The Immortal Journey

After that, Jiang Hong had nothing to do, so he walked around with the three of them casually,

After that, Jiang Hong had nothing to do, so he walked around with the three of them casually, but he did not leave the fairyland opened up by Jingxu Fairy. However, the fire inflammation may not be able to wait, said goodbye to three people, left alone, looking for a quiet hidden repair up. Big brother has changed a little. Jiang Hong said a little frustrated. Qingxia was very clear about Jiang Hong's feelings and said with a wry smile, "Brother, let him be. Maybe this is also his way of practice." "Boy, can you tell me what kind of skill you gave your sister? I haven't practiced it yet, and the realm of understanding has reached another level. I can't see the realm of this sister." Asked the Jingxu Fairy. Jiang Hong could not help but take a look at Qingxia, and sure enough, now Qingxia was surrounded by the spirit of a fairy, and now it has become a person without any cultivation. What is more unexpected is that the eyes, which were originally beautiful and smart, have now undergone a qualitative change, and ordinary immortals are afraid to fall into it when they see it. Qingxia herself also felt this change, understood that she had enough understanding in the realm, and when she thought of it, she felt that the skill was really powerful, and she had not yet practiced to make herself so improved. Cluck, sister, this exercise is a set of great exercises. If you want to know, sister will tell you later. Qingxia laughed, but there was a faint message in her tone that made Jingxu not anxious, and Jiang Hong would not know there. Jiang Hong looked at the two smiled, suddenly said, "sister, fairy, I hope you have a good life, I have to go.". I hope that when we meet again in the future, your cultivation will be more diligent. Before they could react, they found that Jiang Hong had disappeared in front of them after he finished speaking. Jingxu looked a little incredulous at the place where Jiang Hong stood just now. Here he invited several friends to come and set up such a big fairy array. Unexpectedly, Jiang Hong said he would come and go without any hindrance. Sister, don't be in a daze! My little brother is also a person who has gained great magic power! Qingxia He Qibing Zhi is clever. When he realized the method of cultivating spirit, he found that Jiang Hong did not cultivate spirit, but the method of cultivating spirit was more powerful and profound. Come to think of it, he is already a master with magical powers. Jingxu was stupefied for a long time. Of course, she understood what kind of existence it was to get the great magic power and the great magical power. That was the extreme of cultivation and realm in several realms! Of course, two people do not know, Jiang Hong now only for the cultivation of ancient immortals, but with the characteristics of mind and tribute, there are two good artifacts, and hermits also have a fight. Sister, the skill that boy gave you is. Jingxu still couldn't help asking curiously. Qingxia looked around and made several prohibitions, then said, Agate Stone Price ,white marble mosaic, "Sister, this is a great set of spiritual cultivation methods, but also a very complete set of skills, even the first three levels of cultivation methods after flying to the divine world." "Ah!" Jingxu also vaguely guessed that it was a great method, but he didn't expect it to be a method of cultivating gods. What surprised him even more was that there was a method of practicing gods in the method. Qingxia knew in her heart that Jiang Hong could not let go of them and the Xiaoyao Sect, so Jiang Hong not only gave the skill to Qingxia, but also passed on to Qingxia some of the magic tricks and the understanding of the magic array, as well as some of the refining techniques. Fire inflammation is the same, but some things are reserved, but if you practice hard, fire inflammation is still expected to achieve the hermit's cultivation. After all, in the exercises that Jiang Hong gave him, the realm inside was to combine the spiritual cultivation method with some of his own understanding of the realm, as well as the understanding in Gong Tian Jue. It was not easy to sort out a set of feasible exercises, but it was not as powerful as the two sets of exercises, but in terms of these realms, it was also a good set of exercises. After Jiang Hong left Qingxia and Jingxu, he was not in a hurry. What he thought was that he should go to the place of death as soon as possible and bring it back. What he didn't understand most was that when he reached such a realm, he always felt that something in these realms was calling him, but he didn't know the general position, which made him depressed. And Xuandi and Gu Tian and others are now preparing for the death zone. After this period of time, Xuandi sent someone to observe, and found that there was no action, and there was no trace of the guy's whereabouts. Therefore, they felt that the guy would not pose any threat to these realms, so they were relieved to prepare for the death zone. Since Emperor Xian was persuaded by Emperor Xuan last time, she left the fairy world alone, which destroyed the power she had built up in an instant. Many people who did not give up were looking for Emperor Xian everywhere in an attempt to stage a comeback. Fairy world, a remote continent. The whole continent was covered by a layer of clouds, and people who passed by could feel the huge energy contained in the clouds, which was so destructive that people who passed by dared not come forward to explore. It's just that this continent is very strange. Immortals who pass by occasionally find that the time when this continent appears is very strange. Anyway, it only appears every once in a while, and there is no regularity at all. When the mainland disappears, the immortals who pass by here can fly through this space without hindrance, as if it were a void. But in the days when the mainland appeared, anyone who got a little close would be bounced back by a huge force of faeries. There were several people who wanted to force their way in, but they were swallowed up by the clouds in an instant, and no one knew. Inside the mainland, it is where the idle emperor is. After being disheartened, she returned to the fairyland opened up by her patriarch. The name is very strange. It is called "inside the clouds and outside the fog". And these changes in this continent, it is after the return of the idle emperor, launched the mainland's defense array, but I do not know what is the reason, this array actually can not run for a while, there is a thing that will happen every once in a while. After research, Emperor Xian found that it would take some time for the mainland to operate. It was not until later that she realized that this big array was not a general big array, but a very powerful God array, with his strength to ship such a big array, was indeed a bit reluctant, and had to rely on time to slowly gather the energy needed. This is also what the predecessors thought of when they deployed the array. Otherwise,Porcelain Marble Slabs, how many people can really let this big array run? "Martial Uncle, the big array will be able to run automatically in a month. Even if the man of God comes, he may not be able to break through the array." Said a girl full of the spirit of mountains and rivers.


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