Qing Yu Nian

"You're not a minister of Zhongshu. When did I put you on duty?"

"You're not a minister of Zhongshu. When did I put you on duty?" The emperor glared at him and said, "You are so careless when you have a baby.". There is no appearance of being a father. Fan Xian was stunned, and only then did he understand the meaning of His Majesty the Emperor. It seemed that he was going to let himself go home and hold the baby, which was what he wanted in his heart. But listening to the emperor's harsh rebuttal. In the heart is some melancholy, dark way, talk about when father this kind of thing, although oneself is the first time, but think must be much better than the emperor. I don't want to see what happens to Chenggan and the second child. Thinking of the two brothers, he immediately thought that Chenggan was waiting for death in the East Palace at this time, but he had just given birth to a daughter. The expression on his face began to be strange, his lips moved slightly, and he did not know how to respond to the emperor's words. I don't know if the emperor saw something strange in his expression. His face changed slightly, but he didn't explain the follow-up treatment of the rebellion. He said lightly, "You don't have to wait in the palace today. You go back first. When you become a father on the first day, you have to use some heart.." After a pause, the emperor suddenly turned his head sideways, thinking about what he was thinking about. After a moment, he said slowly, "Let the morning girl bring the baby into the palace tomorrow to show me." Fan Xian hurriedly thanked, also saw that this mood became bad again,Pietra Gray Marble, got the will, hurriedly withdrew from the imperial study. As soon as he came out of the imperial study, he was stopped by the eunuch Yao. He probably got the news that Fan Fu was happy. He congratulated him respectfully. Fan Xian had no time to chat with his father-in-law. He handed over a red envelope, but suddenly thought of something. He lowered his voice and asked the eunuchs and palace maids who had been arrested in the palace, as well as the guards of the inner court, how to deal with it. Although really settle accounts after autumn, should be the situation after the big thing, but the disposal of the palace has always been much faster than outside the palace,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, even if not yet started, the emperor's majesty should also draw up the constitution, Fan Xian was a little worried, taking this opportunity, he asked his majesty's close eunuch. Worried in the heart, his face did not show a trace of anxiety, as light as possible to ask, only pretend to be the supervisor of the country should be concerned. Yao eunuch knew the identity of this young adult, but also knew the power of the other side in the future, naturally will not be oversensitive, pick a few important disposition to say. Fan Xian originally wanted to ask about the situation of the East Palace, but when he thought about it carefully, he shut up. After saying goodbye to the Yao eunuch, he was in a daze and couldn't recover for a moment. What shocked him was that His Majesty the Emperor was so lenient to these eunuchs and palace maids, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, unlike what he had guessed, not to mention that Hong Zhu, the eunuch leader who had done nothing on the surface, was Mammy in the Hanguang Palace, the new eunuch in the East Palace, and the palace maid in the Guangxin Palace, basically did not kill a few, and most of them were saved. I'm just going to drive a group of people out of the palace. Fan Xian shook his head and walked out of the palace, wondering if the sun was coming from the west today? How did Your Majesty suddenly become such a gentle figure? Suddenly his heart moved, thinking of the dark face of the emperor last night, and then thinking of your majesty's previous gentle conversation with himself, he could not help guessing, could it be that after being greatly stimulated, he finally figured out something and began to accumulate blessings for himself and the descendants of Li Jiajiangshan? The fact is different from his guess. Www.xiaoshuotxt.com. Chapter 175 the Emperor's mind. Why are you free to come to the palace to see me today? The emperor raised his head and looked at Fan Xian with a smile. His eyes were gentle with a hint of teasing. It seemed that a month had passed and His Majesty's mood had calmed down a lot. Fan Xian's heart is for no reason to give birth to a trace of fear, wry smile speechless, although this month's holiday is given by your majesty, but a whole month does not enter the palace, does not face the saint, indeed some can not be justified, obviously heard the emperor Lao Tzu's unhappiness, he did not know how to deal with. Not entering the palace, because of the cold and fear in his heart, yes, since he knew that His Majesty the Emperor was a great master, Fan Xian, who had always been bold, finally understood what fear was like, especially his Majesty's silence and tolerance these days, which made him more vigilant. If he could, he would rather never enter the palace again and never see the face of the emperor Lao Tzu again. The more gentle he was, the more afraid he was. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, moistened Runfa's dry throat, and whispered in a low voice what he had asked for in the palace today. But he did not mention the name of Prince Li Chenggan, just matter of fact, to persuade the emperor in dealing with the matter of rebellion, can show mercy outside the law. Winners are always tolerant. Your Majesty, who has lost a lot of family members, is becoming more and more lenient. Fan Xian thinks so in his heart, and is confident and overbearing as your Majesty. He should not worry about the problem of spring breeze blowing again. However, to his surprise, the emperor's face gradually darkened, as if he had not thought of Fan Xian's rare entry into the palace, what he wanted was this, and there was a thick chill in his eyes. Fan Xian secretly looked at the emperor Laozi's eyes and secretly said that it would be bad. But even if it's bad. He still insists on his opinions. It's not just what Li Chenggan entrusted before he died. It's also about his own courage. Had it not been for such a thing that made him find a little courage in himself. I'm afraid he won't dare to enter the palace again. So he must insist.. …… It is precisely because of this insistence that today's imperial study is very lively and horrible. The eunuch Yao, who was in the imperial study, and the little eunuchs on duty,pietra gray marble, were so frightened by the loud curses from the room that their faces turned pale. They did not know what Lord Fan had done. To make the emperor so angry. They listened nervously and fearfully outside the imperial study. That's the teacup falling to the ground. The sound of being crushed to pieces, and then the sound of Lord Fan kowtowing. His Majesty's reproach. An argument between two men. Eunuch Yao's complexion did not change. The heart is a huge wave rolling. The secret way is that Lord Fan is so bold that he dares to stand up to His Majesty face to face. I can't help worrying about what will happen later. Watch the door carefully. I wonder if I should inform the two Grand Maester in the book under the door. Now there are so many dead in this palace, among the living. There are only a few people who are qualified to mediate the dispute between Your Majesty and Tan Bo Gong. forustone.com


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