Side imperial concubine not Cheng Huan

He took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes. Open again, black eyes filled with a trace of condensation. At the end of one's patience, there is no need to endure any more.

He took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes. Open again, black eyes filled with a trace of condensation. At the end of one's patience, there is no need to endure any more. When he kissed her, there was disgust in his eyes. There was a flirtatious look as he touched her. He had no affection for her, and it was no doubt frivolous to treat her so. Although he was her nominal husband, she could not allow him to humiliate her so frivolously. She looked up at him with an indifferent smile, and her clear eyes were shining. Then he jerked his knees into his lower body. Night smokeless by the rustling eyes of the clear and exquisite, less than prepared, they feel a pain under the body. He did not expect her to have such a move, and he loosened his palm and stopped teasing her wantonly. As soon as her arm turned over, she was clamped on the bed and could not move. Woman, you are so cruel. His cold voice moved in her ears and made her heart tremble. Wang Ye, you also know that rustling has been frivolous once, so. So there is a shadow in the heart, just, just is a subconscious move, please Wang Ye forgive! My concubine won't dare any more. Said in a rustling voice, trying to make his voice sound pitiful, but sneering a few times in his heart. Night smokeless eyebrow is raised, lip horn pulls out the smile meaning of pondering. Then you think the king is rude. In that case, you will go to bed tonight, and the king will treat you gently. Night smokeless leisurely said. The rustling heart is startled, the line of sight to the night smokeless smiling eyes, that eyes in addition to teasing, unexpectedly added a bit of concentration and exploration. Princess,magnetic separator machine, you see, Wang Ye is really bad! She rustled and giggled at Yi Yingxiang, who was sitting on the opposite couch. Yi Yingxiang has been quietly looking at them, at this time, a piece of water in the black eyes, beautiful face, with a bit of jade broken desolation. Night smokeless raised his head, smile suddenly a little stiff, slowly stood up. He sat up quietly, adjusted his clothes,Portable gold trommel, smiled faintly, and looked out of the carriage. Pieces of greenery drifted away like the wind as the carriage galloped. Flying catkins dance in the air, and occasionally one or two pieces fall on the hair bun of pedestrians, with a strong breath of spring. Linjiang Immortal Chapter 025 Seduction Moonlight, like a silver ocean, infiltrates a large area of night flowers. The night wind blows, the flowers sway, and even the moonlight seems to ripple. Night smokeless hands stand in front of the moon gate of the peach courtyard, arms folded. His upper body was bathed in the milky moonlight, and his lower body was hidden in the shadow of the moonlight. The whole person seemed to be cut in half by the moonlight, half bright and half dark. Just like his heart at this time, half clamoring to go in, half clamoring to leave. Everything that happens in the daytime is in my mind from time to time. His side imperial concubine unexpectedly dares to bend the knee to support him, the pure heart few desire night boundless unexpectedly admires with her, during the banquet aims at her assassination, all lets him doubt. He felt it necessary to find out what kind of person his side concubine was. Picking up the steps and stepping onto the corridor, he gently pushed open the unclosed door. The light overflowed from the multicolored glass cover, coltan ore processing ,portable gold wash plant, sprinkling a room of pink, purple and red. The night wind blows from the window, and the gauze on the bed flies gently, showing a graceful shadow on the bed. Night smokeless trim eyebrows a pick, black eyes flash a touch of splendor. He stepped on the beautiful light and shadow of a room, went to the bed, stood in front of Shaman, and stood still. An embroidered shoe was exposed under the gauze man, the tip of the shoe was high and warped, the vamp was woven with pink and purple interlaced patterns, and the colorful shoes were lined with snow-white socks, which made the jade feet more delicate as the moon, not full of a grip. Night smokeless eyes a deep, gently opened the layers of yarn man, staring at the people sitting on the couch. Jiang rustling half hugged the brocade quilt and leaned lazily on the couch. The black hair was combed into a lazy horse bun, the Dai eyebrow was painted into a bright Manjusri eyebrow, the white forehead was covered with flowers, and the vermilion lips were only lightly touched with a little red lead, as if they were holding a red lead. The violet shirt was very thin, and the neckline was slightly open, revealing a pink, white and greasy neck. The jade hand is fine and white, ten fingers are like onions, but the nails are dyed with impatiens juice, which is very red. The fingernails are gently drawing circles on the gorgeous brocade quilt, and the jade legs are swinging leisurely, doing their best to tease. Seeing that there was no smoke in the night, he curled his lips discontentedly and said, "Wang Ye, why did you just come here? I've been waiting for you for a long time." The voice is sweet and charming. As she spoke, her two pink arms had already come up like snakes and hooked around the smokeless neck of the night. A sweet greasy powder smell hit, night smokeless can not help frowning, subconsciously pushed away rustling. Rustling and coquettish, she pursed her lips and said with tears in her eyes, "Wang Ye, didn't you say you wanted my concubine to sleep tonight? Why did you push my concubine away?". Are you still angry about what happened in the daytime? "I really didn't do it on purpose. Don't be angry." "No, Ben Wang is not angry!" Ye Wuyan said with some annoyance, and somehow there was a trace of loss in his heart. Since Wang Ye is not angry, let my concubine wait on you! I thought that Wang Ye would never touch my body in his whole life, but I didn't expect that Wang Ye really came tonight. I really like my body. Smiling softly, she pounced on him again like a butterfly. When the pungent aroma came, Ye Wuyan stepped back in horror and said in a deep voice, "The king is just saying. Do you think you are really qualified to sleep?"? The king said he wouldn't touch you, so don't dream about it. Had it not been for his mansion, his house, he really suspected that he had entered the brothel, and that the person in front of him was also a prostitute in the brothel. A wave of anger rose from nowhere. He smiled coldly and gritted his teeth. "Don't dress up like a prostitute in the future," he said. "The king can't afford to lose face." Night smokeless sleeve left, handsome face full of obscurity, before leaving, even the door was forgotten to close. Listening to his footsteps fading away, the sweet smile on his face faded a little. She pulled off her hairpin, let her cloud-like hair fall down, threw off her embroidered shoes, bare her jade feet, and went to the door to insert the door tightly. He looked at it again and sighed helplessly. Could it be that he owed it to him in his previous life? But it's better to be naked than to lose your virginity. He sat rustling on the bed,gold CIP machine, holding the gorgeous brocade quilt and meditating quietly. When will this day come to an end? It's really annoying to wear a mask to live every day. What's more, night smokeless is not an ordinary man, and he is really tired!.


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