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Fu Yujin lowered his head and knelt down: "The father asked the daughter to kneel,

Fu Yujin lowered his head and knelt down: "The father asked the daughter to kneel, and the daughter naturally had no reason not to kneel, but the daughter really didn't know what was wrong!" "For the sake of your mother, I won't embarrass you, but listen to me clearly. Be your Miss Fu in peace. Don't think about what you have or don't have!" Fu Yunbo's cold voice pierced his heart like an ice skate blade. "Don't think that no one knows about your private meeting with the monk. I don't care who the monk is. Just forget it if you marry into Beining Hou Fu. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude!" "A private meeting?" Fu Yujin said and burst out laughing, "It's not just me and Master Jie Chen. Zhou yuanyan was also present at that time. How could he get a private meeting in his father's mouth?"! You really know how to put a label on your daughter, and she doesn't have to bear the charge of meeting with others privately! "Well, not the best!" Fu Yunbo was still waiting to say something, but he stopped and looked helplessly at Yun Shi standing at the door. "Why are you here?" Yun Shi stepped forward and bowed his head and said, "I know it's my fault that I didn't give birth to a legitimate son for the master. Please don't vent your anger on Sister Jin. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can lose your temper on my body." "Well, what are you talking about?" Fu Yubo shook his head and sighed, "It's nothing. Don't be cranky. I just want Sister Jin to pay attention to the sense of propriety in the future. We have to give an explanation to the second room today. Don't spoil the children!" "I understand!" Yunshi smiled through her tears and took Fu Yunbo's hand. "Don't blame Sister Jin. She didn't mean it. Besides, this time it's not Sister You who's making a scene. It's the younger brother and sister who are unrelenting. Sister Jin can instigate Sister You. Is it difficult to instigate the second younger brother and sister?" "Don't worry, I have my own sense of propriety. Don't worry about it!" "Yes!" Yun Shi gave Fu Yujin a look. Fu Yujin did not want to find himself uncomfortable at the critical juncture and retreated. According to what Yun Shi said just now,touch screen interactive whiteboard, it was not Fu Yuyou but Jiang Shi who made a lot of noise in the second room. Before that, she thought that Fu Yuyou had been stimulated and made a radical move. Jiang Shi had always loved her and failed to stop her, but now it seems that this is not the case. Fu Yujin ignored the wound on his face and called Angelica dahurica. "Go and find out if something has happened to the Second Master." Angelica dahurica should be bowed, at this time still have a lingering fear, looked at Fu Yujin's swollen face, distressed way: "Young lady maidservant first give you a hot towel compress,digital touch screen board, tea has gone to ask the doctor, you bear first!" "No hindrance." "How can it be all right? The face of my daughter's family is the most important thing!" Liu Mammy looked at the tears are about to flow out, "uncle.." want to say what, finally did not say, now uncle is still in the room, if the uncle heard how to look at their own young lady. Green Yun took the basin and trotted over. Angelica dahurica hurried forward and twisted the veil. "Miss, bear with me!" Fu Yujin somehow got some moisture in his eyes. When Angelica dahurica saw it, he was flustered and said, "But did it hurt the young lady?" The hand holding the towel drew back hurriedly. No Fu Yujin pulled the corners of his mouth slightly, but touched the wound and took a sudden breath of cold air. Ahem! At this time a light cough came, Fu Yunbo has been out of the house, touch screen whiteboard ,4k smart board, Yun Shi followed behind, "you give me some peace, after the Mid-Autumn Festival and your four aunts will go home together, wait for this matter to stop and then come back!" Then he left in a huff. Yun Shi stepped forward to help Fu Yujin and wanted to reach out and caress her red and swollen face, but when he met her, he stopped: "Your father really can do it!" Yun Shi hugged Fu Yujin and said, "My poor sister!"! Don't blame your father. Your second uncle ran to ask your father, and your father was angry and confused! "My daughter dare not!" Fu Yujin stepped back from Yun's embrace. "Mother, what happened to the second aunt?" She was only asleep, and it seemed that something terrible had happened in the house. Yun Shi looked at her daughter with a sense of loss. She was relieved when she asked her this question: "You know your second aunt. She has always been a steady person. I don't know what happened to her today. She made trouble with your second uncle directly. She said that nothing could make you suffer that grievance." Yun Shi paused and took a complicated look at Fu Yujin. Where did Fu Yujin not think of it: "The second aunt mentioned the matter of her daughter's divorce?" "Eh!" Yun Shi sighed lightly, "saying that you can retreat, why can't you retreat? Your second uncle was very angry, and then he went to find your father, and you will know what happened after that." At this moment tea is taking a doctor to walk in: "Madam, young lady, sun doctor arrived! Sun doctor arrived!" Doctor Sun came forward with a salute and said, "I've seen the first lady, the first young lady." "Don't be too polite, Doctor Sun. Please show him to our sister." After all, the wound was on his face. Although Dr. Sun was old, it was not easy to touch his daughter's face. He only asked Angelica dahurica to help him. He looked at it carefully and then said, "The young lady's face is just a little red and swollen. It will disappear in a few days. Pay attention to the wound on the corners of her mouth. Don't eat those stimulating foods." The ninety-eighth chapter, everyone is wrong. "Please bother Dr. Sun!" Fu Yujin nodded and thanked him. "Doctor Sun, what kind of medicine do you want to use?" Yun Shi asked. "You can't leave a scar on the girl's face." Since seeing Fu Yujin's red and swollen face and the mouth with a big cut, I was worried that Fu Yujin's face would be disfigured. Big madam, big young lady is at ease, won't leave scar, I match some of ointment that invigorate the circulation of blood and dissipate blood stasis to big young lady, everyday morning and evening each time, daub can be even! Doctor Sun stroked his beard, then lowered his head and began to pack up. Fu Yujin winked at Angelica dahurica, and Angelica dahurica knowingly took out a purse from her bosom and handed it to Dr. Sun: "This is your consultation money!" Doctor Sun took it with a smile on his wrinkled face. "You're welcome, young lady!"! Excuse me, old man! These young ladies obviously do not want to let outsiders know such injuries, this silver naturally will not be stingy, just a rough weighing he will know that there are at least ten taels of silver. In their line of work,smartboards for business, they have to pay attention to the mouth. If they pay attention to the mouth, they will make a lot of money. If they can't control it, they will lose their lives. hsdsmartboard.com


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