Princess is not a good person: forced to marry a demon, Your Highness

He took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes. Open again, black eyes filled with a trace of condensation. At the end of one's patience, there is no need to endure any more.

"Do you know whose handwriting is on that note?" Jianxue shook his head gently. "Childe, the maidservant doesn't know." This matter, Duan Hengyu has not mentioned to them. Because it's not something to be happy about, they naturally don't have the courage to ask. But in her heart. I'm really curious. Duan Hengyu smiled softly and said meaningfully, "The pen and ink of the night Phoenix, the master of the Phoenix Palace." Jianxue froze with an expression of disbelief on his face. How is that possible!! What kind of person is the Lord of the Phoenix Palace? How could he do such a thing. Even if she heard it from the childe, she still didn't believe it. It's not that she doesn't trust her own son. But she was sure that it was impossible for an insufferably arrogant and overweening person like Night Phoenix to do such a thing. Don't believe Jianxue bit his lip and frowned, "Childe, Night Phoenix.". It's impossible to do such a thing. Such a thing is really too harmful to his identity. Duan Hengyu smiled and nodded, "Ben Wang also knows." How could he believe something that even Jianxue didn't believe? "That." Duan Hengyu's thin lips, moistened by tea, gently raised, rubbed his chin with one hand, and said with a smile, "Since that man can imitate the pen and ink of the night phoenix so similarly, he must have a close relationship with the night phoenix." And it seems that there is only one person who has a close relationship with the night Phoenix. If it's her, then it's entirely possible. The sword snow congeals the eyebrow to meditate for a moment, shakes the head not to understand a way, "but, the night phoenix that person.". Who would have a close relationship with him. Be sure to open it by yourself (4) If it's her, then it's entirely possible. Jianxue frowned and pondered for a moment, then shook his head and said,mineral flotation, "But that man, Ye Huang.". Who would have a close relationship with him. He doesn't care about anything in the world, and he always comes and goes alone. In the past, there was a palace imperial concubine. And now. Ben Wang. I found a very interesting thing. "Childe." "Cher, don't act rashly in front of that woman in the future." Jianxue frowned. "Childe?" Duan Hengyu snorted coldly, got up, looked down at her, looked serious, "If you don't want to die in the hands of the night phoenix, just listen to this childe." Jianxue was stunned for a few seconds, and his eyes flashed a trace of consternation. Childe said this. Could it be, tin beneficiation plant ,chrome washing machine, could it be the man who has a close relationship with the night Phoenix. Is it Mu Yan Li? Her eyes were wide and full of wonder. How is that possible. How could a woman like that have a close relationship with her? I don't know what this is all about, but you should remember what I said. This thing. It's more complicated than he thought. There is no clue at all. Mu Yan Li. How to get to know the night Phoenix. And the Night Phoenix. And how did you treat her differently? All of this is a mystery. Answer to the riddle. We have to find out step by step. Hou Ye. The voice of the housekeeper sounded outside the door. Duan Hengyu strode out, looked down at him, and said in a deep voice, "What's the matter?" "Someone sent a letter saying that you must open it yourself." Duan Hengyu was stunned and reached out to take the letter. Childe, first let the maidservant. Afraid of cheating, Jianxue hurried forward a few steps. Duan Hengyu waved his hand and chuckled at the corners of his lips. "It doesn't matter. The king can do it himself." The words on the envelope, beautiful and beautiful, a look will know that it is a woman's handwriting. Duan Hou Ye Qinqi was written on it, and a dice was drawn in one corner of the letter. As soon as I say goodbye to you, I miss you very much (5) The words on the envelope, beautiful and beautiful, a look will know that it is a woman's handwriting. Duan Hou Ye Qinqi was written on it, and a dice was drawn in one corner of the letter. Looking at the dice, Duan Hengyu knew who wrote the letter. He narrowed his eyes slightly, surprised that he remembered the mysterious woman wearing the veil. She has a pair of eyes full of Aura, and when she smiles, the corners of her eyes are curved like the moon in the sky. Perhaps it was the first time in his life that he had lost in the hands of others, and in the hands of a woman. So he was particularly impressed by that woman. He took the letter to the study, opened the letter paper, and a faint fragrance came to his nostrils. There is no lack of women around him who can be both literary and martial, but this woman's handwriting is the best one. The beautiful small print, like a Lily just blooming, gives people a fresh and pleasant feeling. Looking at the words on the letter paper, you can imagine a face under the veil, which must be as beautiful and moving as the words. He curled his lips and soon read the contents of the letter. Letter: As soon as I say goodbye to you, I miss you very much. Tonight, when the moon is on the top of the willows, I will make an appointment with you to smell the incense. I hope you will come alone to show your sincerity. Leave a name, still be the dice of black and white all the time. After reading the letter, Duan Hengyu thought about it, crumpled the letter paper into a ball and threw it on the ground. He reached out and rubbed his eyebrows and sighed softly, "Smell the incense pavilion?"? It seems that he hasn't been there for a long time. Wen Xiang Ge is a very famous teahouse, often in and out, are some dignitaries. He used to go there to drink tea and listen to ditties. When I first went to Wenxiang Pavilion, I heard that the behind-the-scenes boss there was a woman. But the woman was so mysterious that no one knew what she looked like. So I went there because I was curious. I didn't want the tea and ditty there to be right for him. After that,tin beneficiation plant, whenever I was free, I would sit there. Wang Jun came alone to show his sincerity. Duan Hengyu chewed the meaning of this sentence carefully, and recently brought up a contemptuous smile.


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