The way of white clouds

Because he also saw a yuan yuan master last night, now yuan yuan master disappeared, but replaced by Wu Wenhong, Wen Yuxun can not help but feel strange! Wu Wenhong said coldly, "Sir Wen, just go in and have a look."

Being a father or being a mother is very difficult, the hardest thing in the world, and yet people think it's the easiest. I heard that there was a woman going home from the market by car. The taxi driver was very crazy. He drove very fast and got into trouble. He could be in danger at any time. The woman was very nervous on the edge of the back seat. From time to time, she told the driver, "Don't drive so fast. I'm afraid." But the driver didn't listen. Then he said, Listen! I have 12 children waiting for me at home. If something goes wrong, what about my 12 children? The driver replied, "Are you telling me to be careful?"? It's hard to follow. He's saying, "You have 12 children of your own, and you're not alert, but you're telling me to be alert when I'm driving!"! It's easy to have many children, no problem, even animals can do it easily, but it's very difficult to be a mother, the most difficult thing in the world, and it's even more difficult to be a father, because being a mother is natural, being a father is not so natural, father is a social phenomenon,automated warehouse systems, it doesn't exist in nature. It is what we have created. Being a father is more difficult because it's not a natural instinct. It's difficult because it's the most creative act of all — creating a person. Be very alert, give more freedom, do not distinguish between good and bad, accept both, help both grow, and soon the growth of this helping child will become a deep meditation for you, and you will grow with them,industrial racking systems, when your child becomes a "yes" or a "no".. Because there used to be a beautiful "no man": Nietzsche was a "no man", but he was beautiful, and his genius to say "no" was such a great and beautiful phenomenon. Without a man like Nietzsche, the world would not be so rich. He could not say "yes". "Yes" was very difficult for him. His whole existence was "no". Buddha is a "person who says no." He said: There is no Brahma, no soul, no world. You can't find a greater "no man" than him. He left nothing. He said, "Nothing.". He continues to say "no", to rule out, and it is difficult for him to find a "yes"-almost impossible, but from that "no" to develop a beautiful existence, that "no" must be very complete. There are those who say yes, those who give: Mila, Chaitanya, medium duty racking ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, or Jesus! Or Mohammed! These are the "yes people". So of course there will be two forms of religion: one that surrounds a person who says no, and one that surrounds a person who says yes, and you will belong to one. If you are a person who says no, then Buddhism will help you a lot. If you are a person who says yes, then Buddhism will not help you at all. It will be destructive. But Christianity can help. Hinduism can help. And it takes both, and when I say that, I mean that they always exist in proportion, just as men and women, their numbers are almost always equal. The world is divided into two halves, one half man and one half woman. It is a miracle how nature keeps this ratio. On every other plane, the same ratio is kept. There are always half of those who say no and half of those who say yes. Half are able to follow the path of knowledge and half are able to follow the path of love. Love is always saying "yes", while knowledge is always saying "no", and this ratio has been maintained by nature. So if you have two kids, and one of them says "yes" and the other says "no", that's exactly the ratio! It's good to have both in your home. You can create a harmony from them. Don't try to destroy the one who says no, and don't try to just help the one who says yes. Create a harmony between the two. These two children are the representatives of the whole world, the Yin and Yang, the positive and negative poles. Create a harmony between them, then your family is really a family, a unit, a harmonious unit. Don't explain, don't condemn, don't judge all the time like a moralist, just be a father or a mother, love them, accept them, and help them become themselves. This is the basis of all love: helping others to be themselves. If you want to ride, then you're not loving, you're destroying. Love plus meditation is my slogan. Beloved Master, in the West, most of our growth methods tend to do some kind of group, such as "face-to-face group" or psychodrama. In the East, although there are some suitors living together in communities, the focus seems to be on the individual. Could you please tell us about these two ways? There are two ways to grow. You can pursue your spiritual growth on your own, or you can work through groups or through schools. Even in the East, both forms have always existed. The Sufi method is a group method, and there is a group method in India, but it is not as common as it is in Islam or Sufi sects. In terms of quantity, the current West is entirely group-oriented, which is a new phenomenon. There have never been so many group methods in the West before, and so many people work hard through group methods. So, in a way,radio shuttle racking, we can say that the East still maintains the use of individual efforts, while the West is growing towards a group approach. Why is this so? What difference does it make? Why is there a difference? It is only when your ego comes to a point where carrying it becomes a burden that the method of community can exist. When the ego has become so burdensome that it can be painful to be alone, then the group approach becomes meaningful because you can integrate your ego into the group.

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