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Yang Wuxin's arrival has injected new vitality into the quiet world,

Yang Wuxin's arrival has injected new vitality into the quiet world, so that this deserted cottage is always surrounded by laughter, and even the whole Xuyu Mountain is changing unconsciously. But there is nothing strange about this, the vast universe is changing all the time, not to mention the small virtual mountain in front of us. During the conversation between their mother and son, Yang Wuxin gradually developed a great interest in Tuo Tiansou, the guardian of Xuyu Mountain. He begged Yang Caiyun many times to take her to visit Tuo Tiansou, but Yang Caiyun could not resist his soft grinding and hard bubble, so he had to agree to his request. After a night's rest, their mother and son welcomed the morning of Xuyu Mountain. The morning of Xuyu Mountain is particularly beautiful, with blooming flowers, cheerful streams, green grass, and crystal clear dew. These most real and simple scenery in nature are perfectly combined, forming a beautiful picture between heaven and earth. And Yang Caiyun and Yang Wuxin also embarked on the journey to the top of the main peak in this beautiful scenery. Mother! How high is the Xuyu Mountain? Why haven't you arrived yet? A voice of complaint came from halfway up the mountain. Yang Wuxin looked up at the top of the mist-shrouded mountain and kept shaking his head. Heart! Don't worry, the main peak is only a few thousand miles away, and it will be here soon. Yang Caiyun said carelessly while enjoying the comfortable breeze. My God, it's thousands of miles high? I can't believe it! Mother, isn't it very inconvenient for you to come up such a high mountain? Is there a shortcut to go? Yang Wuxin exclaimed and asked gloomily. I think it's nothing! Above the top of the mountain is the entrance to the world of the world, which can be said to be the end of the ghost king world, and it should be a little higher. You're just not used to it,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and when you get used to it, there's no problem! With these words, Yang Caiyun began to educate his son in all earnestness: "And, Xin'er, you are also a God cultivator. How can you always think of taking shortcuts?". Spiritual practice is the same as being a man. We both need to be down-to-earth and take one step at a time. We must not rely on luck or play tricks. That will lead to great losses! Do you know? "I know, mother!" Not only did not find a shortcut, but also was scolded, Yang Wuxin is completely desperate, he hung his head, closely behind Yang Caiyun, Planetary Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, continue to slowly fly up. Fearing that his mother could not keep up with his speed, Yang Wuxin did not fly with all his strength. He held back his anxiety and enjoyed the scenery along the way. The effect of diverting attention was very good. Yang Wuxin forgot the monotony of the journey and indulged in the beautiful scenery instead. Heart? Heart? Heart! Yang Caiyun shouted a few times in the side, Yang Wuxin did not have any reaction, had no choice but to shout in his ear. Sure enough, when Yang Wuxin heard this, he immediately woke up from his dementia. Uh? Mother, what's wrong? What's the matter? Yang Wuxin rubbed his ears, which were hurt by the shock, and asked subconsciously. When he came to his senses, what he saw was Yang Caiyun's angry face. You! I don't know where my mind went? We're at the top of the mountain! Yang Caiyun sighed helplessly and pointed to the top of the mountain behind him. Hey, I didn't notice, I didn't notice! Yang Wuxin was embarrassed to scratch his head, and his invulnerable face turned a little red: "Yes, Niang, now that we're here, let's go and visit the elder Tuo Tiansou!" With these words, Yang Wuxin flew to the top of the mountain first. Alas! There's nothing I can do about this boy! Yang Caiyun looked at his son's back, but his eyes were full of smiles. After seeing Tuo Tiansou, Yang Wuxin called him Martial Uncle according to Yang Caiyun's order. The old man was so happy that he looked up to the sky and laughed. In the laughter, his fat all over his body trembled, which made the whole picture very strange. Caiyun, Xiner, you can come to see me, an old man, because I am still an elder in my heart. I am so happy today! You all stay with me for a few more days and let's have a good chat. The "meatball" Tuo Tiansou shouted excitedly in his very loud voice that the three brothers all had a common problem and liked to call themselves old people. Tuo Tiansou's residence is converted from a cave on the top of the mountain, which is full of spirit and precious and unusual elixir. It is said that Tuo Tiansou lived here because he was reluctant to give up these elixirs. He took care of them every day, and the treasure was very precious. As for the task of guarding the world within the world, I am afraid he has long been put aside. In his own words: "No one has come here for tens of thousands of years, and of course no one will go to the idea of the boundary within the boundary.". My old man, this is an idle job, much easier than those two old guys! "There's an elixir here, and you can make alchemy. What more could you ask for?" Yang Wuxin did not agree with Tuo Tiansou's statement. What he was most concerned about now was how to take his mother away from the ghost world. He firmly believed that there must be a second way to get out of the ghost world besides reincarnation. In order to achieve this goal, he has made up his mind to use any means and pay any price when necessary. But before that, he needs to know more about the world within the world. When he asked this question to Tuotiansou, Tuotiansou fell into a long silence. After a long time,Small Geared Motors, Tuo Tiansou sighed and said, "This is a secret belonging to the ghost world. I shouldn't have revealed it easily.". But you are not outsiders, so I will be reluctant to tell you. 。 ichgearmotor.com


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