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She was kind enough to help her. How could she act so foolishly. After dinner,

She was kind enough to help her. How could she act so foolishly. After dinner, Zhuang Bao proposed to take her for a ride and visit the night market, and she agreed excitedly. The most profitable night market is Zhuang Weixin, because Anna changed about 500 US dollars to his mother, and Anna was generous, saw what she liked to buy, but also called it cheap. Wei Xin also sniggered that he had picked up a treasure today. As expected, his mother had a problem, and she was so happy that she even went crazy with Anna. She also played games and screamed arrogantly, which made him lose face. However, seeing the harvest in his hands, she didn't care. Finally, when the car arrived at the door of the hotel, Weixin had fallen asleep comfortably in the back seat. "I really enjoyed getting to know you and Vesey (she has a bad pronunciation). I had such a good time today that I completely forgot my frustration of not finding my friends. But I found you. Thank you, Beau." Anna was moved to express her gratitude. "We are also very happy to have the opportunity to meet you. Thank you for spending a pleasant evening with us. Because of your participation,75 smart board, it can be so brilliant." Zhuang Bao sincerely praised her. I.. Can I still come to see you when I'm free? Anna really wants to continue this hard-won friendship, this warm and generous mother and son. "Of course, you already have my number, don't you?" Zhuang Bao is rarely so generous, because although Anna is an international model, but there is no shelf,smart board whiteboard, but like a very simple big girl. That's great! Oh, I almost forgot. I'll ask my manager for two invitations. You must come and cheer me up when the fashion is announced. Anna is so happy. "Anna?!" A sudden call interrupted the pleasant conversation. It's George, my manager. I should go back. He must be worried to death! Goodbye! I'll come to you again! Anna looked back, shrugged her shoulders, and hurriedly said goodbye to Zhuang Bao. Zhuangbao watched Anna walk toward a man with a big beard, whose expression was anxious and angry, while Anna made faces like a coquettish girl. It's so cute! Zhuang Bao shook his head and smiled, then started the car and left.?? Max rushed impolitely into Ken's suite on the top floor, which Ken was not in the habit of locking. Ken! Ken! Don't sleep! Here comes your old flame! Max shook Ken very hard. Get up! Get up and watch the news! You have your favorite trouble! In fact, other senior executives also live in this building, but in different locations. The highest-ranking executives from the head office each have a suite on the lower floor where Ken lives. At that time, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smartboard for business, the building was planned from the very beginning, and there were other staff dormitories above the factory building at the bottom; then there were dormitories for foreign guests, and then there were offices for the management department above, but the elevators were separated, which was convenient and safe for management, so they were happy not to have to find another place to live. "Ken!" Max shook Ken's arm, took the TV remote control in his hand, pressed Power, started to select channels, and deliberately turned up the volume. 'Oh.. Please, the American Civil War? Or is Bill Gates dead? Is Microsoft down? Or did Intel's stock plummet? Ken put his head under the quilt and muttered, "Who likes to be quarreled in the middle of sleep?"? Neither! Yes Hey! I found it! It's her! Max said excitedly, "Here comes your trouble!" You're really noisy. Do you have to find someone to watch TV with you if you don't sleep in the middle of the night? Turn it down, it's really noisy.. Ken was so noisy that he couldn't wake up or sleep. "You'd better have some big news, or I'll let you go on a business trip to the construction site and kill you!" He raised his upper body to look at his friend, and he was staring at the screen to watch the fashion show? Max, you'd better explain.. Ken kicked Max with his foot. You see.. It's her! Max finally waited for the camera again and pointed excitedly at the TV screen. Please! What's so interesting about Anna's fashion show? Is that why you're arguing with me? Max, why didn't I know you were a fan of hers? Ken lay back on his pillow and teased his best friend, "Next time we're going to shoot a commercial, you'll be in charge if she comes back, OK?"? Don't bother me now, OK? "Hehehe!"! It seems you don't know what's going on yet. There was an interview just now! Max reminded him very maliciously. "Um.." Ken didn't dump him at all, turned over and went back to sleep. "It's an exclusive interview with a TV station in Taiwan!" Max saw that he didn't care at all, so he got to the point: "She has a fashion show in Taiwan next week." "So what?" At least there's a response. "I went to Taiwan yesterday to rehearse. I heard that she has a good friend in Taiwan. According to her manager, her good friend is a young entrepreneur, a man!". Max spoke so hard that he finally got a reaction from Ken. "Then?" Ken knew that the man was probably referring to him. Making news with entrepreneurs like them is helpful for Anna's fame and exposure, so when she was in New York, Anna's manager happened to be his senior in the club, so the dinner party was unavoidable, so he had to wake up. "Then your name will be mentioned." Max dangled his leg in a leisurely illustration. "Since you found out the news, it's up to you to deal with my super wordy senior George." Ken gave immediate instructions. "Hey, they're looking for you by name." Max patted his leg. "Come on, it's not like you don't know that I'm having a hard time chasing Boa right now. I don't want George to bring Anna to a bad thing." "Who told you to be handsome and rich? Anna said she admired you very much." Max said gloatingly. My God! Max, please do me a favor. I just found out that a little guy is robbing me. Now I can't think of anything else. Ken covered his face with his hands and sighed. He didn't care about the sex news before, but now if he runs out to stir up trouble,65 inch touch screen, he will definitely be banned by Zhuang Bao. What what? Where did the little guy come from? Max immediately got to the point. 'Alas! Although Bao'er is not married, she has a son. Ken was distressed to talk about his current predicament. "If her son doesn't like me, do you think there's any hope for me?" 。


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