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Xu Han looked at Li Shi and said that the plain Danqi stone had this Danai! Shun Tie Bei Qia,

Xu Han looked at Li Shi and said that the plain Danqi stone had this Danai! Shun Tie Bei Qia, what do I feel is very important to me? Oh, God! How can it be a rock? This kind of stone is all over the continent. Ling Han thought silently in his heart. Li Shijin did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the thing in his hand. When the two soldiers and a magician saw that the treasure snatched by the group of strongmen who had just snatched their treasure was just an ordinary stone, they gloated and shouted: "Hey, we'll give you the most important treasure in the world, we'll give it to you." Ha ha ha ha! Fortunately, I'm not the one who just tried my best to smash the ground with my fist, otherwise I would have committed suicide if I found out that I had spent so much effort to get a stone that can be seen everywhere in the mainland. "The eldest brother is right. Just now our husband and wife fought with the eldest brother for this stone and almost hurt the eldest brother. The brother is here to make amends for the eldest brother." Just now, the warrior with the female magician of the Light Department also echoed. Ling Han felt that such words were a kind of ridicule and a kind of provocation, but now the situation made him unable to attack, so he could only choose silence. Li Shijin felt that Ling Han's state of mind was somewhat depressed and said, "If you come out with Wei Chi Gong this time, then this group of guys who don't know whether they are alive or dead will be unlucky." Wei Chi Gong is irascible, if he is really present now, then these guys who make sarcastic remarks on the side are really like what Li Shijin said. It's bad luck,ultrasonic extraction cbd, and it's going to be a terrible death. But now the situation is that there are only Ling Han, Li Shijin, Bido and four bhikkhus present. Yuchi Gong did not follow, and none of these people present is as irascible and murderous as Yuchi Gong. So this matter can only be endured. But Ling Han has carefully remembered the faces of these people and said to himself, "You guys who are gloating." You will fall into my hands later. "See what I can do to you." Shi Jin, Bi Duo,ultrasonic cutting machine, Bhiksu, the treasure is already in hand. Let's go back. Ling Han said to the three people around him. Li Shijin and Bido Bhikkhu replied at the same time, "obey the decree.". Then Li Shijin said to Biduo and the bhikkhus, "You lead the way ahead." "Yes!" After Biduo and Bhiksu answered, they took the lead in the front, while Ling Han and Li Shijin walked behind, but when Ling Han and others had not taken a few steps. Almost all the people who came for the treasure in the back arrived in a short time. Stop! Have you ever asked our group of people if you want to leave when you get the treasure? Cried one of the thieves, who was the first to arrive. Li Shijin looked at the thief contemptuously and replied, "What are you? When will it be your turn to take care of us?" Strategist, er, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic metal welding, "Zhong Chengxiang, this treasure is just an ordinary stone. Since they want it so much, we'll leave it to them." Biduo said to Li Shijin with an indifferent look on his face. However, although it had been three days since the founding of Qin Guo, it was obvious that Biduo had not yet adapted to the name of Li Shijin. What he had just said was not so formal. He first called the strategist and found that it was wrong before he immediately changed his words. Li Shijin shook his head and said, "Although this treasure is only a stone." But since we got it first, why should we give it to this group of garbage for no reason? The one in front, the big one. Who are you calling trash? We are the famous knight-errant on the mainland or the thief who just shouted to Li Shijin. Li Shijin laughed: "Ranger?"? What is that? Is it fried prawns? This dish is good. I like it, except we didn't take wine with us. Otherwise, you can all be regarded as dishes to go with wine. Li Shijin's domineering is still so strong. Ling Han nodded to Li Shijin with satisfaction, expressing his agreement with Li Shijin's statement. Uh, "You are so bold.". How dare you talk to me like that when so many of us come? Brothers, let's kill these guys together first, and then we'll share the money we got after selling the treasure. The thief shouted loudly to the people who came with him. Although this group of people are not fools, but many people are blind in the face of interests, huge interests are in front of us, and some people are fanning the flames here. When a succession of people began to echo the words of the thief, the open field once again gathered a lot of people, watching more and more people gathered here, Ling Han also had some headaches. Although I will not be afraid of this mob. But Ling Han still knows that if there are too many ants, the elephant will die. Shi Jin, should we go. You see more and more people. If we don't leave now, I'm afraid it will be difficult for us to leave later. Ling Han whispered to Li Shijin. Li Shijin was so clever that he saw that things in front of him began to deteriorate gradually. Slowly, he was no longer under his control and agreed to say, "Your Majesty is right. If we don't go now, I'm afraid we'll have to kill a lot and then rush out." Li Shijin just said this sentence carefully from the last face of the words and faintly feel this is not the people, delimited as Ling Han after hearing his last sentence of the eyes instantly become a little hot. Ling Han's change did not escape Li Shijin's sharp eyes. Ling Han heard Li Shijin's last words, that is, to kill a lot and then rush out. At that time, the heart of a kind of inexplicable excitement instantly filled the whole brain of the soul, Ling Han some excited to Li Shijin asked: "Shijin.". Did you just say a lot of killing? How successful do you think we're going to be in getting out of this crowd. Li Shijin thought for a moment: "Report back to Your Majesty, although there are many people here now, there is no one with high strength, not even a Kensei.". If we want to fight out, with the strength of the four of us,ultrasonic handheld welder, I am 100% sure. "" Shijin, Bido, Bhikkhu? Do you have a feeling of blood boiling now? Is there an impulse to be a devil in your heart? Ling Han looked excited and asked Li Shijin to drink more than a bhikkhu. fycgsonic.com


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