Bath the fire and burn the gods

I wanted to avoid it, but I found that there was a wall behind me, and there was no way to avoid it. Liu's movements were faster than mine. He grabbed the man's whip with one hand and shouted at him.

But containment is containment, it is impossible to completely stop the advance of the human coalition, at most, it will delay the extinction of the elves a little. Then there are those casualties, but the ordinary soldiers in the allied forces. Even if you kill a million of them, you can immediately recruit a million more people, and you can't hurt them at all. Once again, a year later, exciting news finally came from the intelligence system of the elves. A group of dark forces appeared on the other side of the elven forest. The leader is Liu Qian's long-awaited Riska. When Liu Qian got the news, he immediately went straight to the past. Under the extremely fast low-altitude flight, it took only half a minute to find Riska and his party. Before I knew it, I had been hanging out in the Holy Land of Elves for nearly two years. During this period of time, Liu Qian not only made great progress in the array, but also absorbed the aura and the invisible pressure from the God of Light. Liu Qian has repeatedly made breakthroughs, and now he has steadily stayed in the later period of the soul. Now,stainless steel edging strip, as long as we go further, we can step into the realm of spiritual perfection. When the time comes, it will not be far from the yuan Ying period. Spirit upgrade to yuan Ying, that is a very significant change. Not to mention the change in strength, the characteristics of yuan Ying alone can make people laugh secretly in their dreams. The yuan Ying of the true cultivator bears all the life brand of the true cultivator, including memory. If the body is accidentally hung,stainless steel tile edging, it can completely rely on yuan Ying's excellent mobility to escape. When the time comes, as long as you give up, or recast the body like the song and the natural female, you can be completely resurrected. When the time comes, Liu Qian is still Liu Qian, with all his original life marks and memories. It is not like Zilinglong, which only has the mark of life, and the memory is almost completely lost. Oh, dear Liu. Riska had just walked out of the camp when he saw Liu Qian standing in front of him with a smile. Although a little surprised, but still happy to give Liu Qian a hug: "I did not expect you will be so soon to meet us." "You are my best friend." Liu Qian smiled and patted him on the back: "Of course I want to come faster.". How are you? I haven't seen you for a few years. How have you been recently? "I have a good life." Riska happily pulled Liu into the camp: "But why did you suddenly come to Tianfeng Mainland?"? And involved in the war between the Church of Light and the Elves? When I first heard the news, I couldn't believe it. "I can't help it." Liu Qian shrugged his shoulders and half lay on Riska's bed. "The Elf Queen is my wife.". I can't see my wife being bullied, stainless steel tile edge trim ,aluminium edge trim, can I? "Oh, by Lord Death." Riska was also very happy to see Liu Qian's easy-going movements. Many people are afraid or disgusted at the sight of a necromancer. It's rare for Liu Qian to get along like this when he's a really normal friend. However, Liu Qian's words still surprised Riska: "I didn't expect that the Elf Queen would be your wife?"? The guys of the Holy See of Light are too bullying. Liu, no matter what decision you make, as long as I don't betray Lord Death, I will support you. "All right then, tell me the way you sent that random thing to the mainland." Liu Qian laughed and said, "I'll go back and bring some reinforcements.". I'm sure I can teach the Holy See a lesson. "Liu, don't mention it again." Riska's face was so ugly that he said, "This involves one of the biggest secrets of Lord Death, and it's impossible for the army to come.". I could swear that if I revealed this method to you. As soon as you use it, you will be immediately discovered by Lord Death. When the time comes, both of us will be finished. Shit, will death find you in this way? Liu Qian immediately gave up the method of learning this. Are you kidding me? The relationship between death and himself is still unknown. If she sees herself, I'm afraid death will be the first to jump out and kill herself without the appearance of the Holy See. Liu. Don't be sad first. When Riska saw that Liu Qian's face was uncertain, she immediately comforted him by saying, "Although I can't teach you that method, I can give you something else.". The reason why I came a little late this time is that I have gathered many powerful necromancers and dark knights in the name of the servants of God. More than a hundred powerful necromancers, many of them even stronger than me, can help you a lot. This is also good, the necromancer can control the huge army of the dead. This allows the elves not to rush to the front line to fight humans, but to hide behind the Necromancer Legion and strike them with excellent long-range archery, which is also a good and effective tactic at present. There it is. Liu Qian had a flash of inspiration in his mind and immediately began to get excited. There was a way to directly involve the God of death and the God of light. Chapter 198 Dragon Nest. With the addition of a large number of necromancers, the tug-of-war with the human coalition has improved significantly. Before that, the elves could only use all kinds of delicate traps to deal with ordinary soldiers and migrant workers who cut down trees. The particularity of the necromancer has greatly changed the situation of the war. Previously, it was thought that Riska's ability to control more than 100,000 garbage necromancers was already very strong. But unexpectedly, the necromancers he brought were even tougher than him. Many of them can summon powerful skeleton warriors, and a few of them can even control bone dragons. Nowadays, dealing with the human coalition forces is no longer simply staying on passive resistance. An extremely large number of undead attacked the supply line from both sides of the dense forest. The combat effectiveness of garbage undead is very poor. It takes about thirty undead to kill an elite human soldier. Although, the undead can be called expendable. Once destroyed, powerful necromancers can be replenished. However, the time consumed by that kind of replenishment is slower. Therefore, it is extremely uneconomical to rush to consume directly like this. But if combined with some special spells of the necromancer, such as fear,aluminum tile edge trim, death ray, virus, even death cloud and so on. The results are different from before.

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