addition, when Wu Dong was in office, he helped Jiang Lin's father do a lot of illegal things. If Jiang Lin's things were shaken out, Wu Dong's previous things would certainly be discovered. Not only would Jiang Lin not be able to keep it, but Wu Dong and Jiang Lin's father would also be in great trouble! Therefore, Wu Dong will be desperate to suppress this matter! Just give him the money. Let him shut up honestly, and then find someone to get through the relationship,inflatable bounce house with slide, saying that just now it was just a play, hoping to muddle through. "Wu Dong frowned and thought secretly." Old leader, are you sure you want to do this? Chen Ming asked hesitantly. Actually. Had it not been for the gratitude that Wu Dong had educated him from a small police officer and finally helped him to the throne of the director, Chen Ming would have ordered the police to arrest Jiang Lin! "So!"! I'll tell him myself! Don't show up for the time being! Wu Dong thought about it. Said in a deep voice, stepping over to Youchen. Your name is Youchen? Is he a staff officer of the military district headquarters? Wu Dong asked coldly. You Chen originally thought Wu Dong was to say good words, did not expect to open the mouth is a cold meaning,inflatable water slide, you Chen suddenly face a change. Exactly! Don't you know what's wrong with the old man? You Chen snorted coldly. To tell you the truth! I am the grandfather of the behind-the-scenes instigator you want to find. Although I am no longer the director of Nanhe Public Security Bureau, it should not be difficult for me to settle this matter with my relationship in Nanhe City for so many years! Wu Dong said with a proud face. Is it?! Why are you telling me, old man?! You can go straight to settle it! Youchen sneered. You Chen knew that Wu Dong was a man who had been in a high position, and he really had a sense of dignity, but if Wu Dong could really cover up the sky and suppress the matter at the moment, you Chen wouldn't believe it! If you can really suppress yourself, why does Wu Dong come to find himself?! "Of course, if you're willing to cooperate, it's not a thing at all!" You say a number, as long as it is not too outrageous, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable indoor park, I can promise you! Wu Dong said. Oh What if I want 10 million? You Chen snorted coldly. Hum! Young man! Don't be too greedy! To tell you the truth, the commander of your military region has met with me several times. If I really want to donate millions to the military region headquarters, I believe he will be very happy to help me settle this matter. But when the time comes, you'll be out of the house! If you go to the army to besiege the police station in the city with a gun, it will be enough for you to go to the military court! Wu Dong said with a look of disdain. Is it?! In that case, I'll call our commander now, and when he comes, you tell him yourself! Instead of being afraid, Youchen said with a smile on his face. You Wu Dong was so angry that he glared at Youchen and turned around and walked past Chen Ming. Ha ha ha You Chen saw that Wu Dong was so angry that his beard was shaking, and he immediately laughed happily. Then Youchen took out his cell phone, dialed a number, found a hidden place, and whispered something. How about the old leader? Has this tour staff officer agreed to your terms? Chen Ming asked anxiously. If you don't hurry to settle the matter in front of you, and wait for Nanhe Provincial Commission of Political Science and Law to know, then even Chen Ming will have to follow the bad luck! "The little staff officer is quite crazy!"! It's all right. I'll call the commander of their military region. Wu Dong snorted coldly, took out his cell phone and went to one side to make a phone call. Chen Ming was left with a nervous and anxious face touching the sweat on his forehead, looking at the dust from time to time, and looking back at Wu Dong on the phone from time to time. After a few minutes, Wu Dong walked up to Chen Ming with a red face. Ok! Just now the commander of the military region said that he would come soon, and then he personally announced that this was a show put on by the police and the army. Then this thing is over. Wu Dong said with a smile. Really? The old leader is really an old leader! This thorny matter was settled in a word! Admire! Ginger is really old and hot. Hearing Wu Dong's words, Chen Ming immediately had a happy face and flattered Wu Dong. Hum! But this little staff officer is really soft and hard to eat! When the commander of the military region comes, I'll see how he ends up! When it's time to go to court martial. Give him eight or ten years, and wait for him to come out. Can you still have a good life? Wu Dong looked coldly at the dust not far away. Said ferociously. Chen Ming listened to Wu Dong's words, immediately jumped in the heart! It is said that Wu Dong is ruthless, and it is really good! Fortunately, I didn't go against him, otherwise I would have been killed by him! Chen Ming thought secretly. After a while, Jiang Lin, who was hiding in Director Zhao's office, saw no movement outside, and saw his grandfather Wu Dong standing outside the police station with a smile on his face. He breathed a sigh of relief and came out of the office whistling. Whoo, whoo.. Jiang Lin whistled a very popular song "Brother is just a legend" and strode out. I didn't even look at Youchen. At this time, you dust has also seen Jiang Lin,Inflatable bouncer, at the beginning when Jiang Lin just walked out of Director Zhao's office, you dust did not say anything, just looked at Jiang Lin. When Jiang Lin just walked to Youchen's side. Youchen suddenly stepped forward and kicked Jiang Lin in the chest. Jiang Lin immediately cried out in pain and did not kick out at least three or four meters away. He fell hard to the ground. Cuff it! You Chen snorted coldly.


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