There is a ghost husband in the family: pestering a little wife

He took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes. Open again, black eyes filled with a trace of condensation. At the end of one's patience, there is no need to endure any more.

As soon as the words came out, we all froze, and the little one could actually see their noumenon?! The most shocking thing is undoubtedly the landlady and the little old man behind the demon man. I can guess the reason why the landlady was shocked. It must be what the little one said. As for the little old man, I don't know. Your son is very cute. The demon man reacted quickly and did not get angry because of the little one's words. Instead, he laughed and touched his head. The little one clapped his hand and looked at him with a look of disgust: "Wolf demon, don't touch me, be careful that I pull out your teeth!" I pulled the little one and motioned him to behave himself and not to make trouble for his mother. The smile on the demon man's face became more and more brilliant. He pinched the little one's face: "You demons are really not easy to get along with.." ***! Out of the corner of my eye, I glanced at the landlady and found that she had a black face, so I knew something was wrong. Although people are good or bad, but in the face of demons and demons, the position that is certain, she knows the identity of the little one, will not lay hands on him? Just when I was in distress, I suddenly remembered a male voice behind me: "Brother Dao!" Looking back, I saw seven or eight people in Taoist robes coming out of the fair. The leader, with a face of spring, came to Su Jie and raised his hand to say hello. Leave At the same time, the old man behind the demon man whispered and took the lead in turning around and walking away. The demon man frowned and looked at the crowd coming from the opposite side. He chuckled and followed. Shit, what's going on? Does he think these people are our helpers? "You called me?" Su Jie asked doubtfully to the leader in the Taoist robe. Yes,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, we are from the Dragon and Tiger Mountain. I dare to ask Brother Dao which disciple is under the seat of the Heavenly Master. It seems that I haven't seen you before.. "The leader looked at Su Jie with a smile and then swept to us. I cried in my heart, "Damn, I was seen through as soon as I pretended to be a force."! ! overChapter 180 do the opposite! ! goSu Jie was stunned for two or three seconds, and then looked carefully at the costumes of several people on the other side. Taoist robe, hair, hairpin, very simple, everyone's appearance is very ordinary,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, his face is indifferent, he knows at a glance that he is the son of a big sect, and extremely cultured, not pompous, nor arrogant, speaking makes people feel close. Embarrassed, Su Jie folded his fists and said with a smile, "Brother Dao is joking. I'm not from Dragon and Tiger Mountain. I just have a friend..". In the Dragon and Tiger Mountain 。” With his eyes wide open, he nodded his head, touched his chin, rolled his eyes and said thoughtfully, "I dare to ask which uncle of the clan is your friend?"? As far as I know, no one in our Hundred Flowers Sect has so many elixirs.. Here it comes! Sure enough, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, it was because of the matter of the earth elixir just now that it aroused the curiosity of this group of orthodox Dragon and Tiger Mountain people! Su Jie immediately stopped talking, showing a very embarrassed look, he is not pretending to force, but really do not know how to say, we are a fox pretending to be a tiger.. Daoyou seems a little inconvenient, ha ha.. I guess It's probably an eccentric master in our clan. Forget it, forget it. Yunshan Town is full of good and evil people. There are all kinds of people. Be careful on your way. If you have any difficulties, tell me. The other side was not embarrassed, smiled and patted Su Jie on the shoulder, and then took the lead in jumping over us, while the fellow behind him looked at us in puzzlement. Only one old man, who was mixed up in the crowd, lowered his head from beginning to end, as if he was not interested in everything. He glanced at the little one roughly and was not alarmed. Is he threatening us with an elixir? After I waited for someone to leave, I asked Su Jie. Borrowing the tiger skin of Dragon and Tiger Mountain to send others away, it is understandable that people come to ask for benefits.. "No, he came to our rescue." Su Jie looked at the other's back and muttered to himself, "This man is quite strange.". ” The proprietress waved her hand in front of us and said discontentedly, "You guys are really demons and demons. They are orthodox people. When they see the demons blocking our way, they will definitely come up and ask questions!" I have a sense of powerlessness in my heart, the landlady is all aware of our affairs, plus the people of Dragon and Tiger Mountain are not clear about our attitude, it can be said to be attacked on all sides ah! On the way back, the landlady didn't make a big fuss about the fact that the little one was a demon, as if she didn't know. She told us that in the group of people in the Dragon and Tiger Mountain just now, there was also a master who might be in the realm of heaven. The one in the demon clan was half a catty. The grand event of Yunshan Town unexpectedly attracted the heavenly realm of the human world and the demon world. I can't imagine that when the insects of the holy mountain retreat, I really don't know what kind of storm these people will make. Anyway, it's up to you, just don't involve me! For the next two days, I hid in my room. I had the materials to make the healing amulet, and now I had to get together some small things that didn't matter. I had to go back and do it later. The fair has been held all the time, and more and more people are pouring into Yunshan Town from outside. The proprietress, who runs an inn, is too busy to see anyone every day. However, her "care" for me has not been left behind. Every day, she asks the bartender to deliver meals on time. Until the third day, the fair ended, the people of Yunshan Town also maintained a peaceful number. These days, many people poured in, and the place was obviously not enough. Fortunately, a large number of people left the fair. Most of them were not strong enough, or did not have much interest in the holy mountain. Anyhow, on that night, the green stone brick mottled road down the mountain in Yunshan Town was covered with the blood of many people. I didn't sleep well at all. There were all kinds of shouting and cursing below. I played for a whole night! I thought about the tragedy after the fair,Glass Cream Jars, but I didn't expect that it would be so crazy. As soon as I left Yunshan Town, it was equivalent to less restraint. Those who wanted to rob things and those who wanted to leave quickly were all together. Even if we closed the news again, we heard the whispers of pedestrians on the road. The way down the mountain had become a blood road to hold a memorial ceremony with blood!!.


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