Marry first and love deeply

Lin Li looked at her and wanted to open her mouth to say that when she just arrived

Lin Li looked at her and wanted to open her mouth to say that when she just arrived at the hotel from Cheng's villa, Cheng Xiang's expression and reaction looked slightly wrong, but she opened her mouth for a while and finally asked for her head and smiled at her, "Nothing." In fact, Lin Li just felt that she was about to be nervous during this period of time, always suspicious to guess whether Cheng Xiang was sincere or not, but just looking at the moment when Cheng Xiang half knelt and put the ring into her hand, she could feel that he was as nervous as herself, and when she asked if she would like to marry her, she took it sincerely. Even when he called his wife affectionately, she could clearly feel that his attitude towards the marriage was the same as her own. Perhaps, as he said, he had always known who he was going to spend his life with her, and had never thought of leaving her. Maybe she was just oversensitive just now, and at this moment today, she was worried about what else could happen. What's the matter? Enron looked at her worriedly. Lin Li shook her head with a smile and said on the pretext, "I was a little nervous. I wanted to ask you if you were nervous when you married your Mr. Su. Then I remembered that you just pulled the certificate and there was no wedding at all." Enron believed it and hugged her and comforted her by saying, "It's all right. Life is only once in a lifetime. It's normal to be nervous. It doesn't matter. Just wait a minute." Lin Li nodded and smiled at her. After sitting in the private room for about half an hour, the bride's secretary rushed to inform them that the music outside had started and the ceremony was now beginning. Let Lin Li get ready to take Lin's father's hand directly from the aisle when the music changed to the wedding March. Lin Li nodded and looked nervously at Lin's father. In fact, Lin's father was also a little nervous, but he still patted his daughter's hand to let her relax. Enron and the other sisters of the bridesmaid group went directly into the venue and took their seats at the exclusive table, while Lin's mother was taken directly to the table of Cheng's parents. The venue was decorated with joy. The red carpet in the middle was laid straight from the master of ceremonies to the entrance of the venue. At the entrance, the arch of the flower column was erected, while many flower columns were placed along the road on both sides of the red carpet. There were many colorful hydrogen balloons floating on the ceiling. The background of the master of ceremonies was a large LED multimedia screen. The screen is now showing all kinds of old and new photos of Cheng Xiang and Lin Li along the way in the past 10 years, including life, travel, and of course, most of them are their wedding photos. Nifty, lovely, happy, affectionate, sweet kiss and so on. When the wedding March was played at this time, when the people present slowly quieted down from the restlessness, when everyone's eyes looked at the door where the bride would come in later. The people present seemed to ignore standing under the stage of the master of ceremonies. At the other end of the red carpet, the mobile phone in Cheng Xu's pocket sent a text message at this time. Cheng Xu's face suddenly changed. As if something had happened, Cheng Xiang hurried forward to communicate with the master of ceremonies whether the ceremony could be postponed, and the music should not be turned on for the time being, but this was not waiting for the master of ceremonies to answer and refuse. Here, Lin Li was already holding Lin's father at the other end of the red carpet with a smile on her face, slowly coming towards him. At that moment, white marble mosaic ,white marble slabs, the mobile phone text message rang again, quickly opened, his face was white, and he turned around and ran to the exit of the venue. Seeing this, the master of ceremonies hurriedly asked the sound engineer on one side to change the music. As soon as the music was changed, there was a sudden commotion below. Everyone did not know what had happened. Even Lin Li, who was holding her arm, was stunned. She stood in the middle of the red carpet, looking at the man who came to her in a hurry. She could not react a little. Cheng Xiang strode toward Lin Li and stopped in front of her. He had no time to explain. He only said, "Lin Li, wait for me here. I'll be right back." Then he turned to leave. Lin Li was a little confused by his words, who can tell her what the situation is now! Cheng's parents and Lin's father and mother were also somewhat puzzled by this situation. Cheng's father hurriedly called out in a harsh voice: "Cheng Xiang, where are you going?" Cheng Xiang stopped and said, "Mom and Dad, I have something urgent. I'll come later. The ceremony will be held later." He is really afraid of too late, just Xiaoxiao sent a text message to say that if he does not go over, she will jump down from the top floor of the hotel, said to do! He wouldn't dare risk her life, if it were true! So now he must hurry to the top floor and bring her down. Son of a bitch, what's more important than your marriage? Cheng's father snapped, coming around the table toward him and saying, "Whatever it is, wait until after the wedding!" "Dad, I really can't explain. I'll be right down." With these words, he turned and ran away. Lin Li reacted at this time and hurriedly called out to Cheng Xiang's back: "Cheng Xiang!" Isn't he going to marry her? What's the matter with walking like this now! Cheng Xiang did not turn his head, busy running out of the meeting, he was afraid that if Xiaoxiao said is true, then if he went a few minutes late, the consequences he really dare not imagine! Before everyone could react, Lin Li threw away the bouquet in her mouth and ran out of the meeting behind Cheng Xiang. The bride and groom ran away at the wedding ceremony at the same time, and then everyone slowly reacted and turned to talk. Enron, who was afraid of Lin Li's accident, got up and left from his seat. When he saw Lin's father, he said quickly, "I'll go and have a look.". When Cheng Xiang ran out and hurried to take the elevator to the top floor, he saw Xiaoxiao laughing at him with his cell phone in the lobby of the hotel, calling him in a loud voice, "Brother Xiang." Cheng Xiang turned his head and looked at Xiaoxiao, who was standing only 10 steps away from him. Then he turned his head and looked at the elevator that was still beating numbers. After a while, he reacted and strode towards her. "Why are you here?" Xiaoxiao coquettishly took his hand and said, "Do you really want me to jump down from the top?" Cheng Xiang looked at her, looked at the mobile phone in his hand, questioned and said: "You lied to me!" Xiaoxiao did not agree. Holding his hand,Silver Travertine Slabs, he said, "Otherwise, how could you come out?" 。


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