Demon Shou sword saint Yi world vertical and horizontal refined edition

He took a breath of cold air and closed his eyes. Open again, black eyes filled with a trace of condensation. At the end of one's patience, there is no need to endure any more.

"To put it simply, it is to use the star map as a furnace, the meaning of the sword in the Dragon Sword as a firewood, the power of the six main gods in the seal of the six gods'souls as an auxiliary material, and finally to smelt a new energy based on the power of the three laws in your body.." The willow sword and feather fan flicked slightly and said with a smile, "And this new energy is the law of your life. At that time, you can truly be called the strong man of the law.." "Uh.." After listening to Liu Jian's explanation, Liu Feng frowned slightly, hesitated for a moment, shook his head gently, and raised a finger: "The first question, the star map has been sealed, how to use it?"? Second, brother, what do you think is the power of the Lord God? If you say you want to refine, you can refine six at a time? Third, how high is the success rate of this thing? What happens if you fail? "The star map has nothing to do with it. Anyway, you are already in harmony with the Dragon Sword. As long as you know how to use the sword, you can naturally resist the souls of the six gods. As for whether you can refine the power of the main gods with different attributes, it depends on your good fortune.." Liu Jianyu fan clapped on the arm, face suddenly appeared a dry smile, said: "say that success rate, because I am also the first time to see you this strange situation, so …" I don't know.. But according to theory. If successful. There is no doubt about gaining new energy.. "Boss, since you're not sure, why do you still look so calm?" Listening to Liu Jian's irresponsible words,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, Liu Feng's face twitched and wailed. This is the only thing that allows you to do without any external force. The way to control the law, after all, if you want to get extraordinary power, you have to pay a great risk, this is the exchange of equal value, it is normal. Liu Jian shrugged his shoulders and said with a straight face. Depressed sighed, Liu Feng stuffy nodded: "All right.". If it really fails. I have to find a way to find the red coat. When does it start? Now? "Oh, not yet." Liu Jian shook his head with a smile and said thoughtfully, "I have missed the best time tonight,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, so I can only take the opportunity to send the Dragon Sword into the Dantian when the remnant soul enters the ethereal state next time, and then you can smelt it.." "Do you have to wait until the next time you enter the ethereal?" Hearing this, Liu Feng frowned and nodded helplessly: "Then wait a little longer.". With the sustenance of the blank memory of the remnant soul, he entered an ethereal state. Although he did not dare to say that he had a chance every time, he entered two or three times in a month. It shouldn't be difficult.. "Oh.". That's right, your ghost. Will there be any problems? As if remembering something, Liu Jian suddenly asked with a straight face. Question? What's the problem? Liu Feng looked up at him doubtfully. "Unauthorized split soul, but big taboo, if once do not do well, may even make a strange dual personality, that is absolutely big trouble.." Liu Jian said in a deep voice. Ha ha, don't worry, this kind of thing can never happen.. Liu Feng nodded with a smile and said lightly, "At the beginning, when the remnant soul was separated, I made full preparations. Although I can't directly command the remnant soul because of the seal now, I can give him hints. For example, his sudden entry into the ethereal tonight is also my hint at work.." "Oh, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, in fact, in the final analysis, the soul outside is also me, and I can also be said to be him, he is me, I am him, er.." Anyway, as long as I break the seal, the remnant soul will naturally return to the main body, and then merge with me, similar to the situation of self-consciousness and betrayal, but it will never happen.. Around and around, unexpectedly is to let Liu Feng himself made confused, the moment had to shake his head wry smile way. "I understand that this is just like me and the soul in the altar of the Dragon God, although their thoughts are different, but the ultimate goal is exactly the same.." For this somewhat abstruse explanation, Liu Jian is able to understand some, he has also experienced this state. "As for the safety of this body, there is no need to worry too much, although the Dantian is sealed, but after all, the strength of the body is there, and with the help of the law of regeneration and the force of nature, on this continent, there should not be many people who can hurt the body.." Liu Feng smiled and solved the last problem in Liu Jian's heart. Oh Liu Jian clearly nodded, once again with Liu Feng said some things about the smelting needs, then got up and retreated. "My soul has no energy to support, can not leave Yin Long Jian too long, this time can break into your soul space, or borrow the power of Yin Long Jian …" You continue to cultivate, wait until the next time your soul again into the ethereal state, I will come out to help you, when the time comes or not, it all depends on your good fortune.. At Liu Feng shrugged his shoulders, Liu Jian's body slowly faded, and finally completely invaded the ancient sword. Green awn across the dark space of the soul, suddenly disappeared the trace … Looking at the quiet dark space again, Liu Feng rubbed his hands expectantly and murmured in a low voice: "I don't know what rules can be made this time. I hope it won't be too common.." Hei Hei smiled and shook his head, Liu Feng sat cross-legged out of thin air, holding his breath, and continued to warm his soul. The huge fortress, like a prehistoric beast crawling on the earth, exudes a touch of fierce breath … On the opposite side of the huge fortress, there is an endless black land, above the sky, occasionally screaming over a few flying birds and beasts shrouded in black fog. Towering walls above, densely covered with a strict line of defense, a pair of sharp line of sight, revealing the blockade of light clouds and mists, watching all the scenery in the distant black grassland … More than ten feet above the gate of the huge fortress, two blood-red characters, dragons and phoenixes. A faint breath of iron and blood. From the handwriting, overflow out … Blood alliance! This fortress is the headquarters of the blood alliance, and also the most tenacious place to resist the demonized legion, this huge prehistoric beast. Just like a blood nail, the demonized legion was nailed to the prairie, unable to move.. The line of sight crossed the towering walls,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, passed through the crowded city, and finally stayed on one of the highest magnificent palaces in the city. Beyond the palace, it's heavily fortified..


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