Yu Gui: I want to eat meat.

Nu Ying raised her hand and said coldly, "What does it have to do with the life

Nu Ying raised her hand and said coldly, "What does it have to do with the life of the dwarf if you are not innocent?" Bow down and ask the dwarf again, but what he said is true. The dwarf on the left was so anxious that he stammered his defense without the cleverness of a joke, and at the end of his defense, he did not know what to say. The dwarf on the right had his neck in his hands and looked as if he had had enough. Nu Ying asked Wei Xiyi, "What should I do?" "It's up to you," said Wei Xiyi. "Kill!" Said Nvying. "Good." "A rich burial!" "Good, my princess," thought for a moment, Wei Xiyi added, "even if the dwarf, loyal to the old Lord, is also respected. No matter how respectable you are, your enemy is still your enemy, and no matter how pleasant you are, your friend is still your friend, right? Nu Ying smiled and nodded, and the heads put their hearts back into their stomachs. The dwarf was hanged in a small coffin. Wei Xiyi chose a burial site for him. On a high ground, even if there was a flood, his coffin would not be damaged. Then, according to Nvying's idea, he ordered all the people to pay tribute to their children,Calacatta Nano Glass, and chose their astute people to join the army. Wei Xiyi personally watched and supervised them, and mixed them with Nvying's confidant barbarians. Those who could speak among them were sent to the cities and tribes to surrender. Assigned the task, the heart of the head of the temporary peace, Nu Ying Jing Bo set the system did not make a big change. What is the rank, or what is the rank, but the position of each person has been slightly adjusted. By the time this was done, it was a month later. Count the time, JingBo and NanJun, almost finished. When Wei Xiyi reorganized his military forces and was about to set out,Stone Honeycomb Panel, he received a letter from Geng Mill. Two pieces of bamboo slips were opposite to each other, tied tightly with fine cowhide strips, and sealed with sealing wax. The seal was a triangular impression of Geng Mill. Wei Xiyi compared the seal, opened it and saw that it was Geng's handwriting, which read: Be careful of the princess's life experience. Chapter Table of Contents 93. Met Nu Ying's life experience? Nu Ying's life experience is aboveboard, born by Nan Jun and Xu Hou. Wait! Born of Nan Jun and Xu Hou? Xu Hou? Understood, the problem lies in the body of Xu Hou. strong 80 E-book HtTp://Www.80txt.com/ That's a self-confessed wife in Longshou City! "Sin" is to sit back and watch Nanjun overstep his authority without stopping it. Wei Xiyi's face became ugly. Nvying was able to gather so many loyal people in Longshou City. She traveled thousands of miles with her and went south without fear of difficulties because of her family background. Now, it is also her origin that brings her trouble. Thinking for a moment, Wei Xiyi went to find Jiang Xian with bamboo slips in his sleeve. On the one hand, Jiang Xian is always around recently, and his mind is flexible; on the other hand, Jiang Xian grew up in an environment where he should be more skilled in these things. In terms of Wei Xiyi's simple and crude style, what about his life experience? Just get through it! Those who refuse to obey will be beaten to death! However, that is Nanjun, in the childhood of two girls, White Marble Mosaic ,white marble slabs, is a bright color. Can not afford a direct conflict, even Wei Xiyi such a straightforward girl, also hope to maintain a peaceful situation. Jiang Xian seems to have such wisdom. [If his method is not thoughtful enough, he will have to carry it!] It's not that she has no confidence in Nanjun's wisdom, but that as she grows older, she always recalls what happened when she was young. Sometimes, I can't help thinking of the villain throughout my childhood, Mrs. Aduo. At first, I thought Mrs. Aduo was a pure person who destroyed the harmony of Nanjun's family. Know more, will find that her experience is also bumpy, Nanjun can not say that there is no debt to her. Nan Jun's behavior is evident from this. After listening to Wei Xiyi's concerns, Jiang first asked, "I doubt him because he is a king. You think he is a good elder, and his ruthlessness is not to you. Why do you still have such concerns?" "Do you know the new wife of King Shen?" Asked Wei Xiyi. "Nu Ying's sister?" "Yes.". They are all flesh and blood. The queen likes the eldest daughter, the king likes the youngest daughter, and the indifference to the other daughter is the same. If it was for outsiders, I wouldn't be so suspicious, but it's all my own children. At that time, I was young and didn't feel it. I always thought that my parents had a preference. Later, I thought about it. But it's a little scary. However, if he is not so, the throne will be unstable, right? Jiang first tried his best to soften his voice and advised her, "You are not such a sentimental and thoughtful person. Why do you always worry about things that you shouldn't worry about now?"? Let me ask you, why did the barbarian king love young girls at the beginning? He's good to you, too, because of you? Do you have anything worthy of his plot? Wait, what's the wrong way to think? Do you think all kings are bad people? Wei Xiyi lowered his head for a moment and said, "Yes, we didn't have anything to be plotted by the king at that time, but.." Just cheerful and lovely. Am I thinking too much? "The king is also a human being-" Jiang Xian sighed in a low voice, "but he has more power than others. You are a sensible person, but you think too much these days, and you think things too badly, which is not like your idea. Why is that? "Maybe it's because I don't want things to get worse. If only I had thought of the worst before and could think of a way not to let it happen?" "What on earth are you worried about?" Wei Xiyi was quiet for a long time, so long that Jiang first thought she would not answer again and planned to smooth things over by herself. Wei Xiyi said in a low voice, "If my father is well, he should be with the king.". I'm worried about him. Seven years, we have changed, I do not know if he has changed? I Never think that he may be gone, do not want to die in his heart. For seven years, I know that if there is no news after seven years of chaos, it is necessary to plan ahead. We shouldn't hold on to his life, but if I come and see him with a wife and children again, I'll probably be very sad. Even if I understand that he has done nothing wrong, I will take care of his children like Ah Ying, respect his new wife, and will not complain or blame him. However, the time before, there will be no more,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, I will not trust him so much. Think again, if you look at Tu Wei with such a mood, then. What kind of state of mind will Tu Wei be in to face Tai Shuyu. forustone.com


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