Huanzhu Landlord _ Desert Hero

In the past year, Hong Xiao disappeared without a trace.

In the past year, Hong Xiao disappeared without a trace. He searched the original place, but did not find a trace. I don't know that all of them are alert and intelligent, but I know that Hong Xiao is under the command of the people in the left way, and the place where he lives is the most miasma. There are often clouds and mists of five colors on it, which can't be dispersed by the wind, so it's easy to be found. After driving Hong Xiao away, he immediately fled to the ancient forest, dug a cave and hid it deep underground. After ten years, he began to return to his lair. Yang Youlian searched for many days, but there was no trace of him. He mistakenly believed that he had been captured by Hong Xiao secretly, or that he had been discovered by people in the Orthodox Church and removed together, so even Hong Xiao disappeared. Coincidentally, the method of searching for souls with cold flames used by the demon way, although it covers a wide area, is only more than ten Zhangs away from the hiding place of the barbarian capital, so it stops and happens to avoid it. And Hong Xiao lived close to the Mandu Cave. In the past, he was in the mountains and did not often go out. Later, strange people ran away and went to the Fire Cave to spy on them. It was always a mistake. For many years, he had never run into one. Man Du also learned a lot of magic at this time, and his wisdom increased a lot. Because I want to condense the primordial spirit, abandon the original body, and sacrifice the original body in order to resist the plunder in the future. Although the idea is good, as the magic power is getting higher and higher, the poison gas itself is also strengthened, the primordial spirit goes out to act, as long as it appears on the ground, his poison gas, within a hundred miles, no matter human or animal, must be poisoned. For fear of doing evil, or being hated and coveted by both good and evil,86 smart board, where dare to move. He had no choice but to hide underground and open three tunnels. The original intention was to hide and defend against the enemy, but with good intentions, I accidentally found two newly opened tunnels, one leading to the fire cave of Luominger Peak, and the other leading to the ancient cave with a plum blossom shape. Although it is difficult to open for the time being, the terrain has been identified, and the secret of the fire cave has also been seen. On weekdays, it was even more secret, and Hong Xiao did not find it once. Later two evil meet, talk about this matter, only feel barbarian 19 already dead, never thought still hide nearby,interactive boards for classrooms, and still have magical power. The two sorcerers have been together for many years, but Hugh said that he had never done anything in advance. This day is also a day when everyone should turn misfortune into happiness. On the first day, I found the traces of the two sorcerers. I remembered that the poison gas was getting heavier and heavier recently, and I couldn't leave. The two sorcerers were close at hand. Sooner or later, I found that my heart was worried and there was nothing I could do. I went to the top of the fire cave to check the situation, and suddenly I heard a strange man at the bottom of the cave, who seemed to be not far away from the newly opened cave. Touch the spirit machine, return to the original cave, and move forward with all your strength. Who knows the end of the place, not particularly strong as heavy steel, and there is a very powerful magic ban. The strange man inside seemed to know earlier, and roared in response. The two sides are only a few feet apart, and it is difficult to go any further. The voice of strange people is different from that of ordinary people and can not be understood. Later, they listened patiently and asked each other questions and answers for several days, relying on each other's ability to understand human language and gradually understand it. Only then did they find out how the three strange people, old and young, had been victimized. They shared a bitter hatred of the enemy and hit it off immediately. She also found out that the female monster had been enlightened by the divine monk before, and relying on the Buddhist Dharma, she had been practicing in the fire cave for many years, and she had great magical powers. A few days ago, a leaf given by a holy monk suddenly made a sound, saying that the barbarians would come here in a few days, smart board touch screen ,digital touch screen board, and ordered them to unite, just waiting for another road leading to the Xianmei Cave to be opened, and the day of coming out would not be far away, and the owner of the former ancient treasure Bei Xuanzhu, who opened the Fire Cave, would also meet. This is the future success or failure of the barbarian and the three strange people. Pay attention to it. It's not a pity. As a result, they were both underground, talking across the cave wall from time to time, knowing that they could not meet unless they got the orb. They took out the Taoist book, but they did not know anything else. Barbarian is looking forward to day and night, is suddenly found by Yang You. Although he had to escape into the gully, the fire below was so fierce that it was not in the end, and he could not go down any more. Above, he was banned by the evil law, separated in the middle, and could not go up and down. One side endure pain, one side must guard against Yang You to find Hong Xiao, join forces to harm. And when trapped, the fire is very small, it is difficult to support, if the flames surge, be involved in the eye of the fire, stand up to plunder ashes, do not want to live. Frightened and at their wits' end, Shang's husband and wife occasionally went to the fire cave to check. They used a magic weapon to test the firepower and found that they were all in the next place. They worked out the cause and effect and saved them. Man all heard that the magic weapon used was Bei Xuanzhu, and felt the grace of saving his life. He immediately prostrated himself and asked to follow him as a slave. Shang's husband and wife began to stubbornly refuse, after the beloved son Shang Qingli please, on behalf of the request, before the promise. Shang Chang followed the agreement and said, "I live in seclusion here. I have a profound meaning. I usually do not interfere with the evil way across the mountain.". You shall not go far from the cave after this, lest you cause trouble. The little master is very active by nature. He can't take advantage of the absence of my husband and wife to go out with you. The time has not yet come for the strange people trapped in the fire cave to get out of trouble, so they should not be impatient. You are sensitive by nature, and you know how to love yourself. You are not born of the evil and perverse spirit between heaven and earth. Once you live in peace and are not harmed, it will be difficult for you to live in peace for a long time. You also like to imitate human words and actions, and you can't show that you don't make friends with outsiders on weekdays. If you live in my cave for a long time and see that I have many magic weapons, you will not have the intention to steal. In the future, if there is a violation, it will be expelled from the cave and never taken in, and if it is serious, it will be punished by the killing of the soul, and there will be no regret. Man Du Li said, "I have never had an evil thought since I was born.". Although they are born with malignancy, they are self-aware. On weekdays, people and nature share the same taboo, suffering from sorrow and danger, and suffering from grief and indignation all the year round. Very easy to meet the fate of immortals, turn misfortune into a blessing, how dare Gu En back, have a place to settle down, but for evil up? It's just that the body has a strange poison and must be hidden underground, because it can't be destroyed by relying on it to resist the disaster of heaven. At this time, although the primordial spirit is condensed, it still cannot leave the body for a long time, and there is an induction between the form and the spirit. Once it is decomposed, it cannot go back on time. After a long time, the body must rot, and the heavier the poison gas is, the more difficult it is to clean up. I also hope to be merciful and rescue them, so that the little slave primordial spirit can be separated from the original body and preserved for the purpose of resisting the enemy. I am grateful. Shang intestines do not allow, Shang Qing and generation strive. Yan Xuanying, the merchant's wife, pointed at Mandu and said with a smile, "I know all about your worries.". With your skill at this time, the separation of form and spirit is not impossible. It's just that you have to suffer a few more days of pain, and the primordial spirit has to be lost. But you said that it was so difficult. It can be seen that there is still a trick of selfishness. For the time being, according to you, this kind of behavior will not come in the future. Must be on the lookout at all times, … Once you've done it, it's too late to bring it on yourself. With the immortal method, the barbarian body will be cut off,75 inch smart board, and the hiding place will be confined, taken to the cave, along with the practice.


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