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Only a few days before the prosecution time required by the Municipal Party Committee,

Only a few days before the prosecution time required by the Municipal Party Committee, the procuratorate actually returned the whole case of two suspected arson cases. The public security Bureau suddenly exploded. Director Jiang Zhengliu didn't listen to any reports or read any materials. Wu Chengyi, the deputy director in charge of handling the case, immediately went to find Ye Zijing and asked what Ye Zijing and the procuratorate wanted to do? Jiang Zhengliu told Wu Chengyi angrily: "Ye Zijing and the procuratorate are making a fool of themselves and deliberately making a fool of the Public Security Bureau!"! The whole investigation process of the case was clear to the procuratorate, and the procuratorate also intervened in advance. Many doubtful points were still to be investigated by the procuratorate, and the arson was also decided by the two families together. Now it suddenly turns over, which is simply unreasonable? Wu Chengyi had to act under orders and rushed to the city procuratorate to find Ye Zijing to negotiate and question. Seeing Ye Zijing, Wu Chengyi had a tiger on his face. First of all, he declared: "Ye Jian, I am here now on behalf of Director Jiang Zhengliu. Director Jiang has talked about a few opinions. I read them all according to the script. You can pay attention to me!" Knowing that the storm would come sooner or later, Ye Zijing smiled: "Oh, Director Wu, are you still obeying the decree?" Wu Chengyi's face was solemn: "That is, our Director Jiang lost his temper and asked me to repeat the original words!" Say, tone sternly relayed Jiang Zhengliu's opinion, for Jiang Zhengliu made a big temper, then vent their dissatisfaction, however, the tone is much more gentle, some half-true, "Hey, I said Ye Jian,Inflatable dry slide, your procuratorate's sisters and brothers want to grab credit can't grab it like this, how to kick us?"? So ruthless? Ye Zijing calmly asked: "Director Wu, has Director Jiang seen the materials we sent?" As soon as Wu Chengyi shook his head, his tone was very strong: "We, Director Jiang, didn't see it, and we didn't want to see it at all!" Ye Zijing smiled bitterly: "Then he dares to let you speak on his behalf?"? So that's how you got here? Wu Chengyi's tone was still so tough, but there was obvious sarcasm in his words: "What are we afraid of, Director Jiang?"! How can I not come? He is the leader. Do I dare not listen to him? You don't want to die! Ye Zijing waved her hand: "All right,Inflatable mechanical bull, all right, Director Wu, don't complain!"! Have you read the material? Wu Chengyi was stunned and softened. "I've seen it. I'm really scared out of a cold sweat!" "Director Wu," said Ye Zijing, "it's good to scare you into a cold sweat. I'm afraid you're as insensitive as Director Jiang!"! Director Jiang is a little rusty in business. It's understandable that he is a little numb. If you, an old policeman, are so numb, I really want to scold you! Do you think it's terrible? It's obviously a fire, but it's almost an arson. The difference of one word is two lives! Really so hasty to the court, this misjudged case to investigate our two families can not escape responsibility! Director Wu, to put it bluntly, we found the problem in time today, which saved both ourselves and you! Wu Chengyi had to admit: "Yes, yes, Ye Jian, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable water park on lake, I know this in my heart!" Only then did Ye Zijing say: "You should not think that our procuratorial organs are so incompetent. We will not shirk our responsibility.". The whole case was returned, re-investigated, and involved the re-determination of the nature of the case. It is impossible to prosecute according to the time required by the Municipal Party Committee. We have made a written report to the Municipal Party Committee to report the situation. This report material is not confidential to your public security Bureau, you can ask your brother to look at it first! Then he handed over the material. Wu Chengyi is also not polite, immediately took the material to look up, looked very seriously. The report materials of the procuratorate should be said to be objective and fair, admitting that the procuratorial organs have been participating in the opinions in the process of handling cases, and that when it comes to qualitative errors, the procuratorial side has taken the initiative to assume responsibility. Wu Chengyi looked at it and smiled. "All right, all right, Ye Jian, you seek truth from facts. I take back what I said just now!" Ye Zijing smiled: "Director Wu's small temper has been withdrawn. Is Director Jiang's big temper also withdrawn?" With a wave of his hand, Wu Chengyi said, "Hey, you have to ask him about that. I'm just giving him instructions." Ye Zijing also did not pursue: "Forget it, you, Director Wu, tell Director Jiang about the situation on my behalf!" Wu Chengyi asked jokingly, "Did you also give him a big temper?" "I dare not have such a temper," said Ye Zijing. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Well, Director Wu, don't joke. Let's get down to business: you know all about the situation. What are you going to do with the de facto red-light district near the tycoon?"? Just watch it continue to exist? Just watch Tang Meili and these people continue to engage in prostitution? " Wu Chengyi scolded grumpily: "This is really ***ing no way!"! Ye Jian, I swear to you, if our city Bureau's anti-pornography campaign is not serious, you will slap me in the face! As long as the gambling and drug dens are found, the public security departments and subordinate sub-bureaus and police stations will immediately go out, not to mention the large-scale anti-pornography campaign! I can't catch it all, I can't catch it all! Ye Zijing asked sarcastically, "If you catch a rich man like this, he will become a prostitute.". Is it true that someone is secretly protecting? This problem can not be avoided, the social reaction has been very strong, Zhou Peicheng, Liu Yanling, these people involved in the case always said there, the old secretary Chen Hanjie also repeatedly mentioned on various occasions, Tang Chaoyang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, instructed a thorough investigation and strict punishment, Wu Chengyi thoroughly investigated while handling the case. This investigation found out the big problem: Su Afu and his tycoon really had the secret protection of the internal personnel of the Public Security Bureau! Every time someone tipped off the anti-pornography campaign, Wang Xiaofeng, the deputy director of the Bell Tower Branch in charge of public security, and a criminal police captain of the branch actually became Su Afu's brothers! Because Wang Xiaofeng was Jiang Zhengliu's brother-in-law, Jiang Zhengliu was made extremely passive and was forced to make a self-criticism at the Party Committee of the Bureau. Wu Chengyi was not afraid to wash his dirty linen in public. He briefly talked about the internal rectification of the Public Security Bureau these days. He said that there were three suspects in the Bell Tower Branch, including Wang Xiaofeng, Jiang Zhengliu's brother-in-law. Some other clues were still being cleared up, and it was estimated that some police officers would be involved. Finally, he said, ".." Ye Jian,Inflatable 5k obstacle, you can rest assured that we will not be soft on these bastards who corrupt the image of the public security this time. One of them should be transferred to your procuratorate for prosecution. In the future, all of them will be transferred to you for prosecution! Secretary Tang of the Municipal Party Committee has given instructions. This time we must be serious and give an explanation to the people of Changshan. Although Director Jiang is not very happy, it is estimated that he will not dare to stop him! 。


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