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Xiahou Lan smiled again. After laughing for a while, he suddenly said, "Little sister, jokes are jokes. Seriously, I want to ask little sister to answer my questions truthfully. Can I?"

For the first time, Zhou Qun was repulsed and defeated. Yanzhou soldiers and civilians had just breathed a sigh of relief, and didn't want Zhou Qun to reorganize his military forces and attack him again. This time he got the allied forces, the momentum is bigger than before, straight to Yanzhou gateway JuYe, there is no Yanzhou will not give up the situation. At that time, Qiao Yue was very frightened, thinking that Yanzhou could not be as lucky as last time to repel the invasion. And counsellor Zhang pu and others, then put forward when the homeopathy, the letter of surrender, bow down to Xun, in exchange for peace. Fortunately, he proclaimed himself emperor last year and built a name of Jiang. The imperial edict had reached the nine States of the world and ordered the governors of various places to worship him. At that time, few people responded. Vassal Secretariat of the world, some are afraid of the power, some are judging the hour and sizing up the situation, and some have other calculations. Therefore, no one raised a flag to speak out against it. But no one was willing to openly respond to the imperial edict, for fear of bearing the reputation of a rebel and a thief. The same is true of Yanzhou. But the situation has developed rapidly to such an extent. Qiao Yue finally could not bear the pressure and made the decision. Naturally, it was strongly opposed by Qiao Ping. Yanzhou, Qiao Ping now more prestige than in the past, home will listen to his orders. However,ceramic bobbin heater, Qiao Yue argued and was told by Qiao Ping that he knew the green-eyed general of Lingbi, and the other side was willing to lead the troops to fight. Qiao Yue was dubious and could only give up reluctantly. After several chaotic battles, finally yesterday, Zhou Qun army was not only completely defeated, Zhou Qun himself was also killed in the chaotic army. It is expected that in the short term, Xing Xun should be unable to launch an attack on Yanzhou. Yanzhou soldiers and civilians are all proud and elated. In terms of merit, the first one is General Green Eyes. In the midst of thousands of troops, if in and out of no man's land. The reason why Zhou Qun, the old enemy of Yanzhou for many years,Ceramic Bobbin, was defeated was that he was intercepted by General Green Eyes and finally killed. Had it not been for his support in this battle, it would have been impossible to achieve such a brilliant victory. Yanzhou soldiers and civilians all spread the name of General Green Eyes on the battlefield, looking forward to a triumphant return to see his style. On the day when Qiao Ping and his son returned from Juye, they rode into the city and were welcomed by the people. However, the public was somewhat disappointed that they did not see the general with green eyes in the rumor. Qiao Yue led the people to welcome Qiao Ping's triumphant return in front of the mansion. There was a smile on his face. But the smile looked a little reluctant. When Qiao Ping entered the mansion, Qiao Yue asked, "Why didn't the green-eyed general enter the city with you today?"? I've heard about this man before. Although he started as a refugee, his family background is a little low, but the so-called hero doesn't ask where he comes from. This time I Yanzhou got his help, and I should thank him personally. Qiao Ping asked Qiao Yue to go into the study. "I was just going to talk to my elder brother about this," he said. To tell you the truth, General Green Eyes is not an outsider. My brother knows him, too. Qiao Yue is indissoluble: "Who?" "It's a comparison." Qiao Yue didn't react at first. He looked puzzled. "Who is he?" He paused, and suddenly, as if remembering, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, his eyes opened wide in disbelief. "You mean the Manu who lured my daughter away that day?" Qiao Ping nodded. "Exactly." Qiao Yue froze. The man is outside the city gate at the moment. "He wanted to see his elder brother and pleaded guilty." Seeing that Qiao Yue was silent, he advised, "Elder brother, I just said that the hero doesn't ask where he comes from.". I shouldn't have taken my niece away from home without permission. They became husband and wife without the permission of their parents, which was incompatible with human relations and etiquette. But he fell in love with his niece, which was also a helpless move at that time. What's more, now, my niece not only gave birth to a son, for elder brother you add a sun, he is not what he used to be, self-respect, has several times to help me Yanzhou in danger. I hope my elder brother can put aside the past and accept him. In this way, it is the luck of my Qiao family, and also the luck of Yanzhou! "He has helped Yanzhou several times?" "Once upon a time, when Xue Tai attacked Yanzhou, the two armies were arrayed in Juye. When Cier was in danger, he showed up in time to rescue him. Cier was lucky to escape the disaster.". At that time, I did not know that the benefactor was Bi. Later, I learned that because it was not convenient to make it clear, I did not report it to my elder brother in time. Don't blame my elder brother. Qiao Yue felt distraught. The sudden news left him at a loss. Every time he thought of that day, he wanted to catch the humble horse slave who had broken his bones and raised ashes, but now he had soared into the sky, transformed himself, and returned to him as the benefactor of Yanzhou. Intellectually, he knew that Qiao Ping was right. Born in troubled times, the more help, the better. Besides, with the strength of that Manu today, it is really worth wooing. But let him accept such a man who was his own slave as his son-in-law, he felt extremely suffocated. Seeing that Qiao Ping seemed to want to persuade him again, he shook his hand in annoyance: "You must be tired, too. Go and have a good rest first.". Let me think about it again. Qiao Ping knew that the news was a great shock to him, and he no longer forced him to retire. As soon as Qiao Ping left, Qiao Yue immediately summoned Zhang Pu and told him everything he had just learned. He frowned and said, "What do you think?"? Do I recognize this or not? Zhang Pu was astonished. After sighing a few words, he hesitated and said, "I don't know if my master will allow me to say something." "Just say it!" Zhang Pu opened the door and watched. When he saw no one, he closed the door firmly. Then he turned around and said in a low voice, "In my opinion, the master must not be introduced into Yanzhou." "What do you mean?" "Master this is the Lord of Yanzhou, status, in the past two or three years, when it comes to Yanzhou, everyone only knows the name of Joe Ping, the name of the master, who mentioned?"? Yanzhou is the people, seven or eight out of ten, every encounter, must also think of the county first. Master benevolence, heavy brotherhood,Alumina Ceramic C795, don't care about secular fame, but I am deeply worried about master. If it goes on like this, the tetrarch is afraid of his position! Qiao Yue's face was strange and he said nothing.

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