My apprentice died again.

Hundreds of years later, the Sea Clan once again broke out war with the wizarding world. Perhaps they thought that the Black Witch King was dead and that it was just a legend. The original fear also gradually disappeared.

He didn't say he was an evil man, and he didn't even have a role that could be called a villain. Inside are all the disciples of the Guan yuan Sect, and they are actually killing each other! And from time to time there is a light of self-explosion, and everyone is a face of crazy look, are screaming what? Unfortunately, the sound stone can not record the sound. The most surprising thing is Gu Headmaster, the whole person is silly! What is this? Civil strife? Some people questioned it. No way! Gu Headmaster hurriedly shook his head, "My faction has always been kind, how can there be civil strife, and you see here two, this is my faction Yu elder, and his opponent is his parents and children who just got Dan.." It's a little weird for a son to fight with his father. Zhu looked carefully, the appearance of these people is somewhat like. She couldn't help but look up at the image in the air, and her eyes sank. "What is that?" (To be continued..) Chapter 318 don't talk nonsense when you are a villain. As soon as Zhu Yao made a sound, everyone looked up at the top of the stone, and suddenly their faces changed. There was a corner of blue cloth, hidden in the clouds, swaying with the wind. Look closely, it is a corner of a flag,hot tub spa manufacturers, the strange thing is that there is no trace of anyone around. It's just a little blue gas around the flag from time to time. Gu Headmaster, hurriedly let Liuyin Stone go back to see how the flag appeared. Everyone saw that the flag was not simple and reminded the Valley Headmaster to rewind and replay. Gu Headmaster immediately urged Reiki, the sound stone can only keep the image for three days at most, now the time has passed exactly three days, even if the rewind replay, can only go back to the disciples have begun to chaos, cannibalism. The flag just appeared out of thin air and floated there. Look around! I do not know who shouted,indoor endless pool, everyone looked suspiciously, only to see a white flash, is submerged in the flag. And the white light actually flew out of the disciples of the Guan yuan Sect. Is this.. Evocation banner! All the people present took a breath and looked incredulous. It's impossible! An old man named yuan Ying was the first to retort, "The evocation banner can only attract ghosts. The disciples of the Guan yuan Sect are all living people.". How can the evocation banner attract the souls of strangers? "But those white lights are indeed part of the souls of these disciples." The man went to the stone, and the m. Quledu. Com of the novel pointed to the disciples who were fighting crazily. "Look at these disciples, they are all so crazy that they have no reason to be credible.". Who can manipulate so many people's hearts at the same time if they fall into the art of capturing the heart. This is obviously the main soul that has been taken away. That's why. This is not an evocation banner at all, but a soul-capturing banner, which is dedicated to capturing the main soul of people. "Ridiculous!" There are still people who don't want to believe it. "I've never heard of the dementor banner.". How can there be such skills and instruments in the world that can manipulate people's souls at will. If there were such a method, wouldn't the world let him finish it? "That." Zhu Yao raised his paw, "I don't know if there is a magic weapon to manipulate the soul, but I have seen the skill to manipulate the soul!" The crowd was stunned. Qi Shuo Shuo looked at Zhu Yao. She had no choice but to tell the truth about the yuan Ying puppets who attacked the Xuyao Sect. Qu Ying and several disciples of the Xuyao Sect present had seen what happened that day, so as soon as Zhu Yao said it, they were suddenly enlightened. Understand that it is also the art of soul control. Everyone was silent for a moment. In particular, jacuzzi suppliers ,China spa factory, the leaders of the various factions looked even worse. There is such a horrible evil practice in the world. Even the soul of the living can be easily manipulated, that decent people, can still win? "This person must be found out as soon as possible.". Otherwise, there will be endless trouble. The sect that had been in harmony before suddenly changed its mind. But If the man comes back again, do this. There are still people who are worried. This person offered this dementor banner, but did not dare to appear, must also be afraid. If we don't take this opportunity to find out, we are afraid that when the other side grows stronger, we will be more helpless. "Yes, we must find out quickly." For a time, everyone felt insecure, and the situation that had been argued before was United unprecedentedly at this time. The leaders of several factions have begun to discuss the specific ways to find out the murderer behind the scenes. Even several venerable ones are paying close attention to it. But Zhu Yao took a step back and smiled at the Venerable Fu next to him. "I don't know what the Venerable has to say?" Just eat hold back, I float now see her is full of discomfort, also do not deliberately pretend to be polite, cold hum a way, "I dare not, I wish the younger martial sister is so smart, this pursuit of evil things, it seems to have to rely on the younger martial sister." "That is!"! It should be! Zhu Yaohao shamelessly admitted, a pair of you said is right, I am such a powerful expression. Wu Fu was so angry that his face turned green. Younger Martial Sister Zhu, Elder Martial Brother Wofu is just angry for a moment. Don't haggle with him. Behind him, the Venerable Wuhua stepped forward and acted as a peacemaker. How interesting How could it be? I've always been a man who doesn't care about small people! Zhu Yao deliberately accentuated the word "villain", and sure enough, my face was even darker. "You see, I just told the Venerable the incantation of the bell. I am such a kind person, how can I be angry with him. Right, Hua Lin? She deliberately poked the old man next to her. As a professional Tuo, Hua Lin immediately nodded like an onion, a way of the right path, "Right, right, right, Yudao friends are very good." “……” Wu Hua's face stiffened and he laughed a few times, "that." That's good.. How interesting And my floating face has begun to turn black. Alas, I like to help others. If I don't help others for a day, my whole body is not right. Zhu Yao is still fanning and lighting the fire. "You also know that people like me, who are so tall, usually have nothing to do and have no hobbies. They just like to practice small things like the tenth order and the ninth order, and throw them everywhere to play.". Didn't I practice a golden flag for you before? She paused and suddenly seemed to remember something. She looked at Wu Hua and said, "Yes, Venerable Wu Hua, I forgot to ask you.". When I gave you the golden flag,whirlpool hot tub spa, did you still have it? Alas, I hid Xiuwei at the beginning, so I didn't tell you that it was a seventh-order magic weapon. I'm sorry. 。

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