Be a magic stick in the Three Kingdoms

She gazed at Xie Fu and looked at her eyebrows and eyes carefully. "You are really a handsome child. It seems that you have not failed to live up to the painstaking efforts of Lord yuan Fu for so many years."

Guo Jia also shook his head: "Wen Tai is just fierce and brave, only slightly inferior to Feng Xian, the tetrarch has the meaning of putting him in an important position, is also excusable.". However, although he was appointed, in the master account when, but quite by the emperor's grace, to serve as the Satrap, sealing Wu Cheng Hou, one heart to the Han, is your majesty's courtier, more favors, also difficult to buy. "The tetrarch while Luoyang chaos, in the name of the inverse, YanWangJi, is the expansion of the earth.". It is not difficult to hide from him for a while, but not for a long time. If he is aware of it and abandons us in anger, it will only be a small loss. I am afraid that he will be dormant for the time being and secretly tip off the court, which will lead to disaster sooner or later. If the tetrarch is still determined to use him, also have to be prepared early. Yan Qing smiled and said, "The worries of the two gentlemen have been made clear.". But Qing didn't think so. Guo Jia raised his eyebrows: "Oh?" Yan Qing coughed lightly and said leisurely, "Now the wind and clouds are bustling, the world is in turmoil, disasters are frequent, and wars are endless.". Under the internal and external troubles, your majesty was indifferent, and the officials turned a blind eye to it. They only cared about forming a clique for personal gain and fighting for power. Speaking of this, Yan Qing looked at the giffin lightly: "On this point, Mr. Wen He, who has been an official in the court for many years, must be more clear." Giffin acquiesced. Yan Qing didn't care either. After the usual prologue, she smiled with a little relaxation and asked Guo Jia, "I don't know how much Fengxiao knows about Sun Wentai's resume." "I only know a little," said Kuo Chia-chien. Yan Qing nodded his head clearly and said, "Don't say anything unnecessary for the time being. He's not in front of me anyway. I can't hear too much praise. It seems that I have lost money." Guo Jiashen thought so: "Isn't that right?" After making a joke, Yan Qingcai went on to say, "There's only one thing I have to tell you two. If you change any loyal minister of the big fellow, you may suspect that I have a bad intention, but Sun Wentai is impossible." Guo Jia propped up his chin with one hand and tilted his head lazily. "Why?" He asked. "If you ask that,stainless steel welded pipe, you don't know exactly how he got here." Yan Qing said with a smile, "When he was appointed as the prefect of Changsha, he faced a very similar situation.". It was Yichun, a neighboring county, that was attacked by the rebels. He hurriedly sent a horse to Changsha to ask for help. Without saying a word, he reorganized his army and sent troops to rescue him. The giffin held his beard and said nothing. Guo Jia frowned. "Is there such a thing?" Yan Qing nodded his head and said, "At that time, he didn't have an imperial edict. He sent troops without permission and crossed the border to conquer, which was to give people a handle.". But did he ever hesitate or fear? "The situation he faced at the beginning is very similar to what I am now.". In that case, he is the last person in the army to question me. Yan Qing smiled proudly and said, "I am now going to launch the Northern Expedition, regardless of death, in order to pacify the country and protect the people, uphold righteousness, consolidate the foundation of the country, and safeguard the overall situation.". Since you have a clear conscience, why can't you tell him frankly with a sense of justice? "This is on behalf of the court to eliminate rebellion, on behalf of the emperor to protect the people, only because General Sun is ambitious, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, and I happen to have the same ambition, so he spared no effort and was willing to go through fire and water, for the sake of all the people in the world, not just a person in Yan." Guo Jia twitched at the corners of his mouth and did not expose the high-sounding words. He only changed them and said, "Once the master has made great achievements, Your Majesty is afraid that you will not get what you want." Yan Qing said with regret, "If Your Majesty really doesn't distinguish between loyalty and treachery, then it will be time to act in public but not in private, or to take the place of others, or to return to the capital to the side of Qing Jun.." Yan Qing gave a gentle meal and smiled. His black eyes were shining like stars, and his face was as bright as jade. Even Guo Jia, who had seen all the flowers, could not help shaking his mind. It is a pity that what this rare beauty said after revealing her true nature is not wonderful at all: "Naturally, it depends on what the two gentlemen are going to do." Master is responsible for the idea, counsellors will have to think to perfect, and then have the master to make the final decision, to seize. In other words, the tetrarch is responsible for the wave, the counsellor is responsible for stability. ……” To this bright act of throwing the pot, Rao is Guo Jia resourceful, but also by this righteous shameless, to choke a ruthless. Master just layout, still need to be improved. "Guo Jia breathed a sigh of relief and said helplessly," You might as well come out in five days. Jia Tongwen and I will discuss it in detail, and then talk to the master. " Yan Qing's long eyelashes and feathers trembled slightly, and she promised with a smile, "That's very good. Thank you two." "All right." Country grumpily should be, get up, will take the map, to the account. Giffin, who had always slipped the fastest and talked the least, was still sitting, closed his eyes and tasting tea, motionless. Yan Qing did not ask, as if he did not know; Guo Jia did not even glance at him, and went out without saying a word. Country's footsteps gradually away, YanQing continue to review the document, giffin silent tea. I do not know how long, the giffin suddenly opened his mouth, broke the silence: "The tea is cold." Yan Qing smiled and naturally took over the conversation: "It can still be used for gargling." Jia Kui heaved a sigh of relief and put down his empty cup. "You can't have your cake and eat it too," he asked. "Swaying from side to side and lacking a fixed opinion is a big taboo for success. Master high, very important, although far away from the capital, but to this step, I don't know how many people watching.. It's not a joke. Yan Qing asked in reply, "Wen He thinks, what do I mean?" The giffin hesitated for a moment and said, "Xu Yulu, at first I thought that the master was trying to establish a separatist regime on one side and become a vassal. After plotting to develop, I waited for an opportunity to act.". In this way, you would rather give up high officials and rich salaries, but also to stay away from Luoyang as soon as possible, and the intention of Lord Wang without false words, it makes sense. The giffin took one look at Yan Qing and tried to say, "Now look at it again. Your attitude seems to have changed. It's more like a loyal minister who is dedicated to the country and helping Han Xing Liu." Master can have unfathomable Ayutthaya, also should have the attitude of improvisation, but should not change thousands of aspirations. Yan Qing smiled softly: "Wen He is joking.". How cautious you are, if you really think I am a big fellow loyal minister, how can you be so bold, dare to ask each other? Giffin was said to break the mind, also not the slightest uncomfortable, but Shi Shi ran way: "Master wise.". "Xu shows off his incompetence before an expert,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, which makes you laugh." Yan Qing laughed and said, "If even Wen He compares himself to a fool, I'm afraid there will be no wise men in the world." 。

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