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Liu Aiguo was angry and did not show any mercy. When the two battle angels were pushed into the ground, the spiritual power in his body burst out at the same time. Lotus explodes! Strong energy to the ground to open a wide pit of more than 10 meters, two fighting angels, the head has become fragments, is not alive. Their souls, floating back into the divine world, returned to become the most basic light spirit, do not know which year to come out of the sacred pool again. And the silver blood splashed all over Lao Liu. The city was full of believers in the God of Light, and their souls trembled when they saw this. The devil, the devil is resurrected. All the believers muttered and repeated the words. Different! Die! "" The death of his companions thoroughly stimulated the angels who appeared. All of a sudden, more than a dozen battle angels, and five or six can angels, at the same time launched an attack on Liu Aiguo. All kinds of light magic containing divine power, as well as light martial arts, rained down on Liu Aiguo. But as soon as Lao Liu stretched out his hand, he summoned a black sickle from the void. Above the sickle, there was a purple thunder. The sickle turned, forming a purple-black circle of light. Several times in a twinkling of an eye, those winged angels, one by one, fell in a pool of blood. The wings behind them were brutally cut off by Liu Aiguo. To be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to oneself. Even if they can't die, they will never be qualified to be angels. It's so cruel. Ofila could not help frowning and coldly watching Liu Aiguo floating quietly in the sky. The same is to die, cruel or not. Liu Aiguo put the sickle on his shoulder and coldly annotated the two four-winged angels under him. With a sharp and murderous look in his eyes,portable gold wash plant, he glanced at the beautiful Susan. "You so-called gods have never been soft on me, Liu Aiguo." "Why do you talk so much to him?" A lightsaber condensed around Susan, each with a divine power that even the elemental body could not be immune to. "This is different, just kill it." Chapter 286 of the main text. Chapter 286 "I can't tell whether you are angels in the divine world or skeletons in the underworld.." Liu Aiguo sneered, "it doesn't matter, they're all going to die anyway." "The Sword of Judgment!" Without saying a word of nonsense, Susan threw all her lightsabers at Lao Liu. This time the lightsaber line-ups is even larger, there are hundreds of enough, crackling toward Liu Aiguo stabbed in the past, almost the whole sky to cover. Liu Aiguo turned the sickle in his hand, drew a purple arc around him, and easily bounced off the lightsabers. Susan was so frightened that Cherry opened her mouth and muttered, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, as if she were chanting a larger light magic. Liu Aiguo sneers, how can he give this angel the chance to sing magic. An instant step flashed out of the attack of the lightsaber and came to Susan. At the same time, the sickle in his hand had cut Susan's waist. Even the magician master of the divine world, with the word magician, means that she is almost like a baby in close combat. The sickle, with a bloody and murderous look, was sliding towards Susan's slender waist. But at this moment, the four-winged holy angel Ophir finally made a move. He released two magic spells in an instant. The mind of God! This move controlled Lao Liu for less than a second and stopped his attack for a moment. Holy Shield! Then a silver shield appeared out of thin air and stood in front of Susan. When! The shield of the four-winged angel is quite powerful. Liu Aiguo also weakened a lot of strength because of the obstruction of God's mind. The sickle made a black scorch mark only on the shield. But then, the attributes of nothingness burst out, the space was broken, and the shield was cut in half. But by this time, Ophir had flown away with Susan. Liu Aiguo, we will come back. Holding Susan in his arms, Ophir looked back coldly at Liu Aiguo, who was still holding a sickle in his hand, and then stepped into the portal of the divine world. The beam of light lit up for a moment and then dimmed. In a twinkling of an eye, the three idols quickly dissipated their light, and the door of the divine world was tightly closed. At the same time, Liu Aiguo's cool dress also went up in smoke and changed back to the way he started. Soul solution is powerful, but it is not a trick that can be used for a long time. Liu Aiguo needs more exercise and fighting if he wants to prolong the time of soul solution. Whew.. Liu Aiguo breathed a sigh of relief, killing so many angels in the divine world in succession, and he also spent a lot of spiritual power. The sense of spiritual exhaustion, which had not appeared for a long time, was beating again in Lao Liu's body. Looking at the silver blood on the ground, Lao Liu gave a wry smile. In this way, he made a feud with the divine world. Angel shook her head, but she still stood firmly beside Lao Liu and reminded him, "I know the character of Lord Ophir, and he has always been unswerving.". And the same is true of Lord Susan. If you have a grudge against her, she will come after you. They must have found a way to open the door to the human world. Next time, it won't be as simple as a few angels. What appears in front of you again is probably an army of the divine world. "It doesn't matter. Soldiers come to block it, and water comes to cover it." Old Liu smiled at Angel, "Angel, you are embarrassed.". When the time comes, even if you stand on the side of the divine world, I will not blame you. We only have a two-year contract, and now it's almost time. "That contract has long ceased to exist." Angel laughed, too. "I'm afraid I'm on the blacklist of the divine world now.". Now I'm homeless, and if you don't take me in,tin beneficiation plant, I'll have to go to the underworld. "Don't." Old Liu's face tightened and he hurriedly said, "What a beautiful little girl! If she turns into a skeleton, she won't become a white bone demon.". Then just follow me and accept you reluctantly. 。


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