Is It Possible For Erectile Dysfunction To Return After Treatment?

These medications can help with erection onset and maintenance, but they do not treat the underlying causes of ED. The ED drug sildenafil, or Viagra, increases penis blood circulation.

Erectile dysfunction can return after treatment in many different circumstances. In a study that was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers found a 29% remission rate after five years. The correct treatment can help to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of ED. Regular use of Cenforce 150mgand Vilitra 60 mgpills can help to end erectile dysfunction.

You can treat the underlying problem without taking any medication and reduce the symptoms of ED. ED is usually treated by medication or surgery. It is possible that the best treatment for one person will not be right for another.

Some people may not benefit from traditional therapies such as medication or surgery. Some men may benefit from penile pumps that send blood to the genital area and cause an erection.

Three different ED reversal techniques exist:

Treatments for temporary problems

These medications can help with erection onset and maintenance, but they do not treat the underlying causes of ED. The ED drug sildenafil, or Viagra, increases penis blood circulation. It may help those with diabetes and atherosclerosis to have better erections.

The root cause of the problem

Treatment focuses on the underlying causes of ED. If clogged arteries are the primary problem, medication or regular exercise may improve the health of your heart. This can lead to an increase or decrease in ED.

Treatments for mental illness

Anxiety is a symptom of ED, or it can be a sign. The disorder itself could be caused by psychological factors. Psychological treatments can make people feel less anxious and more confident, as well as improve their relationships with their spouses.

Modifications may also improve the chances of additional treatments being effective.

Some people find that their sexual anxiety is the reason why certain therapies fail. By addressing the worry, you can improve the end result.

The Best ED Treatments

Consult your doctor to confirm if there are any other medical conditions. ED can be a symptom caused by nerve damage from diabetes or heart disease. It can also be a sign of a neurological disorder. offers erectile disorder medicine at a discounted price.

Even though ED is a physical condition, it can also have psychological consequences. You may find it harder to overcome ED if you are anxious or self-conscious.

There are many treatments for ED. Here are some examples:

Altering your lifestyle can improve several health conditions including diabetes and blood clots, both of which can lead to ED. If you are suffering from undiagnosed medical conditions, consult your doctor to find out what options there are.

Your erectile organs will perform better with lifestyle changes. A study found that between the ages 35 and 80, a third of Australian men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

For 29% of men, the problem went away by itself, proving that lifestyle factors like food and physical activity were the primary drivers of ED recovery.


Exercise can increase blood flow. Losing weight to lower blood pressure may benefit those with diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Raise testosterone and lipid levels.

A balanced diet and regular physical activity can improve erectile dysfunction.

Strong pelvic floor muscles help men urinate more and ejaculate easier. Strengthening these muscles may enhance erection.

According to an extensive study conducted in 2010, men with diabetes can achieve and maintain the erectile functions they desire by performing pelvic floor strengthening exercises.

Discuss pelvic floor treatment and exercises with your doctor to find out what will work best for you.

Poor cardiovascular health can affect your body's ability to transport blood for erections.

Researchers followed men participating in the Trusted Source Study for 25 years. Researchers found that men with heart disease risk factors are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction in the future.

Many studies have found a strong correlation between four major cardiovascular risk factors and ED. These include:

Quit smoking to prevent ED.

Alcohol: Limit your alcohol intake.

Weight: According to a study, reducing weight helped improve erectile functions in approximately one-third of overweight men who had ED.

You can improve your erectile functioning and eliminate erectile dysfunction by avoiding risk factors.

Enhance your testosterone levels

The hormone testosterone is responsible for male sexual function. By reducing low testosterone levels, you can improve your erectile dysfunction. You can raise your testosterone naturally:

Exercise, stress management, and weight reduction can improve heart health, and reduce ED symptoms. Here are some more natural ways to increase testosterone.


Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your sexual performance.

Using a CPAP at night may help men who suffer from sleep apnea, or interruptions in breathing during the night, have a more effective erectile system.

Sexual experiences should be increased

Regular or frequent sex can improve your effectiveness.

A study found that people who can have sex more than once a week are at a higher risk of developing ED compared with those who only get to have sex a few times a year.

Psychological elements

Anxiety or performance problems can cause ED.

The psychological roots of the erectile disorder can be addressed to prevent the condition.

Anxiety, sadness, and problems with relationships are all on the list of top difficulties.

Healthy Exchanges Whether you take ED medications or not, arousal levels and desire determine whether you have erections suitable for sexual pleasure.

Discontent and stress within a relationship can affect libido, arousal, and erectile functions.

Relationship counseling is an option

Mental Health is a serious issue.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can all cause ED. In a short study, 31 men with newly diagnosed ED received tadalafil either as a single drug or combined with an 8-week stress management course.

The participants in the stress-management program were able to achieve and maintain an erection better than the group who only took tadalafil.

Meditation, yoga, and physical exercise all reduce stress and anxiety. You can also speak to a therapist, who will help you overcome your anxiety and dejection.

The side effects of medication can also affect sexual function, in addition to reducing anxiety and sadness.

Counseling is one option for couples' treatment

Despite being awkward, ED has a negative effect on your self-esteem. Understanding and discussing ED is important, especially if you feel anxious or depressed.

Individual therapy can help you discover the root cause of your problem.

A person can seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to regulate their anxiety and deal with problems that cause worry.

Couples counseling helps couples to talk about their feelings and find effective ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

There are many medications available to treat ED. Cialis, Viagra, and other medications that increase penile blood circulation and improve erections are well-known to most people.

They may be useful when the cause of the erectile malfunction is unknown or linked to worry.

Diabetes, for example, is often the cause of erectile problems. By treating the diabetes, you can prevent the problem or at least make it worse.


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