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A kind of perfect Taoist rhyme, nothing can stop its breath, instantly touching the world. Click! Rumble !! Almost in an instant, over the land of chaos, countless dark clouds emerged from the void out of thin air.

"I won't talk to you. I'll go down right away." Yu Qingya said in a hurry and hung up the phone. School life is still simple. Seeing a pack of cigarettes left by his father in front of the car, Ye Tian took one in his mouth, lit it with a cigarette lighter, took a deep breath, and missed the life on campus at that time. Do you want to call the boss? Ye Tian took out his cell phone and found Xu Zhennan's phone. Although he had left Huaqing Garden for three years, his relationship with Xu Zhennan was as good as ever, but he had no contact with several other people. Ye Tian, I said why are you smoking? Just dialed Xu Zhennan's phone, a familiar voice came from behind the car. Oh, boss, you came as soon as I dialed the phone. How dare you fly here? Ye Tianwen laughed and did not hang up the phone, only to hear a cell phone ring behind him. Rongrong just called to say you're here. My good brother is here. Can I not come? Smiling, Xu Zhennan grabbed the cigarette from Ye Tian's mouth. He took a puff and stuffed it back. He glanced at the window of the dormitory upstairs and said, "Don't smoke in front of me in the future. I quit!" Smiling, Ye Tian pushed open the car door and punched Xu Zhennan in the chest. "Go to hell," he said with a smile. "Your willpower is not firm at all. If you had been there before liberation, you would have been a traitor." In the past month, Ye Tian has been wandering on the edge of life and death several times, and his nerves have been in tension. Now he has chatted with Xu Zhennan,cantilever racking system, but he feels more relaxed than ever. Brother, I look so decent, how can I be a traitor? Hey, I said Ye Tian, your car is really good? It's more imposing than our coal boss's Hummer. Arriving at the front of the car, Xu Zhennan felt the difference of Ye Tian's Land Rover. Few men did not like the car, and immediately looked back and forth. Come on, it's not like your father can't afford it. Ye Tianyi pulled Xu Zhennan and said,warehousing storage solutions, "Let's have dinner at home with Wei Rongrong later. We haven't had a drink for a long time. Hey, what's wrong with your face?"? Did you hit it again? And Xu Zhennan hit a face, Ye Tiancai found that this brother's right eye was black, his left cheek was swollen, and his image was totally different from what he had just said about decency. But Ye Tian knows that Xu Zhennan likes playing basketball best. When he was at school before, this brother was often hit black and blue, so he didn't take it seriously. It's not playing ball, it's practicing with some grandsons of the karate club. Seeing a malicious smile on Ye Tian's face, Xu Zhennan shouted, "Hey, I said Ye Tian, brother didn't embarrass us Chinese people. The grandson was also kicked by me. Internal injury, the grandson must have internal injury." Holding back a laugh, heavy duty cantilever racks ,warehouse pallet racks, Ye Tian asked, "I said you played basketball well. How did you do it with a karate man?" There are many student associations in this university campus, which are initiated by the students themselves and then registered in the school. If conditions permit, the school will also provide some conveniences such as venues. Although Ye Tian knows these associations, he has not stayed in school for half a year, so he has no intersection with those associations. Xu Zhennan took one look at Ye Tian and said with some embarrassment, "Rongrong said that I am big and useless. Now men need to know kung fu to have a sense of security." "I said, I said, can't you be a little promising?" Hearing Xu Zhennan's powerful reason, Ye Tian was completely speechless, and the eldest brother's life seemed to be destroyed in the hands of the little pepper. Wait, I have a phone call. It's from our martial arts club. As he spoke, Xu Zhennan's cell phone rang. "Hey, I'm in the girls' dormitory. What's the matter?"? What? Did those grandsons invite a master? Don't be afraid, man. I'll be right there. ***, kill them! Here is the third one. Thank you very much for your support to the physiognomist. On Tuesday, can you recommend the monthly ticket to the physiognomist? Please! !@# Chapter 375 Martial Arts Club. Chapter 375 Martial Arts Club. "Boss, I haven't seen you for only a few months. How did you become like an aggressive rooster?" See Xu Zhennan indignant appearance, Ye Tian can not help but feel some funny, have been beaten into this appearance, even clamoring to destroy others? Seeing Ye Tian holding back a smile, Xu Zhennan was very upset and said, "I said Ye Tian, don't look down on your brother. The day before yesterday, the vice president of the karate club was kicked down by me. I am now the absolute main force of the martial arts club.." "Yes, our Zhennan was very powerful the other day." Xu Zhennan's voice did not fall, a clear female voice sounded, but four girls came out of the dormitory, the front is Yu Qingya and Wei Rongrong, everyone carrying something in their hands. Oh, Rongrong, did you become your Zhennan so soon? "Yes, it's even more disgusting than Yu Qingya's." Several girls lived in the same dormitory for four or five years and had a very good relationship. Wei Rongrong had just praised Xu Zhennan and was immediately caught with a pigtail. It belongs to our family. Why? You're jealous! Wei Rongrong little pepper's nickname is not called in vain, the moment stood up and retorted, a group of girls laughing and laughing at the door of the dormitory, watching a group of passing boys have swallowed saliva into their stomachs. Elegant, give it to me. After the girls frolicked for a while, Ye Tian opened the trunk of the car and took over the things in Yu Qingya's hands. A girl with a round face and a very sweet face noticed Ye Tian's movements and said, "Look, it's still the grace of Yu Qingya's family, handsome boy. I heard that you used to study in Huaqing." After returning to school, Ye Tian was in a much better mood. Remembering the situation when he entered the school, he deliberately put on an honest look on his face and said, "Yes,heavy duty cantilever racks, Elder Martial Sister!" "Tell me, how did you get to Qingya?" "That is, the first beauty in the journalism department has been chased and must confess." 。

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