But this man showed such a smile. This made Sun Min a little embarrassed.

But this man showed such a smile. This made Sun Min a little embarrassed. In sharp contrast to this smile, Wu De suddenly gave Li Baiyi a hard push on his back when he got into the van, causing Li Baiyi to knock his head on the roof. But he felt no pain and kept a smile on his face. This makes Wu De's rude actions stand out. Wu De's action is a common action in the general implementation of arrest, which can play a deterrent role, but today Li Baiyi's smile makes Wu De's action seem rude and unnecessary. The van is moving. Sun Min and Wu De sat beside him, one left and one right. None of the three spoke. Li Baiyi also leaned to the left so that Wu De could sit more easily. But Wu De looked straight ahead and said nothing. The van came to the Public Security Bureau. Li Baiyi was taken to a large conference room and controlled in the corner. He sat on a cane chair. The other handcuff was on the arm of the cane chair. He said, I have been waiting for this day. Sun Min nodded. Li Baiyi said, I know you will come. Sun Min nodded again. He had no time to talk to him. He was busy calling back to report the successful arrest here. Then he sat down opposite Li Baiyi and looked at him. Li Baiyi smiled at him, nodded and said, thank you. He did not know what to say, but smiled at him. Suddenly Li Baiyi said, where is my tent? And the car. Sun Min then remembered, he asked Wu De,Porcelain Marble Slabs, Wu De said he didn't know. Li Baiyi said, please send the tent to.. I'll give you an address. Sun Min hesitated for a moment and uncuffed him. Li Baiyi wrote an address and a name. You give him the car and the tent. He said. Sun Min said, OK. Sun Min observed him carefully, and he really couldn't see any nervousness in the man's face. However, he has experienced that most of the fugitives he has caught who have been on the run for a long time have slept well on the first night in the detention center,Pietra Gray Marble, because their long escape has destroyed their will. They need a home. But people like Li Baiyi, who are still calm as usual at the scene of the arrest, are rare. This caused Sun Min's attitude toward him to turn to kindness, as if this was in line with politeness. It was a strange confrontation: because the criminal appeared too calm, he could not help attracting the attention of the police. And the good will of the criminal seems to beget the good will of the dominant controller. Therefore, Sun Min is not fierce to him. Sun Min said to Li Baiyi, you can cooperate very well, which is good for you. Li Baiyi said something that made him feel strange. He said, "Yes, let you work hard.". Chapter 11 Smile (3) Sun Min poured him a glass of water and said, Agate Stone Price ,Agate Slabs For Sale, thank you. Wu De looked at Li Baiyi coldly, with sarcasm at the corners of his mouth. Then the preliminary hearing began. The surprise preliminary hearing was expected to take all night, but Li Baiyi confessed to the crime. He explained in detail all the details of the whole process of killing Qian Jiaming and signed his name on the transcript. But he didn't say why he killed the victim, not a word. Sun Min didn't expect it to go so fast. He asked Li Baiyi if he had anything else to say. Li Baiyi said that I have given an account of the work of the Charity Association. Please tell my daughter not to worry. Don't come with me. Sun Min said, we will tell her. He breathed a sigh of relief and decided to leave Huangcheng and return tomorrow morning. When Sun Min woke up the next morning, he heard a strange noise coming from outside. Deputy Director Bai of the Public Security Bureau came to tell him that there might be some trouble. He was led upstairs when he saw hundreds of people gathered in front of the Public Security Bureau. The doors of the Public Security Bureau are surrounded. They carried flags and banners that read: Li Baiyi is not guilty. Chalk was also written on the ground: "He is a good man.". Sun Min did not speak for a long time. He realized that the fears of those at the meeting had come true. He regretted not returning overnight last night. Deputy Director Bai told him not to worry. They are dealing with this matter. Just wait an hour and they'll be on their way. Wu De said that it must be his daughter's trick. She is very annoying. Sun Min doesn't think so. If it's Li Hao's intention, she doesn't have to turn herself in. He ordered to strengthen the control of Li Baiyi in order to avoid any accidents. But more and more people gathered outside, and by noon, there might be thousands of people. But among these people, there is no figure of Li Hao. Li Hao returned home after his father was arrested. She was surprised to find that her father had tidied up the table and the bed. This is what Li Baiyi did after returning home from the hospital. All his clothes were folded on the bed and his watch was taken off. The passbook is also on the clothes. But there is not much money in the passbook, only thirty thousand yuan. Li Hao also found that her drawer was filled with her favorite ultra-thin sanitary napkins. She threw herself on the bed and cried her heart out. In the evening, Sun Min and his party had no way to move. Obviously worried, he climbed to the top of the building and found that at least two thousand people had gathered downstairs. Instead of shouting, they just stood there and asked to see Li Baiyi. Deputy Director Bai shouted at the top of his voice. They had their hands full, but to no avail. The county leaders came over to discuss how to solve the problem. Chen Zuosong said, I'll go and talk about it. He came to the gate and said to everyone, please calm down on this matter. Li Baiyi is safe. He's not hurt. He has admitted what he has done, so he is willing to take responsibility. That was his mistake ten years ago. We know that it is impossible for people not to make mistakes. If they make mistakes, they should be responsible, and they are willing to be responsible. We can understand your feelings. But these are two different things. Someone shouted at the bottom, he was not wrong, someone planted evidence. Chen Zuosong saw that the man who shouted was a black man. Chen Zuosong thought about it, returned to the building, and said to everyone, no way, they do not believe anyone's words, except Li Baiyi. The secretary said, what do you mean. Chen Zuosong said, only let him come out. The secretary asked Sun Min, is that all right? Sun Min was silent for a while and said, "Vice Chen,Agate Slabs Countertops, you talk to him first and let him speak concisely.". Chen Zuosong said, good. He walked into the conference room and saw Li Baiyi. Li Baiyi sat on a cane chair with a melancholy expression. Chen Zuosong said, how is your health.


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