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Hundreds of years later, the Sea Clan once again broke out war with the wizarding world. Perhaps they thought that the Black Witch King was dead and that it was just a legend. The original fear also gradually disappeared.

Also because of this relationship, "Tiger Down the Mountain" is usually a bit arrogant and domineering. I heard that if it weren't for the fact that "Black Tiger" has too few trusted followers and his own skill is good, I'm afraid he would have been driven out of the "Black Tiger Gang" by "Black Tiger" long ago. At present, the "Tiger Down the Mountain" holds the post of "commander" in the "Black Tiger Gang." It can be regarded as the third level of the leadership of the "Black Tiger Gang." It is a general who directly commands the combat troops. But judging from his usual performance, this guy is at most obeying other people's orders and carrying out some simple tasks. This time, the "Black Tiger" actually took him as the commander of the elite troops, which was a strange thing to say. I really want to know the expression of "Black Tiger" when he knows that his elite troops have only less than 1000 people left. I think it must be very wonderful. After this battle, the loss of the "Black Tiger Gang" is not small, and it is estimated that it will stop for a period of time in the future, which is of great benefit for our "Iron and Blood Gate" to unite its allies and other ordinary gangs to fight against the "Shura" clan. The war is over. Counting the results of the battle, the 370,000 mage team of our 32 alliance gangs destroyed the more than 12,000 "Shura" infantry team with absolute superiority at the cost of only six deaths. This is an unprecedented victory. Because of the existence of "notary", this time we do not need to spend a lot of effort to collect the disgusting heads of "Shura" as our own achievements, so after the battle, except for a few people left to deal with the scene, all the teams began to retreat in turn. I floated quietly in the air,outdoor endless pool, watching a bloody battlefield covered by earth and rocks one by one under the joint efforts of dozens of earth mages, filled with emotion in my heart. I don't know how many such scenes I will face in the future. And the battle in the future will certainly not be as one-sided as it is today. In the mouth of the "Bull Demon King", the "Shura" clan is a huge race with billions of people, occupying the entire "Shura Way". This twenty thousand "Shura" army is just a small test of our "human world". I think in the near future, there will be countless "Shura" armies wreaking havoc throughout the "Eastern Continent". Perhaps with the strength of our Chinese people alone, it is impossible to resist the onslaught of the "Shura" clan. Maybe we should win over some foreign forces, especially the knights and mercenary regiments that have friendly relations with us. In addition,hot tub wholesale, as soon as possible to unify the entire "Eastern Continent" gang forces and personal views on the "Shura" clan, I am afraid it is also a matter of great urgency. Of course, all the work in this area is in the charge of "Kongkonger". At most, I will attend the relevant meetings on behalf of "Tiexue Gate". In less than half an hour, the earth mage team responsible for cleaning the battlefield completed the task, restoring the original bloody battlefield to the original scene. After saluting me, the earth mage team used a kind of "land ascension" in the earth spell, that is, a way of traveling by using a stone that can be pushed forward by the earth energy. The original "Bull Demon King" used this method to constantly pursue me on the ground, and even relied on the rising earth and rocks to attack me in the sky. There is no such spell in the original earth spell system. After I told Kongkonger about this earth spell and its practicality, Kongkonger found some earth mages to test it before turning it into a practical spell. Unfortunately, at the beginning, endless swim spa ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, because of the limitation of imparting skills, this skill could not be widely spread, but now after the major adjustment of the system, the skill imparting is no longer conditional, and the spell named "Land Rising" by me has spread throughout the "Iron-blooded Gate". I felt a burst of satisfaction as I watched the earth mages cast the spells I had conceived. However, at this time, a trace of abnormality appeared in my "spiritual power" perception range. It was a piece of earth and stone ground that had been plowed by those earth mages, and it was supposed to be quiet, but it was shaking constantly. In just a few seconds, the originally tight stone ground actually began to produce a series of cracks. The next moment, the ground suddenly exploded, a hand, a human hand appeared in my line of sight. No, it's not our player's hand, because it has sharp nails, which is an obvious feature of the "Shura" family whose strength is at the level of the newborn "spirit beast"-this is an undead "Shura". How is that possible? You know, in order to ensure that all the "Shura" had died, we sent a close combat team from the "Fuxi City" to make up a few strokes on each body to ensure that no fish escaped the net, even the "Shura" who had died in the hands of the "Black Tiger Gang" and other forces. So how can there be a "Shura" who is not dead? Putting doubts in my heart, I wrapped myself in the "spirit world". According to the strength level of this "Shura", it should not be able to find me hidden in the "spirit world". In this way, I can quietly observe the cause, after all, this matter is too strange, if I do not find out, I will not be able to rest assured. Think about it, if other "Shura" come back from the dead like this man, especially if they come back immediately after death, we players will face a legion similar to the undead. Unless their bodies are completely dismembered or powdered, those embarrassing situations can be avoided, and it is very difficult to do this completely in the course of fighting. So, now I hide quietly and watch the next action of this "Shura". Unfortunately, after a minute, I regretted it, very much. See the original hard stone ground, with the help of the hand of the "Shura" who had already stretched out of the ground, like tofu, became pieces of debris, and his body slowly came out of the ground. One arm, one shoulder,massage bathtub manufacturers, the whole upper body, and then the whole body. In less than thirty seconds, I saw a very strong "Shura" standing on the ground.

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