Creation of the Star River of the Six Tracks

I wanted to avoid it, but I found that there was a wall behind me, and there was no way to avoid it. Liu's movements were faster than mine. He grabbed the man's whip with one hand and shouted at him.

"Since you insist, it's the same. Be safe and don't die." Kunsha 07 started the engine and headed for the secret passage. Kunsha 07 is not a sloppy person, he has completed the agreement with Zhang Lan, but also very clear to stay, will only become a burden, to some extent, now Qin Miaoshou is more useful than him. When we left the Regent Hotel, there was a loud alarm in the street, which was the highest S-level alarm, almost only when the city was attacked by the air and space carrier fleet, but now it was played for Zhang Lan. When the siren sounds, the streets will be cordoned off for 24 hours, and the military has the right to attack any individual who is still moving in the streets without any questioning. The city guards even turned the heavy ion cannons on the walls and aimed them at the interior of the city, so that they could attack suspicious targets regardless of the lives of the citizens. In this case, it is not appropriate to walk on the main road like shopping, but now the city has the largest subway system. This is a transportation system that has been abandoned by the city. The main reason is that if the underground is too noisy, it is likely to attract wild animals like earth dragons,stainless steel tile trim, which pose a threat to the whole system of the city. The abandoned underground transportation hub, which naturally shut down all the monitoring systems, was only used as a shelter for citizens in extraordinary times. All the subway station gates are built as strong as bank vaults, and are heavily guarded, not to mention the beggars who want to get in, not even a fly can fly in. But Qin Miaoshou, who followed Zhang Lan and Alice,stainless steel edge trim, had no such worries at all, because when he reached the dead end of the back alley, the wall in front of him was naturally separated by the alchemy spell array and turned into a downward staircase corridor. They walked down together, and the walls behind them closed naturally, as if nothing had happened. Lord Zhang Lan, do you have a plan? Qin Miaoshou couldn't help asking. Plan? Didn't you just say that? Leave Orange and go to Sydney. I'll save Loria, and you'll bring her back to life. Zhang Lan wrote lightly. I know, this is the general direction, but how to operate the details? Orange, according to you, has been taken over by Tieqin. This boy is now in heaven and will certainly kill us. He has the strongest command of the Iron Forest Army in the Free Group, and he is accompanied by a semi-Protoss servant. You mean the girl named Ou Lei? It looks cold, tile profile factory ,tile trim factory, but I don't know what the ability is. Zhang Lan said curiously. Shadow, her nickname is Shadow Devil, can freely shuttle in all kinds of shadows, many people who resist Tieqin are assassinated by her. Heard that the most terrible one, a group of up to 50 people in the Tielin Army decided to mutiny, night attack on Tieqin's residence, the result of the 50 combat experts, even 30 minutes did not hold out, did not fire a shot, all died, Tieqin was not even woken up. Qin Miaoshou knows these devils very well. A shadow? It seems to be a very suitable power for killing. Zhang Lan thought. No matter what kind of demiprotoss they are, I will not let them hurt you. Alice's speech was the most powerful assurance in the world. "Here we are." As Alice spoke, the wall in front of her cracked, the stairs came to an end, and they went straight into the track tunnel of the subway. The power of alchemy is really useful. Qin Miaoshou sighed, as if walking with God. Mine is actually not bad. Zhang Lan snapped her fingers, and the headlights of a subway train not far from the three people came on naturally. We agreed not to use the power. You're still in recovery. Alice was angry. No, no, it's just a light. I'm afraid of wrestling! Zhang Lan hurriedly apologized, has been unable to tell who is the boss, who is the sidekick. The three of them quickly sat on the old subway, which had been parked for nearly 100 years, and the doors were torn open by Alice. After checking the equipment and making sure it was still working, Alice started the engine of the subway, and the car creaked and started moving along the track. If they follow this route, they will reach the end of the city in 60 minutes at most. From there, they will go up to the ground and use other means of transportation. They will be able to leave the control area of Orange smoothly and head for Sydney. It is also a pleasure to enjoy a quiet underground trip. Qin Miaoshou sat opposite Zhang Lan, looking at him all the time, and Alice was in charge of driving in front of him, without even looking back. Why do you keep looking at me? Zhang Lan asked doubtfully. There's something wrong with your heartbeat. Qin Miaoshou is already an occupational disease. What did you hear? Zhang Lan frowned. Intracavitary stenosis, resulting in insufficient heart rhythm. This disease usually occurs in people with severe obesity, because the accumulation of fat compresses the space in the chest where the heart beats. But you shouldn't have it. You're a healthy size and you're so young. Qin Miaoshou can complete a diagnosis and treatment of severe patients just by listening with his ears. It's a pity. If I had the equipment, I would have given you a good check. Zhang Lan smiled. No, I always have the equipment with me. Qin Miaoshou said, taking out a metal can the size of a pencil box from behind him. Chapter 534 Shadow Devil. Qin Miaoshou is known as the best doctor in the world. People who can't be cured by his sentence have only one choice to wait for death. His hearing was outstanding from an early age. When he was not sensible, he was often disturbed by the sound of his heartbeat and blood flow. Later, he began to use an electronic stethoscope. At that moment, he began to analyze the human body. In his own words, "I seem to hear the sound of cell division." Qin Miaoshou in the end is not so magical, Zhang Lan unknown,aluminium tile trim profiles, but what is happening in front of him, really let him marvel. Because just by listening, he had discovered the curse that Kun had planted in his body.

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