Upgraded Warcraft _ 20200215155708.

Upgraded Warcraft _ 20200215155708.

In the location chosen by Zhou Tian, there are hundreds of volcanoes in total. Although all of them have become extinct volcanoes, it is believed that as long as Zhou Tian makes those volcanoes erupt, it is estimated that the sea area within a radius of thousands of miles will be affected by their eruption. And in those volcanoes, there is an ordinary rock mountain, although that rock mountain is not precious minerals, but that rock mountain is extremely tall. Compared to those volcanoes, it is at least nearly twice the height, such a terrain, Zhou Tian thought about it, feeling that for him, it is really the most suitable location for the station. Satisfied in the heart, Zhou Tian is also directly at that time to cast a spell. First, in order to create a more suitable location, and second, Zhou Tian also intends to show his strong strength in front of those mermaids. As soon as the hand movement stops, then saw Zhou Tian's side at that time by the massive sea water gathered together to form a water quality big knife, under Zhou Tian's control, directly also shot toward that place rock mountain past. Although it was formed by the sea,thermal imaging camera, but under the magic of Zhou Tian, the water knife was not generally sharp. Under the cutting of the water knife, the highest rock mountain was directly cut off by half. When the upper half of the mountain fell from the air, the mermaids, including Gail, were collectively dumbfounded.

Chapter 217 Crystal Palace. Chapter 217 Crystal Palace. "How is that possible?" Although Gail, they all know that Zhou Tian's strength is very strong,digital signage screen, and they have seen his strength more than once. However, even so, when those mermaids saw with their own eyes that Zhou Tian had cut off a mountain front with a water knife, they were still frightened by his performance. Zhou Tian's current performance is really incomprehensible to those mermaids. If Zhou Tian directly forced the mountain down, then there is nothing much to say. Zhou Tian's strength has always been considered very strong by Gail. Since Zhou Tian's strength is considered strong, they will not feel strange even if Zhou Tian has caused great damage. But now the problem is that since Zhou Tian just used some sea water to cut such a big mountain, the mermaids shuddered at the thought of this'weird 'way of attack. After all, this kind of attack is very difficult to see with the naked eye, under the sea, encounter this kind of attack, a little unmindful, I am afraid it will be cut in half by the water knife! Undoubtedly, the effect that Zhou Tian wants to achieve has already been achieved, digital signage kiosk ,Interactive digital signage, looking at the expression of those mermaids, Zhou Tian could not help nodding with satisfaction, and then directly stopped toward the platform he cut out. Originally, the mountain was high and big, but after it was cut by Zhou Tian, the platform it cut out was naturally quite wide. Although it is not a regular circle, according to Zhou Tian's calculation, the diameter of the platform should be about ten miles. Although it is true that according to the existence of Zhou Tian's strength, such a large area can only be described as pitifully small. However, if it is only regarded as a living space, there is no doubt that such a large area is enough for Zhou Tian to accommodate a lot of people. Besides, Sunday isn't clearing the land for Gail and the others right now. Although it is unlikely that Zhou Tian will have the energy to do more decoration in a short time, Gail and his family can only live with Zhou Tian. But Zhou Tian's heart, it is already planned, now this place, will be used as his living place, as for the mermaid and even those sea animals, when Zhou Tian has time, then for them to get a new living space. To oneself later'home ', Zhou Tian decorates nature is quite try one's best. After buying an item from his system store, Zhou Tian threw it directly into the center of the platform. As soon as it fell to the ground, the system product thrown out by Zhou Tian changed immediately. Bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger, when Zhou Tian threw it out, it was as big as a toy. When the change was over, what Zhou Tian had thrown out at the beginning turned directly into a huge palace in the surprised eyes of the mermaids. With a wave of his hand, the three words'Crystal Palace 'appeared on the original empty plaque at that time. How can the palace of the Dragon King not be called the Crystal Palace? Although later these three words have other meanings, but as a dragon who is about to turn into a dragon, Zhou Tian is in such a sea area where there is no dragon clan, that is naturally the'Dragon King ', and as the Dragon King, it is normal to name his residence'Crystal Palace'! It was not until Zhou Tian looked back that he saw at that time that a group of fish headed by Gail was completely dumbfounded. The magic weapon God horse's thing, wants Gail they to understand is really some difficult, even if is before they already were saw Zhou Tian to use Fan Tian to seal a kind of magic weapon. But now, when Gail saw Zhou Tian become a palace out of thin air, they were still surprised at that time, and could hardly believe what they were seeing at all. Zhou Tian did not care about Gail's reaction, but immediately after the palace took shape, he also looked at the situation of his own residence at that time. Naturally, this palace can not really be just an ordinary palace, Zhou Tian from the system store to buy things, with the idea that it can not be ordinary goods. In addition to the special place from small to big, in fact,touch screen kiosk, the palace that Zhou Tian is now making is a very good magic weapon in itself. Living in it, not only will the palace independently absorb all the energy from the outside world to increase the concentration of Reiki inside, but also the palace itself has a strong defense capability and a certain attack capability. hsdtouch.com


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