The family of the four mythical beasts shrinks. In a short period of time,

The family of the four mythical beasts shrinks. In a short period of time, it makes the eight families a little suspicious, but once the family of the four gods and beasts shrinks for a longer time. Eight big families can be completely sure, when the time comes, they have their own means to deal with. Heaven Sacrifice Mountain Range. The Grand Canyon. Today, the Grand Canyon is full of laughter and laughter, and a group of people, including an elder and four patriarchs, survived in the clan. Even many elders who had lost the most powerful God Fen Shen gathered together. Because today.. It's the wedding day of Beibei and Ness. Even Beirut, Calerona, and Pusro rushed over. Today, Beibei was dressed very neatly, and it was rare for him to greet a guest with such humility and courtesy. Getting married is really tiring. Beibei whispered to Lin Lei next to him. Lin Lei could not help laughing and suddenly caught a glimpse of Beirut coming next to him: "Your grandfather is coming." "Ha ha." Beirut looked at Bebe carefully. Satisfied to nod, "today is still a little bit, but Lin Lei, you and Beibei are really good enough.". Bebe and Ness have been together for decades. You didn't even tell me until you got married. Lin Lei can only smile. Denise did spend decades in the Grand Canyon. Ness and Beibei didn't think of it at all. What kind of wedding is it. But Just a few months ago. Ness suddenly found herself pregnant! Beibei and Ness were stunned. Have children without marriage? The two men decided after an urgent discussion. Hurry up and get married! The two men immediately tried to inform some people. But Beirut is too far away from here, so I decided to get married six months later! Although today is a big wedding. In fact, Conice has been pregnant for several months,smartboards for business, and she has a big belly. Every time Lin Lei thought of this, he couldn't help laughing. The best hand-typed text reading station, providing CHM, txt, jar, UMD and other formats of e-book downloads,touch screen interactive whiteboard, welcome to register members. Episode 19 Metamorphosis Chapter 60 Big News Updated: May 13, 2009 1:07:53 Words in this chapter: 6762 On the wedding day, there was a lot of laughter in the Grand Canyon. The four patriarchs have been depressed because they choose to yield and retreat. Today, they take this opportunity to have a good time. Beirut and Kalerona are the happiest. They also drink heartily with the four patriarchs and the elders. Congratulations, Lord of the mansion! Gathresen and Beirut raise their glasses. Ha-ha Beirut smiled at Gethresen, then lowered his voice and said, "Gethresen, did your family of four gods and beasts really shrink back?" Beirut is also concerned about the struggle between the two sides. Gaslayson was stunned and nodded his head. How did the eight families react? Beirut inquired. There's no reaction yet. Gaslayson shook his head and said, "It is estimated that in a short time, they will not be sure whether we really give in." "Mmm." Beirut nodded. "But be careful, too.". Once the eight families know that you have retreated, even if you dare not enter the Tianji Mountains. They will find other ways to get back at you. "We've all decided not to go out in the Heavenly Sacrifice Mountains. What can they do?" Gaslayson laughed at himself. Geislayson said this, but it was a little sad. Beirut said no more. Hi. Calerona next to her said with a low smile, interactive panel board ,smart boards for conference rooms, "You say, Beibei and that Ness, is it a boy or a girl?" "I don't know." Beirut laughed. "But I'm sure it won't be a devouring rat!" If both husband and wife are devouring rats, then the children are definitely devouring rats. However, in these countless planes, only Beirut and Beibei are devouring rats. General. The number of particularly terrible mythical beasts is also extremely rare. Such as the blue dragon, the white tiger, and even the snake, are unique. There is only a very low probability that there will be a real mythical beast in the intermarriage of their descendants. But the probability is too low, too low. But like the snake, and so on the God beast, in the innumerable planes, accumulates the number to be many. The more talented the mythical beast is, the rarer the number is. Talent is weak. The number is large. Months passed in a flash, inside the Grand Canyon, outside Beibei's house. Lin Lei, Beirut, Kalerona and a group of people gathered here, while Delia and Ness were in the house, and Ness was about to give birth. Presence is the most nervous. The most difficult place to feel at ease is Beibei. "It's going to be born, it's going to be born!" Beibei stood outside the house, muttering and walking back and forth, unable to stop at all. Beibei, just sit down. Lin Lei couldn't help laughing. How can I sit down? Beibei's whole body muscles were trembling and twitching slightly. He glanced at Lin Lei. "Boss.". I'm so nervous now that my heart is about to jump out. Do you want me to sit down? Oh, why haven't you come out yet? It's been a long time. Beirut smiled. "Bebe, Denise has only been in for a while.". It's a long time yet. Beibei can only endure, now every second for Beibei. It's all very long. Wow, suddenly there was a loud cry. Beibei seemed to be struck by lightning and stood in place in a daze. Squeak! The door opened and Delia came out, glancing doubtfully at Bebe. "Bebe.". What are you standing there for? Why don't you go in? Beibei woke up with a start, and his body turned into a black shadow in an instant, and he was already in the house. Delia laughed and said, "This Beibei is stupid." When you gave birth to Weedy, Beibei said I was nervous. He's more nervous than I am. Lin Lei laughed. Delia gave him an angry look. "Don't be complacent. I heard about Taylor and Sasha when they were born.". You are so nervous that you are sweating all over. At that time, you were a master of the Holy Land. Still sweating nervously? Lin Lei can only smile. Moments later, Beibei and Ness came out of the house. Beibei grinned and held a baby in her arms. Ness is human, and the child is naturally human. But this baby.. Just like Geislayson, although it contains the blood of the mythical beast. But it's not a real mythical beast. The eldest brother Beibei looked at Lin Lei excitedly, "You see, this is my child, this is my Beibei's child!"! Ha-ha I,digital interactive whiteboard, Beibei, have a baby too! Beibei was completely excited at the moment. Here, give me a hug. Beirut laughed.


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