Don't delay my fortune.

With the depression of "how can I be so poor that I can't afford to buy a room full of red crystals (high-quality rubies)", Zhuo Qingtuan followed Wan Xu to attend his first auction in the realm of immortals.

"The second uncle is a little unhappy." Afraid that she would mind, he added, "It's not what my family means. My uncle is more impulsive. He is not suitable for dealing with too complicated things." Xi Jinhuan didn't know that Li Xiang was making an issue of her. He thought it was official business. He said meaningfully, "Oh, you.." Why don't you just say he's stupid? Still beating around the Bush. Li Shenping's disposition so that he will not directly say such an evaluation, he just raised his eyebrows, but did not deny. The two of them had a meal and blew on the balcony. Holding her in his arms, he sat on a wide cool chair and looked at the moonlight and suddenly said, "Summer is coming." "You've been in an air-conditioned room for too long," he said, laughing. She took a spoon to scoop up a sugar-soaked red bayberry from the jar and fed it to him: "Summer has already come, and it's so hot recently." The summer in Nanxing is long, and recently it has caught up with the tail of the rainy season. One rain and one heat, the city after the rain is like a steamer, which makes people very uncomfortable. He didn't speak with a red bayberry in his mouth. Xi Jinhuan turned to nest in his arms and ate one himself. He complained vaguely, "I used to think how could there be such a word as bitter summer. Summer is so good-until I came to Nanxing later." Li Shenping chuckled. The red bayberry pickled with rock sugar emits a trace of sweetness in the mouth,Belt Filter Press, and then a taste, with the fruit acid hidden in the depths. Holding her in his arms, Li Shenping suddenly asked, "Do you want to go out for a walk?" "Now?" She nodded. "Yes, go out for a walk." The arm across her waist tightened, and Li Shenping pulled her back and held her firmly in his arms. He put his chin on her shoulder and tried to kiss her sideways, with his glasses in front of his face between them. Li Shenping raised his hand to take off his eyes and kissed her cheek again. "It's not a walk. I mean a vacation." She slanted her head and didn't seem to understand what he meant. Didn't you say you wanted to live in Shanghai before? I'm taking a long vacation recently. Let's go there. Xi Jinhuan was stunned. "What happened?" He asked sensitively. The man behind him did not know whether to laugh or cry: "How can you think so?" Her eyes wandered over his face. "Your last record is not reassuring." Xi turned around,Dissolved Gas Flotation, put his hands on his shoulders, and said earnestly, "Li Shenping, you have something to tell me in advance." Her eyes were black and bright, shining with a little light, reflecting his appearance. He pursed his lips and said frankly, "There is something." "It's about me?"? Does it affect you? He admitted and denied: "Yes, but it didn't affect me." Xi Jinhuan said, "Oh," and felt that there was something wrong with what he asked and what he answered: "Since it's related to me, it must affect you, Wall Penstocks ,fine bubble diffuser, otherwise you wouldn't want to take a vacation. But.. She tilted her head and deliberately said half a sentence. "But what?" He answered honestly. "But no matter what happens, it won't be difficult for you. That's why it won't affect you, right?" Li Shenping laughed. "Are you so confident about me?" She also followed with a smile: "That must!" " "But." "And yet?" "But although you can solve it, you still have to tell me in advance because it's related to me." Xi Jinhuan remembered that as a litigant, she was almost the last to know about every link. It's like the center of the eye of a storm. It's so calm. Li Shenping thought for a moment and just said, "Maybe your contract with Aze will be terminated." Xi Jinhuan said "ah" and reacted. She had asked him about it before, and he was very clear that he didn't want to interfere with her decision. "Does this matter affect you?" Said Xi Jinhuan. He did not respond positively. Xi Jinhuan lowered his head and thought about it, but he could also understand his situation. Although many of Li's people had seen her often in and out of Li Shenze's office before, the general manager behind her also knew about her relationship with Li Shenping. Having worked in a big business, she naturally knows that people's words are awesome. What's more, now Li Shenping held a press conference for her and officially disclosed their relationship. Xi Jinhuan felt that the job would really embarrass him. "I know, I'll tell Li Shenze.". In fact, when the time came, I shouldn't have renewed my contract with him. She stuck out her tongue and joked, "a thousand yuan a meal is to take advantage of others." "Speaking of it, I really appreciate him. If he hadn't helped me at that time, my mentality might have collapsed," Xi said with a laugh. Although relying on her own delivery, she may also slowly get the money out, but in that case, the job given by Li Shenze, the meaning of how much pie falls from the sky, gives her more hope. Xi Jinhuan still has a smile on his face, with the meaning of gratitude. Li Shenping looked at her who did not know anything, and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. But the younger brother already knew that he was wrong. He stood in the middle and could only whitewash peace. Li Shenping raised her chin, kissed her, and said softly, "You are wronged." She shook her head. "Of course not." "I'll take care of it, and you don't have to worry about it." Li Shenping thought for a moment and then said: "Or think about where to go." The last time we said we were going out together, in fact, he has been busy. When Xi Jinhuan heard him say this, he got excited: "Is it really a vacation?" He also laughed: "Yes." Xi Jinhuan pushed aside his arm and stood up immediately. What's the matter? She bounded out of his arms. I collect things! Let's start tomorrow! Chapter 79 kissing you is sweet. Li Shenping quickly planned the time, the secretary booked the ticket, and left next weekend. Xi Jihuan thought happily that he could leave soon, but when he saw the ticket time, he asked him, "Do you still have to wait for a week?" "Well, there might be a meeting." For so many years,rapid sand filters, Li Xiang finally found a "handle" and naturally would not give up so easily. According to Li Shenping's judgment, he has hit a snag in his own category, and the next step is either to make an issue of his grandfather or the board of directors.

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