The lost Ark of the Covenant

If you go there, you will be killed. So, noble Sir Gawain.. Let's go the other way and go to a more

If you go there, you will be killed. So, noble Sir Gawain.. Let's go the other way and go to a more distant area! Go there in the name of God, and Christ bless you with good luck! I will go home again, on my solemn oath, in the name of God and his saints, to keep you secret from time to time, and never to mention to anyone that you have changed your direction. (The Legend of Gawain and the Green Knight, Penguin Books, London, 1974, p. 100) After weighing his situation, Gawain replied: Brother,facial recognization camera, you wish me well, and I trust you will faithfully keep this secret locked in your heart for me. But no matter how silent you keep, if I run away from this place, as you say, I will be a timid knight,touch screen kiosk, and there is no other excuse. I must go to the Temple of Green and face my fate. Now I have made up my mind to do the same, though not as chivalrous as Gawain. I must go to my own Chapel of Doom and see what fate will bring me. Like Sir Gawain, I knew I had to make that journey over the New Year, because the solemn feast of the Epiphany was fast approaching. w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Part 6 Wilderness-1 [Small.. Say .t.xt ^ Tian) Tang) A lot of people recognize me. So, if you want to find me, try to find me, you will not find me. Then, you come! Or you deserve to be called a coward.. However, I can give you a one-year reprieve, allowing you to find me within the next year and one day. The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Chapter 17 dining with the devil. After a trip to Israel and Egypt, thermal imaging camera ,temperature screening kiosk, I returned to England in October 1990. I made up my mind: I had to go to Axum, and the best time was January 1991. If I could get there before the 18th of that month, I could go to the Epiphany ceremony. I hope the Ark of the Covenant will be carried out during the mass March. Raphael Hadani, the Falasha priest I interviewed in Jerusalem, wondered if the real Ark of the Covenant would be used. "I don't believe that Christians will bring out the Ark of the Covenant," he told me. "They won't do that.". They would never show it to anyone. They will use a replica. This warning came from a man who had been to the city of Axum himself with the hope of seeing the relic, so it made me feel uneasy. Still, I could see no other way but to proceed as planned, and that meant conquering my own fears. The situation in Ethiopia's civil war has always been unfavorable to the government, so there is no doubt that if I really want to go to Axum, I will have to hand myself over to the "Tigray People's Liberation Front". I know that for several years, they have allowed a dozen foreigners to operate in their controlled areas and have not harmed those people. However, I was very worried that they would hurt me. Why is that? The answer is: I was in close contact with the Ethiopian government between 1983 and 1989. At the end of 1982, I gave up my job as a journalist and set up a publishing company to publish books and other documents for a wide range of customers, including some governments in Africa. One of my first deals was with the Ethiopian Tourism Commission. In fact, as explained in the first chapter of this book, it was that deal that led me to my first visit to the city of Axum in 1982. The result of that trip was a beautifully bound picture book (Grim Hankak, Richard Pankhurst, Duncan Willetts: Under Ethiopian Skies, London and Nairobi 1983, reprinted 1987, 1989-author's note). Senior officials in the Ethiopian government liked the book so much that they commissioned me to work on other similar projects. In the process, I got to know many people in power, such as Schmelis Mazenga, the ideological head of the Workers' Party, and other activists in the Politburo and the Central Committee, including Berhanu Bai, Kasa Kobid, and a very important person, who was called the "Red Emperor" of Ethiopia. That is President Mengistu Haile Mariam himself. The military strongman seized power in the mid-1970s, and his ruthless repression of dissent is probably unparalleled in Africa. I have a feeling that when you work closely with people,smart interactive whiteboard, you gradually begin to see things their way. This happened to me in the mid-80s. Since 1985, I have become one of the strongest supporters of the Ethiopian government. I never approved of the government's repressive policies at home. Nevertheless, I managed to convince myself that some of the positive measures they were taking were reasonable and helpful.


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