Japanese enterprises once occupied 80% of the Chinese market, domestic breakthroughs in key materials, nuclear power pla

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Original title: Japanese enterprises once occupied 80% of the Chinese market, domestic breakthroughs in key materials, nuclear power plants are no longer controlled by others. When it comes to nuclear power generation, many people are not unfamiliar. Little wonder, in the process of nuclear power equipment work, a key material is needed, which is titanium welded pipe. And it is this core material that has stuck the neck of domestic nuclear power generation equipment for a long time, until the rise of a Hunan enterprise. At the "Specialized, Special and New" SME Summit Forum held in July this year, Hunan Xiangtou Jintian New Material Company attracted a lot of attention. As a leading enterprise in the field of titanium welded pipe subdivision, Hunan Investment Jintian has taken a road of domestic self-improvement. Titanium welded pipe, generally speaking, is a tubular product of titanium or titanium alloy, which has higher requirements for raw materials and processing technology. However, although it is difficult to manufacture, the application of titanium welded pipe is very extensive, and it is used in key areas. For example, in the fields of nuclear power generation, petrochemical industry, seawater desalination and even national defense, titanium welded pipes are the core raw materials. Unfortunately, in the titanium welded pipe market, professional manufacturers such as Japan, the United States and France have always occupied the right to speak, and even more than 80% of the domestic market has been monopolized. Therefore, in the early stage of the development of the domestic titanium welded pipe market, domestic enterprises can only rely on high-priced imports. In order to break the technological monopoly of international giants, Hunan Investment Jintian began to tackle key problems all the way, Titanium welding pipe , aiming at the titanium materials stuck in the neck. Expand the full text In 2007, Xiangtou Jintian achieved a breakthrough in the core technology of titanium strip coil with the creative "steel and titanium combination" mode, which is the raw material of titanium welded pipe. On this basis, Xiangtou Jintian has gradually built the whole industry chain of titanium welded pipe. According to Peng Dan, chairman of Xiangtou Jintian, as early as 2019, Xiangtou Jintian grew into the largest titanium welded pipe manufacturer in Asia and ranked among the top three in the world, completely breaking the monopoly of Japanese and American enterprises on the market. At present, the titanium production capacity of Xiangtou Jintian can reach 10000 tons per year, and the production capacity of titanium welded pipe is as high as 5000 tons, which is undoubtedly the leading enterprise of titanium welded pipe. Such an achievement is undoubtedly worth celebrating, but there is also an extremely difficult research and development process behind it. According to Chairman Peng Dan, in the early days of its establishment, in the absence of technology, talent and resources, the only thing that supported the team was the ambition of domestic self-research. You know, at that time, although the technology of Japanese enterprises was advanced, they were not open to our country at all, which forced Hunan to invest in Jintian to speed up self-research. After 32 repeated experiments and a whole year of exploration, it made a preliminary breakthrough in 2007, and only then did it have the spirit of "blocking other people's necks" today. Today, Xiangtou Jintian has become the core supplier of domestic nuclear power equipment and large aircraft, and has occupied a place in the international desalination, energy and other markets, and is the only Chinese enterprise that can participate in the international market competition. Of course, the independent research and development of Xiangtou Jintian has not stopped. In addition to nuclear grade titanium welded pipes, Xiangtou Jintian is also accelerating the self-research of titanium plates and strips for nuclear power plate heat exchangers, and is expected to obtain the first order this year. In the past ten years, the domestic titanium welded pipe industry has developed rapidly. In addition to Xiangtou Jintian, Baotai Group and other domestic enterprises have achieved breakthroughs in the field of titanium material subdivision through independent research and development, which has promoted the progress of the domestic titanium welded pipe industry. Moreover,titanium sheet grade 5, with the acceleration of the popularization of titanium welded pipes, more and more industries began to use titanium welded pipes instead of stainless steel and other pipes. For Xiangtou Jintian, this undoubtedly means new opportunities. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com


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