Tomb Piracy Notes 8 Finale

He took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes. Open again, black eyes filled with a trace of condensation. At the end of one's patience, there is no need to endure any more.

These dozens of boxes of things, as soon as I think about them, I know that they were brought out from the ancient building of the Zhang family by the archaeological team that switched packages. I remember Panma said, of course, when the archaeological team left, they took a lot of boxes with them. Find a place to hide? Could it be that the mother***er's body is hidden here, in the area in front of me? This is really a trump card, this corpse is too important, the appearance of this corpse, will destroy all the dependence of "it". The content of the letter is not long. I have appended the full text. There are many messy descriptions in it. However, as long as people have a certain understanding of this matter, after guarding the letter, they will certainly fully understand it and find that the letter contains a huge amount of information. Wu Xie: Take a look around. Where you are, it's a ghost. Since nineteen years ago, your grandfather has bought or rented all the houses here, and each house has been ordered by a special person. Period cleaning,Portable gold trommel, but do not do any use. Nineteen years later, the house where your third uncle lived was almost empty. There is no light at night, just like a ghost. All this is because there is a huge secret buried underground in this area, and this secret is not ancient. What is buried below is a trump card, a relic after a huge game. A long time ago, an archaeological team of organized grave robbers prepared to send a coffin loaded with a corpse into an ancient tomb,sodium cyanide price, in which the corpse would undergo an incredible change. This change is very important for the tissue where the body is located. However, some of the grave robbers foresaw the terrible consequences of sending the body to the tomb, and several of them betrayed others in order to prevent the consequences. They killed their accomplices, posed as them, and hid the body. This body is now in the midst of the ghosts you see before you. Do not attempt to remove it. In this area, anyone who touches the core secret will either become one of us or be ruthlessly obliterated. Even if you are the grandson of the original participant in this project. I think you should also be aware that in your experience, some people will continue to lie to you even if they can't continue to lie. Someone should have told you that some lies are to protect a person, which is the core problem. Because this core secret is too important for us to take any risks. However, the reason why I am writing this letter to you now is that our time is up. After tomorrow, everything will be gone. You may ask why, I want to say, we finally survived, coltan ore processing ,manganese beneficiation plant, to the death of the last leader of the organization, the organization finally disappeared completely. Tomorrow, that organization will become a dust of history that can never be revealed. No one knows that it ever existed. No one knows how powerful it was. You don't have to think about the meaning of time. I can tell you very bluntly that this corpse, as long as it passes this time, has no effect on anything. This is the meaning of time. All along, the body has been a huge secret, and they have been afraid that we will expose the body and all the absurd plans behind it. Relying on this body, under no circumstances would they dare to kill us with maximum force. However, we are not going to make it public now. Our threat is gone, so the evidence of the threat, although it can still destroy a lot of things, but we don't want to get burned. Tomorrow is the hour, and tomorrow at 9:45, we will destroy the coffin and everything related to it and leave here. The whole fate is completely over. Don't make any sacrifices and guesses for the end of this fate. The fact is here. You should thank your ancestors for protecting you and everything they have done since then. The concealment, the deception, the design, so that the whole thing can finally end in your generation. Because, originally, you are likely to take over from us and continue to fight against fate. But now I finally don't need it. I think you really want to know, who am I? I used the most determined way to hide my identity a long time ago. Only your grandfather and your third uncle knew my existence. It's been almost twenty years, and now I can finally leave. I hope I can forget all this in my later life. The reason why I made an exception and let you live is also because of our unusual relationship. However, this is the only time I have hesitated, and it will not happen again. Your grandfather and my father were the first two people to quit everything, but they took different routes-your grandfather always wanted to wait, hoping that through time, everything would be washed away, while my father knew that as long as the possibility of that thing existed, all our dormitories would not end. So my father launched his own plan. We switched the archaeological team and hid the coffin. However, when we fled, we encountered the biggest encirclement and suppression in Hangzhou. When we had no way out, we could only turn to your grandfather for help. Your grandfather gave us the greatest help. And in the years that followed, Wu Sansheng also helped us a lot. Although your Wu family did not participate at the beginning, without you, the plan could not have persisted in the most terrible years of that year. That's another reason I pulled my punches this time. Wu Xie, I have heard Wu Sansheng mention things about you many times. When I saw you, I was surprised that you could go so deep. Fortunately, you didn't discover my existence until now,small gold wash plant, and fortunately, you simply believed all kinds of lies of your third uncle. When your third uncle took you into the tomb for the first time, he was already preparing who would take his place when he couldn't afford it. He chose you.


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