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Hundreds of years later, the Sea Clan once again broke out war with the wizarding world. Perhaps they thought that the Black Witch King was dead and that it was just a legend. The original fear also gradually disappeared.

Xu Wei answered. This statement is not groundless, "Jiangmen" is a prominent phenomenon in the military history of the Northern Song Dynasty. It is well known that Zhao Kuangyin released his military power by drinking wine. However, after the generals lost their military power, they not only gained splendor and wealth, but their children were also approved to fill military posts, giving priority to promotion and waiting for power. This policy created a number of generations of "Jiangmen", which became more common in the middle and late Northern Song Dynasty. In the long war with Khitan and Dangxiang, a large number of generals with outstanding military exploits and high prestige emerged, such as Zhong Shiheng, Guo Zun, Liu He, Yao Xiong, Zhe Dezhan and Yang Ye. Although the Song court carried out the national policy of "advocating culture and restraining martial arts", it needed these people to guard the border. Therefore, the children of these big families in the army also became military officers one after another, guarding the same area for a long time. Now holding a large number of division, Yao Gu, Zhe Keqiu and others, is behind the door. However. The emperors of the Song Dynasty were not unprepared for the families of military generals. Usually a military family is not allowed to be stationed in one place for a long time, which means tens or hundreds of years, except for the Zhejiajun, who guarded the prefecture for hundreds of years from the beginning of the Tang Dynasty to the end of the Song Dynasty. Secondly, it is uncertain that Xu Jiangmen controlled an army for a long time and carried out frequent mobilization and replacement, which is known as "generals do not know soldiers, soldiers do not know generals". However, even so,endless pool factory, there were many examples of military rebellion in the Song Dynasty, the most famous of which was the Wuxi Rebellion in the Southern Song Dynasty. However, due to the limitations of the system, the Song Dynasty could not turn over much of the storm curtain. This is why it is called "the gate" instead of "the gate valve". Xu Shao nodded and said, "Yes, now Zhong, Yao, Zhe and Liu can be called the four generals.". However, at present,whirlpool hot tub, Liu Yanqing's lost dog is the only remaining fruit in the breeding division. Jin people and southern bandits. In the face of the national crisis, the officials and the court needed new generals to appear. This is our Xu family! Volume I Chapter 135 Bitter Fruit Chapter 135 bitter fruit. Xu Wei can't have a thunderbolt in his chest. And the face is like a flat lake. But in the past, you must learn to regulate your emotions, not to show your anger, and not to let people see what you are thinking. But when he heard Xu Shao's words, he still looked surprised. When Xu Shao saw that his nephew looked like this, there seemed to be a trace of color on his face. He went back to his chair and sat down. "What's the matter?" He said with a smile? Are you scared? "A little bit." Xu Wei also smiled. A family of military officials wants to become a general. At least two conditions must be met. First, there must be a leading figure who is in an important position, has sufficient seniority in the army, and has outstanding military exploits. Second, the family must have a group of children who are both military officers, both of which are indispensable. The second generation of the Xu family. The eldest brother Xu yuan, the fourth brother Xu Sheng, the fifth brother Xu Hong, and himself are all officers. It is said that the eldest brother and the son of the late second brother also hold military posts, which is to satisfy the second. But what about the leading figures of the Xu family? The old man used to be a famous general of the western army, but he has been away from the battlefield for many years. Now, although the officer worships the deputy commander of the army department, jacuzzi manufacturers ,best whirlpool tub, there is no soldier in his hands. The official title of the third uncle's deputy envoy was indeed prominent, but he was a civil servant. Since the defeat of the Liao Dynasty, the problems exposed by the government army have become more and more serious. The Western armies of Zhong, Yao and Zhe became a fig leaf for the Song army. Without exception, these three are generals. However, the Dangxiang people took advantage of the war between Song and Jin to capture several places in China. Constrained by this, the Western Army is unlikely to be fully involved in the anti-Jin. Therefore, almost all of our Xu family were summoned to Beijing. Xu Shao's expression was awestruck. Xu Wei was also confused about this matter, when Zhao Huan summoned the representative of the Western Army in the ban, no matter who was surprised by Xu Zhang's presence. Now, after the third uncle's mention, it seems to be reasonable. Just as he was thinking, he suddenly heard Xu Shao sighing: "Actually, our Xu family has become a general in those days.". Your uncle, your father. And me. In the early days, they were all planted under the house. Later, your uncle made many military exploits, and the court looked at him. It is said that he has been prepared to designate the post of the governor of Huanqing Road to him, and to transfer your father and me together. But because of the sudden death of your uncle, and your father into the military department, the matter is not settled. But now. Your eldest brother has officer to the deputy, your four elder brother also into the class of straight. You five elder brother in Qingzhou has also done military forces manager, although you are only seven grades of martial arts, you have the title of "with imperial equipment," and you have more than twenty thousand troops who are not controlled by the three yamen. Do you know what the officials mean by this. Before Xu Wei could answer, Xu Shao seemed to know that he did not know the inside story, so he asked himself and answered, "To tell you the truth, your troops, from entering the capital to expanding their ranks, and even later to rationing their equipment, choosing their garrisons, and upgrading to the army, were all arbitrary decisions made by officials, without asking any ministers for their opinions.". And you do not now, you hold tens of thousands of soldiers, and in the capital city to the place, but no one to find your trouble. Why? The reason is that the officials are intentionally pressing your rank. Although you have made a lot of contributions, you are deliberately not promoted. As a result, some ministers in the court not only did not suspect you, but also felt aggrieved for you. Of course, your prudent and cautious personality has been a great help. If you don't believe me, just wait and see. As long as the publicity of Yao Pingzhong leaks again, it must be the wall that everyone pushes. Hearing this, Xu Wei laughed unconsciously and said, "The third uncle also flattered me. I'm just a township soldier, and I'm also a military officer. Is it necessary for an official to do so?". Staring at him, Xu Shao shook his head and said, "Naturally, the officials will not cultivate only one person. You, Yao Pingzhong, Zhe Yanzhi, Liu Guangshi and others are all the objects of his cultivation.". Although you are less qualified and younger than the others, the officials let you practice military forces, and even did not let anyone interfere with the training of Hujie Township Army. Because of the first battle of Zijin Mountain, the establishment of your department has made great contributions and hit the imperial army in the face. Second,endless swimming pool, I want to see the difference between the troops you brought out and the imperial army. To tell you the truth, sooner or later, the officials will let you out. 。 monalisa.com

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