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Hundreds of years later, the Sea Clan once again broke out war with the wizarding world. Perhaps they thought that the Black Witch King was dead and that it was just a legend. The original fear also gradually disappeared.

Hundreds of years later, the Sea Clan once again broke out war with the wizarding world. Perhaps they thought that the Black Witch King was dead and that it was just a legend. The original fear also gradually disappeared. Greed for the land has also overwhelmed everything. The war broke out again, and this time the dark wizards stood up and spread their power far stronger than the white wizards. The offspring born on the edge of the Black Witch King's Spire area have achieved a much higher rate of witchcraft than in the general area, almost twice the normal situation. As a result of this war, there were far more dark wizards than white wizards. The Sea Clan Wizard Alliance was defeated. The whole gem sea is quiet again. Time flies, and two thousand years have passed. In the starry sky of a distant world, on a khaki planet. Somewhere on the surface of the planet, in a small town. Inside a large, ornate white brick villa. Two human beings in beautiful clothes were standing together in the study, admiring the black hole on the wall. Inside the black hole, there is a whirlpool of water, and a faint cold breath is constantly pouring out of it. Originally, the black hole was blocked by a thick dark wall and separated by a red bookshelf. But they were all moved away by a fat man sitting in a chair. Is this the space-time gate? Another tall, thin man sitting in a chair asked with burning eyes. Every domain gate is a great wealth,endless pool swim spa, my Lord, we can actually find a brand new domain gate in this marginal time domain, no one has ever found it, which represents a stable and huge source of wealth! When do we start exploring? "Is the military ready?" The tall, thin man asked in a deep voice. It's almost done. Any domain gate represents a rich world behind it,outdoor hot tub, and any Explorer who is the first to discover it will receive a proportional share of one percent of the proceeds. For any family, any empire, it is a wealth that can never be ignored. With this domain gate, the foundation of my Nikolai family in this star field can also be completely consolidated. Where are the time explorers? Asked the thin man. There are still two days to arrive here, and our two families are absolutely elite and reliable children. The fat man answered hurriedly. Before Moro reacts, we secretly complete the moderate development and establish a space-time base in the world opposite the domain gate. In the future, this domain gate will belong to us completely! The thin man's face gradually became excited. The family's Fifth Fleet, the Starmark Hunter Force, and a large number of logistics personnel are already in place. Now it's time for you to activate this domain gate. The fat man whispered. That's all right The thin man nodded. Stand up and walk to the black hole. He slowly took out a precise blue crystal mechanical box from his pocket and threw it gently into the black hole. In the starry sky outside the planet, a huge elliptical black hole emerged. In the starry sky around the black hole, jacuzzi bath spa ,jacuzzi swim spa, groups of huge black shuttle fleets also slowly emerged. The fleet surrounded the black hole in all directions, and they dropped silver metal balls suspended around the black hole. Each ball automatically pops up a large number of mechanical antennas, flashing blue light at the top, which seems to be some kind of detection instrument. Teams of small space fighters were flying between the warships, like bees, constantly bringing out thin lines of pale blue tail flames. Domain gate status is all right. Domain gate status is all right. Test plan eight is on. "The eighth test is over, and all the indexes are at the normal threshold." "Inform the First Fleet to probe in." "The first fleet begins to open the domain gate energy membrane." A series of exchange signals were transmitted rapidly between the fleets. The whole huge fleet, like a huge precision instrument, began to adjust slowly around a small black hole. This is a great moment in history! A voice sounded on the public channel of the whole fleet. The North Gate Star Field rises from this moment! Long live Gurion! "Hooray!" Everyone cheered in the channel, and the whole fleet was in a frenzy and excitement. The Empire's cutting-edge fleet legions have conquered many domain gate worlds, and each time they have conquered the domain gate, they have gained countless benefits. The world behind each domain door has become a blood vessel that continuously supplies nutrition to the empire. It is also accompanied by the rise of one family after another. This time is no exception. Luck finally favored the poor North Gate Star Field. The head of the first warship slowly released a white beam of light, which shone behind the surface of the black hole. The whirlpool inside the black hole finally slowly stopped spinning. The surface becomes brighter in an instant as if it had been wiped off the dust. Seeing this scene, everyone cheered, which represented that the world on the other side of the domain gate had finally been successfully opened. No one would have thought so smoothly, the general domain door opening will be accompanied by time and space storms and other effects, did not expect this time will be so quiet. The first battleship began to slowly move towards the black hole, ready to enter the domain gate first. At that moment, a beam of black streamer suddenly rushed out of the domain gate, divided into four small dots, suspended in space. What is that?! Something flew out! The commander of the general fleet was stunned and asked the staff to enlarge the image. In an instant, the entire fleet froze. That's four people! Four living human beings in different clothes! Black, white, red and yellow, four people wearing robes of different colors, quietly suspended in space. They're not wearing spacesuits! No one can survive in a vacuum without a protective suit, not even the most powerful warriors of the Empire. And now, four living human beings, actually flew directly out of the domain gate, suspended in the space of the universe with their physical bodies. The whole fleet was dead silent. For a moment, everyone thought of a terrible possibility. Anglie was suspended in space, looking at the familiar starry sky around him, and his eyes flashed a trace of nostalgia. He came to his senses and glanced at the other three. The thousand-headed bird,endless swim pool, dressed in a yellow robe, nodded to the others. This is the new world I'm talking about. It's a wonderful and huge world. I have been flying in this sky for a long time, but I have not seen the end of the universe. 。 monalisa.com

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