Your name is Wei Ziyi

A kind of perfect Taoist rhyme, nothing can stop its breath, instantly touching the world. Click! Rumble !! Almost in an instant, over the land of chaos, countless dark clouds emerged from the void out of thin air.

The baby is interested. He dares to molest the leader of the Poison Ancestor Sect. He really doesn't want to die. But Lan Bai only lifted his eyelids, looked at him coldly, and continued to drink tea with his head down. When the flirting man saw that she was ignoring him, he thought he was afraid of trouble and became more and more excited. As he walked toward her, he said, "Little lady, how boring it is to drink tea alone." The baby watched him go to blue and white step by step, and could not help mourning for him in his heart. The man was about to sit down beside the blue and white. Suddenly there was a sound at the entrance of the stairs. : "When did Wang Xiong, a'sharp knife 'in western Sichuan, become a ruffian who molested good women?" The voice is clear and melodious like a clear spring flowing through the rocks, but it is lazy and powerless like a cat acting like a spoiled child. Such two extreme intonations were uttered by him in such a pleasant tone. 。 Then look at the appearance of that person, not only the baby, the other tea guests upstairs only looked at it, then froze. If Wei Ziyi is as handsome as pine and bamboo, and Dongfang Tai is as enchanting as peony and Chinese rose, then this person is a white cloud in the clear blue sky. The baby searched out some words praising the man in his mind, such as handsome, handsome, and so on. He felt that these ordinary words were not enough to describe the beauty of the man. Finally, he summed it up in one sentence in his heart: No one can compare with this man except Big Brother. Such a beautiful man, but Lan Bai only glanced up and said coldly,Teardrop Pallet Racking, "Master Tang has spoken out from a sense of justice. Thank you, little girl." He said thank you, but his words were sarcastic, and anyone could hear it. Only then did the man see her face clearly. He was stunned and said with a light smile, "That's too much for me." Wei Ziyi's heart moved: Master Tang, is it Tang Zhuo of Tangmen? Wang Xiong seemed to be quite afraid of Headmaster Tang. He immediately walked up to him and said with a smile on his face, "Is Headmaster Tang coming to the denunciation meeting, too?" Headmaster Tang,drive in racking system, however, only smiled and walked leisurely to a vacant seat to sit down. Then he opened his mouth and said, " 'Sharp Sword' Wang Xiong has traveled all over the country and is well-informed. Why is his eyes so clumsy today that he can't even recognize Master Lan?" "Master Lan?" Wang Xiong muttered to himself. Suddenly, the ground was as dark as earth. He went to Blue and White, but he didn't dare to get too close. Facing Blue and White, he shook his hand and hit himself in the face. He said, "Little people have eyes but don't know Mount Tai. Master Lan has a lot of people. Please spare your hands and let the little people go." Lan Bai squinted at Headmaster Tang and said, "Tang Zhuo, you are so troublesome." Again coldly spits out a word to Wang Xiong: "Roll!" Wang Xiong, like Fenglun sound, stumbles "roll" down the teahouse. Then someone muttered in a low voice, "It's Lan Bai of the Poison Ancestor Sect and Tang Zhuo of Tangmen in Sichuan." All of a sudden, the tea customers upstairs kept silent, fearing that if they said a wrong word, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty metal racks, they would be poisoned. Just then, a flash of lightning flashed across the sky, a huge thunder suddenly burst out, and a heavy rain followed. Lele swished into the baby's arms. The baby patted him on the head, laughed and swore, "coward.". Tang Zhuo glanced at her and Lele and said to himself, "This young man's voice is very nice, but it's a pity that his nose is flat and his complexion is yellow, but he is also beautiful and lovely.". The tea guests upstairs finally waited for the rain to stop and hurried downstairs one after another. Wei Ziyi and the baby also left. 。 After the rain, the road was muddy, and the Jianghu people rushed to Qilin Peak one after another. The mud splashed by the horse's hooves did not distinguish between the enemy and ourselves, so the fights and fights were endless. Along the way to see the baby with relish, Wei Ziyi is afraid of getting into unnecessary trouble, then the horse head a dial, to other trails up the mountain. The road became narrower and narrower, and finally he had to abandon his horse and walk instead. Halfway up the mountain, there was a sudden shout in front of him. Wei Ziyi listened attentively. One of the voices was blue and white. As soon as the mind moves: Is it possible that the world's two great masters of poison are fighting here? It was not Tang Zhuo who confronted the blue and white after quietly covering up. But four masked men. Just listen to blue and white drink a way: "… … Stop me again and again. Last time I let you go because of Dongfangtai's appearance. It's not so easy this time. "Then Bai Ling shook out at the same time.". After a few rounds of fighting, Lan Bai became impatient and was about to release poisonous powder when a cold breath suddenly came. At the same time, a gloomy laugh sounded in his ear: "Master Lan, let me help you get rid of it.". ” As soon as Lan Bai heard the voice and knew who it was, he quickly took back the white silk and retreated to one side. Wait for her to put away the white silk. Looking up, I saw that all four masked men had fallen down. Their faces were covered with frost, and they were trembling. I couldn't help being frightened. Old Zhong's cold palm was so fierce. Reluctantly, he smiled at the visitor and said, "Old Zhong, what a fierce ice palm!" Zhong Xun, the eldest of the "Two Heroes of Fire and Ice," laughed and said, "How can you match the poisonous kungfu of Master Lan?" Lan Bai could hear the irony in his words. He was angry, but afraid of his cold palm. He changed the subject and asked, "Does Zhong Lao know the origin of these four people?" Before Zhong Xun could answer, someone said on his behalf, "I guess it's the second prince." When the sound came, an old man with an eagle nose fell from the sky, and then his eyes stared straight at the blue and white. But it is Zhong An, the second brother of "Fire and Ice". Blue and white turned away in disgust. Zhong An continued with a smile, "These guys are so bold that they dare to follow Master Lan. My brother found out. How can they not suffer a little?" He went over to slap a masked man in the face and said, "who sent you?" The man rolled his eyes and turned out to be dead. " Boy, did you kill yourself. He reached out his hand and searched his bosom. Sure enough, he found a token. "I guessed it. It's really the man of the second prince." Hand the token to Blue and White. Seeing the word "Ye" written on the token, Lan Bai was puzzled and said, "The second prince always works carefully. How could his people put his token on his body?" Without waiting for the second old man to answer, he said, "I met Tang Zhuo today. No matter what his purpose is, I have to be careful tomorrow." Then he turned and walked up the hill. Ice and Fire Erxiong cleaned up the four corpses and left. The baby breathed a sigh of relief. "Elder brother, the old man's palm seems to be very powerful. What is his background?" Wei Ziyi looked dignified: "It's the two heroes of fire and ice.". Both of them are brothers. It's brother again. The elder brother Zhong Xun uses the cold ice palm, while the younger brother uses the fire Yang palm. In the cold ice palm,mobile racking systems, the whole body is like an ice cellar, and in the fire Yang palm, it is like being roasted by fire. 。

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