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"Hand over the silk column iris, although you are strong, but now Xuanqi is sealed,

"Hand over the silk column iris, although you are strong, but now Xuanqi is sealed, we have five or six people, you only have one, how is not our opponent!" Those who catch up with the trial disciples, faintly surrounded the young man in purple, one of the leading disciples, said coldly, obviously, he was able to get here at this time, you can see his strength is extraordinary, although not up to the point of the young man in purple, but also the peak of the junior Xuanshi, and he has a green step intermediate body method, "nine leaf thousand change step", Is their family's treasure book, this time for him to give him a trial, specially taught to him. And the young man in purple, apparently also has a green level intermediate body mysterious skill, just don't know what the name is, but absolutely not inferior to him, the value of the green level intermediate body mysterious skill, far more precious than other mysterious skills, is the three thousand disciples of Zijing Valley, few people have,interactive boards for classrooms, this time in the valley of these disciples, Only a few two or three people have this kind of extremely precious top mysterious skill, the others, mostly in the lower green level, more powerful body mysterious skill. A small number of people do not even have the mysterious skills of the lower level of the green rank, and their origins are much more ordinary. Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/. Chapter 38, Wei Zang Jian Full text update, TXT download,interactive flat panel display, all in the novel Knight http://www.xs74.com/ Chapter 38, Wei Zang Jian Among the group of disciples who entered Zijing Valley for trial training this time, there were only three people who could have the mysterious skills of the intermediate body of the green rank. These three people were the young man in purple who was surrounded by the crowd at the moment. His surname was Chai. Chai's surname was very mysterious. Everyone only knew that it was a super family, but few people knew where the family was. Perhaps only the senior officials of Zijing Valley could know. However, it is certain that the power of the Chai family is by no means inferior to that of the Li family, that is, the Li family where Li Qingchan, the sixth member of the Outer Sect, is located, and the first family among the disciples of the Outer Sect. The other person was the leading disciple who surrounded the young man in purple at the moment. His surname was Wei, and his name was Wei Zangjian. The Wei family where Wei Zangjian was located was not the local family of the Frost Kingdom, but the first family of the Bluebird Kingdom. Its power was not inferior to that of the Chai family at all. That's why he could besiege the young man in purple so fearlessly, and he was not afraid of offending this man. You know, among the trial disciples of Zijinggu, those who were born in a big family with high strength are rare. Those who were born in a big family with low strength but domineering definitely account for more than 99%. This Wei Zangjian is one of them. These disciples, with their strong family background, don't need to practice hard at all. They can rely on the power of the elixir to force them to become ordinary disciples who are superior to them. Few of them are really willing to practice hard. Therefore, these disciples who came here this time, electronic board for classroom ,smart interactive whiteboard, even if their family background is not as good as that of the young man in purple, they are not much worse. In addition, Wei Zangjian is the leader. They are not afraid of the revenge of the purple youth family at all. And they are much more than ordinary people, these five or six people, almost everyone has a green level intermediate secret book, but the difference is the type of secret book, Wei Zang Jian will be the green level body mysterious skill, while the others are mostly attack, defense, or mysterious skill. With the strength of the six of them, after Xuanqi, the same seven layers of Xuanqi cultivation, combined, is certainly far from being able to deal with a young man in purple. The third person with the mysterious skill of the intermediate body of the green rank was the young man in blue, who seemed to be wrapped in a water dragon rolling and roaring all over his body, but he was not here at this time. Hearing Wei Zangjian's words, the young man in purple said coldly, "Humph!" There was a sound. Although he was surrounded by them and knew the danger, the young man in purple did not buy it. In his body, there was a faint rising momentum, as if it were an extinct volcano that had sunk thousands of mountains. It suddenly revived. There were countless magma inside, and the flames were burning, jumping, and breaking directly out of the body, hiding endless dangers. Behind him, the strange sword kept shaking. Obviously felt the master's momentum, also in the tremor, cheers, endless thunder and lightning breath, began to crazily converge to this side. Purple young man's hand, slowly moved to the hilt behind him, he knew that this battle is difficult, if it is normal, he naturally does not need to use this sword, but now. In the face of Xuanqi being sealed, he had only three chances to shoot. Once the chance passed, he would be reduced to a lamb to be slaughtered. But around him, there were six people besieged by people with the same strength as himself. They were not inferior to themselves at all. So, as soon as he makes a move, he either makes a thunderbolt or admits defeat, and he obviously chooses the former. Around the six people, including Wei Zangjian, eyes are not a tight, although on the surface they are very arrogant, momentum is amazing, but in fact, they still have some fear of the purple youth, can not enter the outside before, advanced to the intermediate Xuanshi, the purple youth's talent can be seen. Especially the strange sword behind him gave people a bad feeling. But a few people looked at the blue cloth bag in the arms of the young man in purple, and their eyes were hot again. There, it was the place where the fourth spirit plant was placed in the valley, and the second order senior spirit flower silk column iris. They saw with their own eyes that the young man in purple took it down and put it into his arms.. If you get it, you can join Zijing Valley. At that time, everyone's heart was firm, and no one retreated. However, one by one,65 inch smart board, as if facing a formidable enemy, they looked nervous and worked with all their strength. A few people even released their own defensive skills, and several small shields of different colors stood in front of them. hsdsmartboard.com


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