Practical techniques to address QuickBooks Error 6143

Technical problems with the software, such as QuickBooks Error 6143, frequently prevent users from accessing their financial data.

QuickBooks is currently helping numerous business owners around the world with precise tax calculations and other accounting tasks. However, internal issues like QuickBooks Error 6143are common in the software that stop users from accessing their financial data. In case you also run into this error on your QBDT, read this complete blog to figure out why the error develops and the user actions needed to terminate it.

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This error affects your QuickBooks when opening a company file or hosting it on a multi-user network. The possible causes you run into this company file error are discussed below-

  • The Network Descriptor file in the QB folder has been damaged, leading to a malfunction in the Database Server Manager.
  • The company file might also raise this error if it gets corrupted or turns unreadable for the software due to a virus attack.
  • The location of the company file might be inaccessible for QuickBooks.


You will face trouble accessing your company file or using it for any accounting task until this error is sorted. The practical methods to remove the error from your QuickBooks are discussed below in detail-

Solution 1- Run the Database Server Manager after recreating the Network Descriptor file

In order to create a multi-user network, QuickBooks must have the Network Descriptor (.nd). The file consists of the path and directories to the system data, which is to be shared on the network. In case this file gets damaged or the Database Server Manager fails to read it, QBDT displays this error code on the screen, and you won’t be able to access the financial data thereafter. You’ll have to recreate the damaged Network Descriptor file and scan it using the DBSM to ensure the multi-user network doesn’t encounter any issues. Use these steps-

  1. Visit your QuickBooks folder with the help of a file explorer or run a direct search from the taskbar.
  2. Right-click the Network Descriptor file inside the QB folder and click the Rename option in the list.
  3. Do not make any changes to the file and just add ‘.old’ at the end of the .nd file as an extension.
  4. Save the file with its new name and launch QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  5. Click the Browse option below the Scan Folders tab to locate your QB folder and tap Start Scan.
  6. Wait until the folder contents are scanned, and then open the company file in QuickBooks.

Try the next solution if the error code reappears while running the company file.

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Solution 2- Fix the damaged data file using QB Tool hub

This error code also comes up if the data file doesn’t run in QBDT due to damage or corruption. Utilize the QuickBooks tool hub as shown in the following steps to repair the data file-

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Tool hub and navigate to the Company file issues menu.
  2. Select the Quick Fix My File option available in the options list.
  3. Let the tool fix the company file and then try accessing it in QuickBooks.


We are now at the end of this blog sharing the causes of QuickBooks Error 6143 blocking you from opening a company file. Some effective methods to remove the error from QBDT are given in the blog, and we hope they’ll help you prevent issues while opening a data file.

Speak to a QB support team at 1.855.856.0042 if you encounter issues while applying the solutions.

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