Humvee takes the heart

Thinking that he was like a fool waiting behind his back,

Thinking that he was like a fool waiting behind his back, Wei Haotian could not help laughing, and really laughed out loud. He paid too much for his dream, thinking that as long as he got her, she would gradually understand his heart and be moved by the efforts he had made. As a result, he could not say anything, and he dared not let her know what was on his mind. In front of her, he was always a poor boy at the beginning, a stinking cart that could not even wear shoes, and could never raise his head. The deeper Wei Haotian thought, the louder he laughed until he could hardly control himself. Ha ha ha But then he remembered Hao Mandi's charming face and arrogant but charming attitude, and his smile suddenly faded, feeling that he was really a sadist. The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became. He jumped up from the sofa and told the housekeeper to prepare the car. He was going to "dream" to chat with Litana. Inside the "Dream of the Earth", smoke curled up, and the sky was filled with people seeking pleasure before it was all dark. These pleasure-seekers, either holding a beautiful white Russian girl dancing on the dance floor, or holding a glass of wine,fake ficus tree, leaning on the bar and flirting boldly with the white Russian girl accompanying the wine, or hugging the white Russian girl they like to go upstairs to vent their desires, are a man's paradise. He frowned and looked around. Wei Haotian didn't think there was anything charming about this place. The environment was terrible. Not to mention the noise, the air is bad and dirty at the same time. In such an environment for a long time, even healthy people will get sick, no wonder Litana's face will be so bad. Why are you here again? Litana did not know why he was looking around, but she did not want to see him in this place again,artificial grass panels, for fear of causing him trouble. Talk to you. He asked Litana to sit down, and declined all the White Russian girls who offered to lean over, making it clear that only Litana. Litana smiled bitterly. Wei Haotian's attraction to women can be said to be far and wide, both at home and abroad like him, but also forced him to constantly shake his head, in order to block the constant influx of sexual encounters, think about it is really hard. Don't come to this place often. What will your wife think if she knows about it? Women are the most narrow-minded, especially for the man they love, they have to care about every hair. She won't care. It's no use worrying about you. Wei Haotian showed a very sarcastic smile and told Litana that she was worrying too much. Hao Mandi doesn't care how many hairs he will be pulled out by the woman outside, she only cares about herself. Litana's expression became heavier, and his eyes were full of sadness and pain when he said this, as if he had been hit hard by someone with a stick. What happened between the two of you? She believed that the person who beat him must be Hao Mandi, and there would be no one else. Nothing, artificial banyan trees ,silk olive tree, just bad communication. Smiling, he picked up his glass and shook it a few times, always feeling that his recent life was becoming more and more unstable, just like this glass of wine. Can you tell me how to communicate badly? She didn't want to be private, but he seemed really lonely, and that made her eager to help him. I don't know. He smiled bitterly. I don't know what's wrong, I just think.. It's so hard to talk. I don't know how to talk to Mandi. He can talk to clients, and in front of Litana, he can unreservedly reveal his feelings and love for Hao Mandi. He even recited the story of their childhood encounter a thousand or ten thousand times like a story, but when he really faced Hao Mandi, he suddenly became a big boy who forgot how to do the most basic conversation, which made him extremely depressed. You care too much about her. This is the answer to all the questions-he cares too much about her, so much that as long as he stands in front of her, he automatically becomes shorter, because the poor boy hiding in his heart has never grown up, and he still feels inferior. Maybe! He did not deny that he cared about Hao Mandi very much. Her every move made him intoxicated. He was a big fool. Litana took the bottle and poured a glass of wine into his glass, indirectly paying tribute to him. He may be a fool who is crazy about love, but he is the object of women's dreams. No one can be as dedicated as him. Don't just talk about me, but also about you. Your face is getting worse and worse. Don't you have a good rest? They had not seen each other for twenty days, and her face was as pale as a ghost, with obvious dark circles under her eyes, and her cheeks were thinner. "I've been so busy in the shop recently that I can't find any free time to have a good rest." She lied, not daring to say that she had syphilis, and that she had reached the end of her life and would not live long. I told you you should leave this place. Wei Haotian frowned. This place is really not for you because of the stuffy air and the noise every day. She is fit to be quiet and taken care of. She has the temperament of a lady, but she is committed to this dirty little brothel, and he can't see past it. It's not suitable. I've been here for five years, and I'm used to it. Litana knew the filth of the place better than anyone, and she caught syphilis from it. You should know that there are all kinds of people here, not only Shanghainese, but also some foreign sailors, who often hide some viruses that are not easy to find, and many girls suffer from them. Habits can be changed. You'd better go! Get out of this place. Wei Haotian did not know how many times she had said that she would take her away from the "dream", and she did not know how many times she had refused, but this time she could not shake her head. Her days were numbered, and it would be a good thing if she could see him often in the limited days. Her illness has become more and more serious, and the symptoms of her illness have become more and more obvious. It is impossible for her not to be found by the people in the brothel. That is, she will soon be driven out of the brothel, when she is either wandering the streets, or find a dilapidated residence to spend the rest of her life, unless she accepts Wei Haotian's proposal, otherwise there is no third choice. Tell me what I shall live on when I leave this place. But even so,faux ficus tree, she didn't want to accept his help for nothing. She had her self-respect. I'll help you find a job. He said Or I can lend you money first. Anyway, you'd better get out of this place quickly. The body will not go wrong. Wait till you really help me find a job! She thanked him for his kindness, but Wei Haotian was very serious.


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