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At the beginning, Chu Tianming imagined in his mind the picture of his return to the Stone Forest, although the surrounding environment did become the appearance of the Stone Forest, but Chu Tianming clearly knew that here is still an illusion, not really out of the illusion.

Landi Sheng obviously did not know the inside story, but still said to himself: "The king has a kind of sky fire called'South Youxu Fire ', and has reached the third level of Purple Nirvana, so he wanted to get the'Fog Lotus Heart Fire', but he was told that the Dan Master had disappeared." Kui is very proficient in fire, 'Nanyou virtual fire' is one of the 108 kinds of strange fire in heaven and earth, belonging to the sky fire, ranking seven. And there is a characteristic of Nanyou virtual fire. After the third level of purple nirvana, if you want to break the nirvana and become the fourth level of immortal flame, you can do it by devouring the nine clear flames, and the fog lotus heart fire is one of the nine clear flames. As for whether it was because the extreme sword door could not take out the'fog lotus heart fire 'that angered the free king, or because of the'Pengyue Xianguo' thing, I don't know. After Landy's voice finished speaking, he also understood why he was so rich. It turned out to be from Daluoxianmen. Da Luo Xian Men is very noble in Gong Hua Tian, so even if Zhen Bingyu's cultivation can not be seen, but also seriously injured, he also respectfully called Elder Martial Sister. He didn't know that the immortal crystal had nothing to do with the extreme sword door. Besides, even if it's a fairy gate like Jijian Gate, it's estimated that any disciple can't produce tens of millions of top-grade fairy crystals. Excuse me, brother Lan. Have all the people of my Jijian Gate been killed? Or did some of them escape? Zhen Bingyu is most worried about her master. Randy shook his head and said,Magnesium Sulphate price, "I'm not very clear about that. I heard that some people escaped.". As for the specific situation, I don't dare to approach Jijian Gate at all. "Thank you, Brother Blue." Kui is very grateful to Landi. He also knew that this was on the celestial ship, and if it was in Xinyan Fairy City, even if Landi's voice told him to come. He won't say these words either. What's more, it's great that Randy can know so much. It's absolutely not so simple that the Jijian Gate was exterminated. If that's the case. Then Jijianmen will not let him feel the danger, which means that after Jijianmen was exterminated,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, who else is there. Landy voice hurriedly said: "a trivial matter is not worth mentioning, I am also hearsay." After that, he said angrily, "This fairy ship is too dark. We have paid 15000000 top-grade fairy crystal. Even if we live there for ten years, we have to 1200000 the fairy crystal. This is like robbing the fairy crystal!". I don't know what's in this room. An empty room also needs a deposit of 200,000 fairy crystals. I'm sure they'll say there's some wear and tear in the room, and then the 200,000 fairy crystals won't be returned to us. Kui also echoed a way, "people under the eaves, have to bow ah.". Although now pay more immortal crystal, wait until the hall Yao day, perhaps the harvest is more, after all, not everyone has the opportunity to go to Zhongtianyu. "Yes, Magnesium Oxide powder ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, that's all I can think about now." Randy nodded a little absent-minded and said. At the same time in the heart is thinking, in this place the immortal crystal sends out continuously, does not have a little account, how to do in the future? Seeing this, he picked up Zhen Bingyu and said, "Then Ye will leave first, and then talk with Brother Lan in his spare time." Landy sound hurriedly sent him and Zhen Bingyu out of the room, although the extreme sword door was destroyed, but the extreme sword door is the big Luo immortal door after all, the inside story is still there, who knows when it will make a comeback? So he pointed out that he and Zhen Bingyu were from Jijian Gate, and Randy's voice was very polite. After returning to the room, Zhen Bingyu did not have the mind to practice for the first time. He didn't talk to Zhen Bingyu either. He was thinking about the free king. King Zizai has seen him and can remember his breath. If he continues to stay in Gonghua Tian, he may be found by King Zizai one day. Thinking of this, he was also secretly glad that he had made a temporary decision to come to the celestial ship. The ship is in the dark, better than waiting to be killed. A few days later, he felt a little boring, Zhen Bingyu is more patient, although the lack of fairy spirit here, but she can endure lonely practice. But he couldn't stand it any more. In such a small room, he not only practiced, but also made alchemy and utensils. Even if Zhen Bingyu knew that he had a golden page world, he did not dare to enter the golden page world to practice. In such a place where there is a fairy king, he enters the golden page world to practice, unless he doesn't want to live. At the beginning, the free king just suppressed him with divine consciousness, and he was almost exposed. Although at that time, his cultivation was only Jinxian, but he didn't think he could bear it when he arrived at Xuanxian. I want to go out for a while. He looked at Zhen Bingyu who was still practicing and said. Zhen Bingyu stopped practicing and looked at him and asked. Do you want to ask where you can earn fairy crystals? "Yes, our fairy crystals add up to less than two million," he said. I guess this black ship is not so simple. If we don't have a fairy crystal in the future, if the black ship drives us out, that's not a good thing. In addition to looking around the celestial ship, he also wanted to see if there was a place to earn the celestial crystal. He was really afraid of what to do if the celestial crystal was gone. All right, then be careful. For the first time, Zhen Bingyu told her to be careful, and it seemed that she also knew that her fate was completely linked with her. Zhen Bingyu does not say, he will not be careless. There is a fairy king here. He did not want to be discovered by the immortal king without asking clearly. Let the immortal king find out that it's nothing, absolutely can't let the immortal king have any doubt about him. Tang Feng Tianyu Fairy Ship is simply equivalent to a moving fairy city. Although you can see the whole picture of the fairy ship clearly here, you know that the fairy ship is huge. When he boarded the ship, it was so magnificent and huge that it was hard to believe that it was a fairy ship. This kind of fairy ship can not be put into the ring, nor can it be automatically sized. The waste of materials can be imagined. The fairy ship is huge and magnificent, but the place where it lives in the steerage cabin is narrow and dark, and the divine consciousness is extended. In fact,dap diammonium phosphate, even if the divine consciousness can be swept out, they dare not sweep out their own divine consciousness. He walked thousands of meters along the narrow corridor in front of him before he saw a huge exit sign. There are two arrows on the sign, one pointing to the exit. It says steerage exit. Another arrow points to the city of Fang.

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